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What is skid-mounted process equipment? A complete guide

Does your project need a modular approach to create mounted process systems? Are you contemplating a mounted process equipment system arrangement for your project, and do you need more information to guide you? You’ve made a good choice if you’re looking into the advantages of mounted process systems that use skids. But say you’re unsure what mounted arrangements for process systems can do for your project? If you’re unsure what skid-mounted arrangements for process equipment are and how to spot exceptional quality, you’ll no longer be puzzled when you’ve read this article. So, look at this complete guide to mounted process equipment systems to learn all you need to know for your project.

What is a skid-mounted process system?

Skid-mounted process equipment systems are process systems that are held on metal frames. They’re also types of construction blocks contained in a larger system.  These modular systems are assembled offsite, and you can build, disassemble, and reassemble the equipment that belongs to the process systems held on the skids whenever needed. This ensures their operations can continue regardless of changes to their business needs. Plant engineers can collaborate with manufacturers to create many different designs and produce mounted process equipment systems that suit their requirements. What is skid-mounted process equipment  A complete guide

What does skid mean in manufacturing?

Skids are frames used in industrial settings to hold process systems and complex equipment used to create products. Your skids and their process systems can use modular system designs.  You can create larger process systems by using several process skids. This new development moves away from stick build methodology and helps you avoid costly plant interruptions and make cost savings.

What does skid-mounted equipment mean?

Skid-mounted equipment can also be described as equipment and process components that types of portable platforms support. The equipment and components are industrial-type equipment that you may wish to store, while the platforms feature skid mounts, which are the portable platform itself.  Skid-mounted equipment can also refer to other types of equipment contained on a skid mount. Some different equipment types include control systems and electrical wiring, single connection points, and single point process connections, which mitigate your mechanical requirements and electrical tasks.

What is a skid-mounted plant?

Skid-mounted plants are industrial process plants consisting of frameworks made of steel. These plants may feature different types of process equipment or instrumentation. They may also have piping components or wiring, which you can mount onto a skid mount.

What are the main types of skid mounts?

The skid mounts supporting the plant can be frames, pallets, or rails. Altogether, your entire set of systems, components, skids, or skid mounts are known as skid-mounted plants. 

What is an equipment skid?

Equipment skids are types of metal frame structures capable of supporting equipment that weighs a lot. Such skids facilitate easy movement or transportation of goods. Equipment skids can usually be custom-built according to specifications provided by a client. With the equipment assembled, it’s permanently mounted onto a skid.

What indicates quality in a skid-mounted process equipment system?

Three key factors that indicate quality in a skid-mounted process equipment system include quality control, being prepared for control systems, and having a particular layout.

1.  Control assessed skid mount and systems

Consider whether your skid mount and frames are quality checked. Find out whether your skid mount provider has completed the due inspections and commissioning steps to ensure your entire systems are of excellent quality.

2.  Systems are controlled ready 

Skid-mounted systems will usually feature a set of control systems and wiring. To ensure your system is of excellent quality, consider whether your skid-mounted process equipment system is control system ready.

3.  Compact design and layout

Skid-mounted process equipment systems must have a compact layout to fit in tighter or smaller spaces. Ensure your system is suitable for your project by checking whether the format is compact enough for efficient use.

Do contractors need to be on-site to build skid-mounted process equipment?

The construction of certain types of skid-mounted equipment systems, such as packaged systems, do not require the contractors to be on site. Packaged systems can join a pre-assembled system to the existing one.

How are mounted blocks constructed?

There are a few steps that manufacturers and engineers follow to construct mounted blocks. First, mounted blocks start off as frameworks on a factory floor, while installation point work begins in earnest. Then, the engineers and manufacturers layer the components on the mounted blocks or skids. You can then test the unit at the point of fabrication. Finally, manufacturers deliver the skid or frame to the plant.

How are skid-mounted systems different from systems that use the stick build approach?

The critical difference between skid-mounted systems and the stick build approach is that manufacturers build mounted systems off-site. They fabricate all components in manufacturing sites, and the systems are assembled offsite. On the other hand, systems that use the stick build approach are built onsite. Manufacturers fabricate the components separately. What is skid-mounted process equipment A complete guide

How safe are skid-mounted process equipment systems when modifying plants?

If you want to achieve plant modification safely, this is effortless with skid-mounted process equipment systems. You can prevent safety problems because your contractors will have the skills to work in the environments required to build skid-mounted process equipment systems, minimizing exposure to safety risks.

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