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Weldless Support Frames: It’s the Way of the Future

Have you encountered problems when trying to save time during project completion in the industrial engineering and construction industry? Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, you can’t complete projects fast enough. Weldless support frames can be a significant game changer if you want to reap the benefits of time and financial savings. After all, the saying “time is money” is critical in the industrial engineering industry. If you’re interested in knowing how weldless support frames are fast becoming the way of the future, this article is the one you’ll need. Read it to discover why you should choose weldless frames and why they’re fast leaving welded frames behind. Weldless Support Frames It's the Way of the Future

What are the main problems with welded support frames?

Before you select a support frame. Stop. There are a few factors you should consider and they’re mainly related to the issues with welded support frames. Here, you’ll find out the main problems you’ll encounter with welded support frames, so read on for the key pitfalls.

Manufacturers must ensure welded support frames are heat treated

Heat-treated welded support frames undergo much more work than their non-welded counterparts. The metalworking process is important for altering the properties of the metal components that make up welded frames, but the process is expensive, labor intensive, and dangerous.

Plant engineers must repaint traditional welded support frames

Repainting is often essential for traditional welded support frames. It’s one of the reasons plant engineers are transitioning to other weldless support frames – frames that are considered the way of the future.  Ever wondered how to avoid intensive maintenance of your support frames? If this maintenance is one of the least favorite parts of your day, it’s best to avoid traditional welded support frames. There’s an answer that will help you avoid labor-intensive maintenance coming up.

Moving welded support frames requires cranes

Industrial plant engineers using welded support frames often use cranes to move the frames into position. This takes up room on your site and requires extra work to arrange for transportation. Since having crane lifts on site can be logistically frustrating when transporting welded frames, this is one reason these traditional frames belong in the past. Weldless Support Frames It's the Way of the Future

What are industry-best weldless frames capable of?

The best weldless frames in the industrial plant engineering field are capable of many project-enhancing factors. These factors make weldless frames the superior option compared with traditional frames. Here are a few of the factors that industry-best weldless frames are capable of:

Support of heavy-duty containment runs

With effortless support of heavy-duty containment runs, support for cables is possible with weldless support frames. Getting the right accessories is key for heavy-duty containment run support and with the right manufacturer you’ll have no challenges when installing containment runs with weldless support frames.

Large diameter pipe support

Exceptional weldless support frames can support large-diameter pipes with minimal effort. Some of the qualities of weldless support frames that make large-diameter pipe support possible include robust screw connections, the top torsional stiffness of components, and a wide range of pipe supports and pipe clamps.

Pipe bridges support

With weldless support frames, you can even support pipe bridges. They can use a modular frame that’s comprised of several components. The best manufacturers and suppliers of weldless support frames will ensure the frames are the ideal match for the pipes’ weights and suitable for a pipe bridge support.

Which weldless support frame is the world’s best for quality?

Weldless support frames are widely accessible from MEFA. CENTUM is one of the world-best support frames that are changing projects for the better. That's a good cause to celebrate as an industrial engineering project manager as there are various advantages to their exceptional CENTUM brand Curious about those advantages? Here are six reasons why the weldless CENTUM support frames are perfect for your project and are one of the weldless frames that are the way of the future.

Mitigate dangerous hot works and forget welding

Welded steel requires a hot works process that can produce sparks. These sparks are dangerous during assembly, but the best way to avoid them is to use a frame that doesn’t require welds. Welded steel belongs in the past, especially as it’s expensive and dangerous. But you have an incredible option to avoid hot works; CENTUM works using bolts, helping you to construct and assemble weldless support frames without dangerous sparks.

Put frame maintenance for traditional frames to the back of your mind

Did you know that traditional support frames that require welding require frequent maintenance to retain the structural integrity of your project? One such example of traditional support frame maintenance is frequent repainting to avoid weathering effects. If you want to avoid such frequent and painstaking maintenance, one option is to look for surface protection options that last longer. Continue reading to find out more about the best weldless support frame on the market.

Save two-thirds of your assembly time without welding

There’s an even faster way to assemble your frames and it doesn’t include welding. Weldless support frames are the way of the future because you can forget frustratingly long assembly times. The superior-quality weldless support frames will help you save two-thirds of your assembly time.

Get the best weldless connections and accessories for modular frames

From L shape to T shape connectors, you can get the best weldless connections and accessories for modular frames in this day and age. There’s no need to be concerned about having difficulties accessing parts for your frame.

Never again use special tools that may be unavailable

With traditional welded support frames, manufacturers required special tools to construct, weld, prep surfaces, and drill the frames. In situations where these tools are not available, you can encounter difficulties with manufacturing. But all of these challenges are easy to mitigate. Weldless support frames provided by exceptional manufacturers will not require special tools as construction simply doesn’t need them (the components are all provided and you don’t need expertise with special tools to make your frame). Weldless Support Frames It's the Way of the Future

Select various sizes for your project’s weldless support frame

The weldless support frames we supply come in more than one size. MEFA provides various sizes, each with a different length. From 80mm x 80mm to 200mm x 100mm, you can get components from the CENTUM weldless frame that match your project.

Why are logistics best with modern, weldless support frames?

Does your project need a support frame to be shipped to a different location? The logistics for this are best with modern, weldless support frames for various reasons. While logistics associated with welded frames can be complex and require cranes for positioning, it’s easier to transport weldless support frames in a flat pack version. One option you can use for reduced logistics is the CENTUM flat-pack frame. We can get it to you via helicopter if needed. That’s how easy it is to receive top weldless frames.

How easy is it to attach extra components with modern weldless support frames?

When you choose a modern weldless support frame, you’re usually going to receive a nut and bolt system to connect your fittings. With CENTUM, each connection is practical, robust, and secured without drilling or welding. It’s easy to attach extra components with modern weldless support frames, that’s why it is a favorite with industrial plant engineers looking to save time. 

Weldless support frames are the new favorite: find out why and choose it for your project

Eliminating drilling and welding with weldless support frames is one of the best ways to reduce labor and longer manufacturing processes. Modern frames that are manufactured to perfection are the ideal option for ease of construction and transportation.  If you’re keen to see what a weldless support frame can do for your business, go directly to the Pro Support Solutions website and check out MEFA’s CENTUM frames. They are the way of the future and surpass alternative options logistically and in terms of quality.

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