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Which Industries Can Benefit From Wire Cable Support Systems?

Wire cable support systems. They are an integral part of plant engineering systems and play a critical role in your project. They are ideal for keeping wires cool, they are perfect for plant maintenance, and they are used in several industries. Have you been searching for the right wire cable support system for your project, and do you need to know whether they would be suitable for your industry? This article provides plenty of examples of industries that can benefit from wire cable support systems. So, first let’s clear up what cable supports are and then let’s explore some of those industries.

What is cable support?

Wire cable support systems are objects made of different materials used to contain, support, and bring together cables or wiring. The main function of cable support is to ensure that wires are kept in an open environment, such as a plant environment that features a modular system. The wires are usually contained in baskets, ladder trays, trunking, conduit wiring systems, cable trays, and other cable support systems. Continue reading for more information on the different types of cable support systems. cable-support

Why are cable support systems used?

There are five main reasons you will want to use wire cable support systems in projects: The support system protects the wires, but they also make it easier to access them for maintenance and help increase cooling. Are you aware of the other reasons cable support systems are used for plant engineering projects? Below, you’ll find out what they are.

Cable protection and support

The main reason wire cable support systems are used is that they can help to contain cables and wires, support them, and protect them from external damage. This means your project will experience less downtime since your wires and cables will be safely stored. But there are other reasons you should use cable support systems.

Increased accessibility during maintenance and serviceability

Accessibility during wire maintenance and serviceability are two crucial factors that cable support systems facilitate. If the components are contained in an internal rack, maintenance and quality assessments can be executed faster and more safely.

Enhanced cooling for wiring and cables

The efficiency of the cooling process is increased because the cables are positioned perfectly. When contained in a wire cable support system, airflow blockage is prevented, and all wires can cool properly.

Signal interference is reduced 

In some industries, such as the information and technology industry, electromagnetic interference can occur – but this is efficiently handled with the right wire cable support system. Power cables can be segmented and separated, ensuring the electromagnetic interference is greatly reduced.

Scaling systems and adding additional cables is easier

Should your project need scaling, or if you have plans for project scaling, a wire cable support system can assist with this. In the information and technology industry, you can change the infrastructure with ease and keep service time low while sticking to your plans for growth.

Which type of wiring is used in industries?

There are a few different types of wiring used in industries across the globe. Some of the main types of wiring include multi-core flexible cable, three core flat submersible cable, power, and control cable, PUR U cable, PUR cables, and POC cables. Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Multi-core flexible cable

flexible-cable You’ll find the multi-core flexible cable frequently used in industrial applications. It has a flexible FR PVC insulation and a sheath of PVC that increase the level of cable flexibility and quality.

Three core flat submersible cable

You will notice that the three-core flat submersible cable is used for irrigation purposes. It’s a strong, durable, yet flexible cable that connects submersible pumps to a power source and provides them with electrical energy as they’re placed underwater.

Power and control cable

Power and control cables are normally used in industrial environments and connect from a source to an application to provide an electrical supply of power.

PUR U cables

PUR cables are used in the automotive plant industry and for the assembly lines industry. With a unique PUR sheathing that offers incredible resistance to flames and oil, they can be used for many applications.

PUR cables

PUR cables are incredibly flexible and have a durable strength. They are used in plant engineering and production lines and have top resistance to oil and chemicals. They can sustain the potential damage that industrial applications may experience.

POC cable

Used in the steel industries, POC cables can handle temperatures of up to 150 degrees as an operating temperature. They are the ideal choice if your wiring is likely to be exposed to welding processes. 

What are 3 acceptable ways to support cable runs?

Three acceptable ways to support cable runs include cable trays, conduit wiring systems, and ladder racks. Here’s more information on each of these wire cable support systems.

1. Cable trays

cable-trays If your cables travel a large distance, a cable tray is an optimum option for your project. They act as a bridge, transporting wires across the space and preventing overheating of the cables. The fact that this wire cable support system is available in different materials means you can choose the appropriate option that will support the weight of your cables.

2. Ladder racks

Cable ladder racks help you route cable runs along a wall or a ceiling. They prevent safety hazards, can be easily cleaned, form the shape of a ladder, and come in many different materials such as tubular steel. 

3. Conduit wiring system

If you need to organize cables efficiently and reduce electromagnetic interference, steel conduit wiring systems help significantly with this. There are a few types of conduit wiring systems to choose from that are shaped like a pipe:
  • Rigid metal conduit: Which has a thick, heavy wall and a zinc coating to increase corrosion resistance. These conduit wiring systems are ideal for many environments – either indoor use or outdoor use is possible. They can even be used underground.
  • Intermediate metal conduit: This has a slightly thinner wall than rigid metal conduit systems and is more lightweight. They have corrosive-resistant coatings as well.
  • Electrical metallic tubing: This is very lightweight and easy to make changes to, thanks to the indentation connection method. It provides a high level of protection to the wiring and is ideal for many environments, except in environments where damage may be likely.

Which industries can benefit from wire and cable support systems?

Several industries can benefit from wire cable support systems. The plant engineering industry benefits from wire and electrical cable support systems, as can mechanical industries such as hospitals, information technology industries and telecommunications industries, the automotive industry, the aircraft industry, and even the military can benefit from electrical cable systems.

Wire and cable support systems for industrial fields

wire-and-cable There are specific uses of wire cable support systems within the industrial field alone. The oil and gas refinery industry and the electrical co-generation industry are two examples of where wire cable support systems are beneficial.

Oil and gas refinery wire and cable support systems

In oil and gas refineries, you’ll notice that wire cable support systems are used extensively. They require a type of corrosion-resistant system that supports cables sufficiently. It’s also essential that the wire and cable support system used in oil and gas refineries can withstand humid and dry conditions.

Electrical co-generation facilities

Electrical co-generation facilities also require wire cable support systems. When selected, the high voltage cable supports must be able to handle harsh weather and extreme temperatures, not to mention humid environments. A cable tray is ideal for electrical co-generation facilities, but the right material must be chosen.

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