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Why Modular Frame Solutions Reduce Logistic Costs

Logistics. It can be complicated and costly to arrange when transporting your welded frame to your site. But there’s one excellent alternative that can help you get your frame effortlessly: When you choose a modular frame solution, you can reduce the complexity and costs of transportation. Unsure why modular frame solutions are best for lowering logistic costs? Find out by reading this article. Why Modular Frame Solutions Reduce Logistic Costs

Why are logistics complicated and costly for welded frames?

There are several reasons logistics can be complicated and costly for welded frames. The cost of crane lifts is increasing significantly, while fuel is also increasing in price for trucks.  Logistics for welded frames can be costly and complex if your project is offshore, making transportation arrangements difficult. In terms of moving welded frames to different places on your site, you must have a crane onsite. This solution also comes with an extra problem – the crane will occupy a lot of space. For these reasons, logistics for welded frames are not easy to arrange. But, with modular structures, you can avoid these challenges with ease.

3 reasons modular frame solutions can reduce logistics costs

Need to know why modular frame solutions can reduce logistics costs? Here are the reasons you’ve been looking for.

1.  Modern frame solutions have flat-pack options

Did you know? Modern frame solutions have flat-pack options that can help you reduce logistics complications and costs. A flat-pack option is easier to transport and takes up less space than a welded system during transportation. CENTUM is one example of a flat-pack modular frame that has several advantages. Visit Pro Support Solutions to find out more about it.

2.  Modular frame solutions don’t require cranes to transport them around the site

Even if you need to support large-diameter piping with a modern frame solution and are unsure how to arrange transportation logistics onsite, there’s no need to stress; you won’t need a crane to transport them. Our most popular brand, CENTUM, is one example of a modular frame that doesn’t require a crane for transportation. Before we ship our modular structure, we will work with you to finalize logistical planning options. Why Modular Frame Solutions Reduce Logistic Costs

3.  Helicopter transportation is available for modern frame solutions

Top vendors of modular frame solutions offer top options to transport the frames to your site. The logistic options of top vendors will even include helicopter transportation so that even if your project involves supporting large-diameter pipes on an oil rig offshore, you’ll encounter no problems.

3 logistical steps to facilitate modular frame shipping

We offer three simple logistical steps to facilitate the shipping process of your modular frame. These logistical steps include:

1. Flat-packing your modular frame

This step requires nothing from your side. We will package your modular frame and arrange for all the components to be flat-packed, including the profile rails, bolts, pipe clamps, and other parts.

2.  Arranging transportation for you

We’ll take care of this step and arrange the transportation of your modular system. If you need it sent by helicopter, we can arrange this for logistical ease.

3. Organizing shipping and assembly logistics arrangements

We’ll coordinate with you to ship the modular system to the location of your project. When we’ve delivered it, you can quickly move the parts to the required location – no cranes, trucks, or extra vehicles are required.

3 benefits of simplified logistics for modular frames

There are a few benefits of simplified logistics for modular frames. Here are the main advantages you can receive when you choose Pro Support Solutions to help with modular frame shipping logistics.

1. Forget the shipping distance – we’ll get it to you

No matter the shipping distance, we’ll get the modular frame to you with minimal effort. Whether your project is close to the manufacturing site or on an oil rig, we’ve got the transportation covered.

2. Forget unloading complications – we’ll assist you

A complex part of logistics is unloading modular frames even in challenging conditions due to severe weather. We’ll handle the unloading logistics and ensure the modular system gets to you safely and efficiently.

3. Forget costly delays – helicopter transportation will help 

With the help of helicopter transportation, you can get the modular system sent to you with minimal delays. We’ll ensure your project keeps moving forward without challenges. Why Modular Frame Solutions Reduce Logistic Costs

Why modular frame solutions are best for reducing logistics costs: The main points

If you’re looking for ways to reduce logistics costs, your best option is CENTUM, the modular system that is the best modern alternative to welded frames. With CENTUM, you’ll have no costly construction delays or delays with shipping. Unloading is effortless, and we’ll take care of the logistics, saving you time and expenses. Need more facts on CENTUM? We’ve got your logistics needs covered. Be sure to visit MEFA and Pro Support Solutions for extra information.

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