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What is the Centum Flat Pack, and How Does It Work?

Engineering projects located offshore need to be planned efficiently. They require the right modular system, such as the CENTUM flat pack system, to complete the process efficiently. That’s why CENTUM is so essential. It’s the superior flat pack option for such projects that occur offshore. Interested in learning more about the CENTUM flat pack, what it is, and how it works? You’ll discover the facts you need on this flat pack modular system right here!

What is the CENTUM flat pack?

The CENTUM flat pack is a modular frame that the manufacturers at MEFA can arrange to transport and ship to your project location in a flat form. The system has many unique advantages since it’s sent in a flat pack form.  What is the Centum Flat Pack, and How Does It Work?

What makes the CENTUM flat pack modular system unique? 

Unlike other modular systems, the flat pack CENTUM system is unique because despite being designed for heavy loads and heavy-duty industrial system support, which can complicate or increase transportation requirements and costs, it’s easy to transport in its flat pack form.  This combination of heavy-duty properties and compact delivery options means you get the best of both worlds: You can handle substantial loads for your heavy-duty project and won’t have to worry about any delivery complications.

How is the CENTUM flat pack modular system transported?

Don't panic if you’re looking for ways to simplify logistics but are finding it difficult. If you are interested in the CENTUM flat pack modular system. Pro Support Solutions has your transportation logistics and requirements sorted for transporting this flat pack modular system. The modular system is transportable via helicopter, which is ideal if your project is happening on an oil rig platform or if you’re working on an offshore gas production project. 

What are the advantages of selecting Pro Support Solutions to ship your CENTUM flat pack?

There are a few benefits we provide in terms of shipping your CENTUM modular system via helicopter. 

Get the system transported regardless of distance

For ease of transportation, helicopter shipping provides sufficient power to transport the CENTUM flat pack over vast distances.

Complete unloading no matter the conditions of your site

Even if unloading takes several hours and happens in severe weather conditions, our logistical planning makes it easy to transport and unload the CENTUM flat pack on your oil rig or offshore location.

Helicopter transportation is perfect for the weight of the CENTUM flat pack

Helicopter transportation mitigates the challenge of transporting heavy-duty, unique modular systems like CENTUM. Being a heavy-duty modular system, CENTUM may seem challenging to transport. But in flat pack form, via helicopter, the transportation process is seamless since the weight causes no issues. What is the Centum Flat Pack, and How Does It Work?

How do the CENTUM flat pack system delivery and construction processes work?

The process of receiving and building your CENTUM flat pack system works like this:

👉 1. Plant engineers select the CENTUM flat pack and components

Choose the CENTUM flat pack and the components you require for your project with the support of vendors and manufacturers MEFA and Pro Support Solutions

👉 2. The CENTUM modular system will be flat packed

This means the system will not be constructed before we transport it; it will be flat packed and contain your components and rails. 

👉 3. Pro Support Solutions and MEFA will arrange transportation logistics

If your project requires it, Pro Support Solutions and MEFA can arrange for your modular system to be transported via helicopter to your project’s location.

👉 4. The CENTUM modular system gets shipped

All profile rails and components get shipped to your location, whether that’s on an oil rig or for a gas production project offshore.

👉 5. Get the CENTUM modular system assembled with ease

You can then effortlessly assemble the CENTUM modular system with the support of our engineers and experts and get the benefits of your reliable, heavy-duty CENTUM modular system.

Which components get flat packed with the CENTUM modular system?

Some critical components you can select to be delivered with your CENTUM flat pack modular system include the T-lock head bolt, pipe clamps, and profile rails.

T-Lock toothed bolt: Get it sent with your flat-packed CENTUM modular system

The T-Lock toothed bolt is a toothed accessory you can get sent to your project location and is included with the CENTUM flat pack modular system. The T-lock toothed bolt has a tightening torque of 120NM, and you can use it to join your rails and components together.

Pipe clamps: Receive these with your flat packed CENTUM modular system

Pipe clamps of all different types are another accessory you can request to be sent with your CENTUM flat pack modular system. These pipe clamps are ideal for large-diameter pipelines – perfect for oil and gas projects.

Profile rails: Choose to have these sent with your flat-packed CENTUM modular system

Profile rails are also available, including 45mm or 60mm high C-profile connectors and various other types. What is the Centum Flat Pack, and How Does It Work?

3 key reasons to choose the CENTUM flat pack

Still haven’t decided whether our CENTUM modular flat pack system is for you? Here are three key reasons to choose this industry-best modular system.

1. CENTUM is the best option for substantial, large-diameter pipes

Does your oil rig project have large-diameter pipes? CENTUM is one of the only exceptional quality modular systems that is flat packed and entirely suited for large-diameter pipes. Get the CENTUM flat pack system delivered to your location and easily handle large-diameter pipes and loads. 

2. CENTUM is easy to construct

Wondering whether CENTUM is challenging to build? The fact is, it’s incredibly simple. Aligning all components is easy because all accessories have small holes that help guide you when putting the system together. 

3. Free up time for other critical tasks instead of worrying about logistics

Since we’ll handle the logistics, dedicating your focus to other critical tasks is more than possible when you choose the CENTUM flat pack. Forget about logistical planning and free up time for more vital tasks.

Choose the modular system with flat pack perks: integrate flat pack CENTUM into your project

If you still haven’t decided that CENTUM will meet your requirements, you’ve got the option of checking out the Pro Support Solutions site and finding out the many other benefits of the CENTUM flat pack modular system. Is MEFA’s CENTUM flat pack for you? Check out the Pro Support Solutions website to chat with our experts. We’re here to help make your project an absolute success, and we just know that the CENTUM flat pack can solve various frustrating challenges you may encounter.

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