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Welded Steel Frames VS. Modular Steel Frames: Which Is Best For Plant Engineering Projects?

Despite being traditional options favored in the past for engineering and construction projects, welded steel frames are fast becoming replaced by modular steel frames. Modular frames are the preferred and clear choice, making it easy for construction workers and engineers to complete projects easily. MEFA’s modular steel frames are one of the superior examples of modular steel frames that make a significant difference in engineering and construction projects. How do they compare with traditional welded steel frame options? Find out in this article. Welded Steel Frames VS. Modular Steel Frames Which Is Best For Plant Engineering Projects

What are welded steel frames, and what are they used for?

Engineers use welded steel frames in the construction industry for large-diameter pipework support. Welded steel frames are also ideal for supporting heavy containment runs. You may have seen welded frames in older projects, but you’ll see them less and less in modern plant engineering projects. Why? Because they have several disadvantages. Let’s first consider some examples of welded frames and then consider these disadvantages.

What are some examples of different welded frames?

One example of a welded frame is the KD frame. KD frames aren’t only used in the plant engineering industry. These inexpensive options that builders install in the openings of a drywall feature compression anchors and corner slots. The existing walls reap the benefits of an anchor during wall constructions, of which there are several types.  There are also welded metal frames for doors. Manufacturers weld the steel for this type of frame, which also features spreader bars before installation and during shipping to protect the frames from damage.

What are the disadvantages of a welded frame?

Welded frames have several disadvantages. You’ll notice the welding process used when they have been created means they require more work and cost more than modular steel frames. Consider this: all the joints require welded corners, and, before installation, welders must ground smooth the rough corners to ensure the welded frames are finished to perfection and achieve the best possible aesthetic. 

What are modular steel frames?

Modular steel frames are a collection of profiles and fittings assembled and installed to support large-diameter frames. They are used in the industrial plant engineering world and are replacing traditionally welded frames.  The mechanical fixings of modular frames mitigate the requirement for skilled welders to handle complex steel weld work. This modern answer to an age-old problem produces the best solution to uphold the quality and performance you’re looking for from your frames. Welded Steel Frames VS. Modular Steel Frames Which Is Best For Plant Engineering Projects

What is the difference between a steel frame and a modular frame?

You’ll typically notice manufacturers weld the steel on a traditional frame, but this process is different when you compare these manufacturing requirements to a modular frame. Many modular frames, instead, have a bolt system that replaces the need to weld steel and complete laborious manufacturing work. MEFA’s systems, which are superior modular frames, are just one example of a modular system that features a bolt system to simplify construction and installation.

How are MEFA’s modular steel frame systems the best quality available?

The exceptional quality and logistical superiority of MEFA’s modular steel frame systems surpass welded steel frames for various reasons. 

Easy logistics: Effortless transportation to your site

It doesn’t matter how far your site is. Our company works with MEFA to ensure your modular frame is delivered effortlessly using helicopter transportation.

Easy construction: Every accessory you require is of exceptional quality

We’ll send it to your location no matter which accessory you require. You can rest assured that all the bolts, profiles, and components you require are of exceptional quality. From profile rail C-profiles to pipe clamps, they are all hot-dip galvanized to prevent corrosion and oxidation, keep the system protected, and maximize quality.

Easy savings: Reuse all components and save on the costs

With MEFA’s modular frames, you’ve got the option of reusing components for projects. This simply isn’t possible with traditional steel frames; our unique and contemporary frames are the best option to make significant savings by reusing components. Welded Steel Frames VS. Modular Steel Frames Which Is Best For Plant Engineering Projects

Which bolting system does MEFA’s modular frame use?

The T-lock head is the bolting system that MEFA’s modular frame uses. This bolting system is robust and ideal for connecting components and rails. Keep in mind that the T-lock head’s tightening torque is 120NM. It’s a secure and strong component that features locking washers to enhance the strength of the components’ bonds.  

Your search for a frame is over: Use MEFA’s modular steel frames

At long last, you can end your search for quality. You don’t have to settle for traditionally welded frames.  No matter how complex your project is. No matter the size of your large diameter piping. The modular frames we sell can solve several challenges:
  • Make savings by reusing components
  • Make savings by avoiding skilled welding work
  • Get protected components that are hot-dip galvanized
  • Receive exceptional logistics and transportation
MEFA is the best choice. Leave welded steel frames behind and select modular for your project. Visit Pro Support Solutions for additional details and information about our frames.

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