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Top 6 Advantages of Top Surface Protection in Support Structures

The plant engineering project you’re undertaking on your site requires one crucial factor to ensure that you save on costs, enhance the safety of your plant, and protect your pipelines. That factor is surface protection. Since surface protection is one solution that you must consider for project success, this article will outline the six advantages of corrosion protection and explain why your project and piping systems and components should be protected. 

What is corrosion protection?

Protecting against corrosion is a durable option to protect your pipe technology and materials from corrosion damage and air pollution. Corrosion can lead to bulk metal breaking up into a powder—and the deposit of graphite that you’ll notice might appear to be dust.  Surface protection is necessary to ensure the lasting defence against oxidation and rust for your piping materials or pipe supports, and are just some of the 6 advantages of corrosion protection for your piping technology.

Which pipe technologies and components does protecting corrosion help?

There are a broad range of piping technologies and components that corrosion protection can support. In addition to pipe clamps, corrosion protection is ideal for rail systems with stainless steel metal surfaces and pipe systems. The exceptional adhesion to the stainless steel surface of pipe clamps, thread connections and rail systems means that the surface protection offers a strong, robustness and extends the life of the materials of your components.  Top 6 Advantages of Top Surface Protection in Support Structures

What should plant engineers consider when selecting a corrosion protection?

In addition to the service life, two crucial factors that plant engineers should consider when selecting a corrosion protection are the environmental conditions that can affect corrosion of piping systems, such as the air pollution, and the categories available for surface protection.

What are the environmental conditions that plant engineers should be aware of?

The environmental conditions and factors that can affect materials and that plant engineers should be aware of are:
  • Humid environments
  • Environmental conditions that have extreme temperatures
  • Air pollution—including chlorides and sulphur
  • Salt loading
Each of these factors can influence the life of your components and the longevity of the materials you use for your plant engineering project. For instance, chlorides and sulphur can increase the corrosion speed of materials that are not protected, such as thread connections, as can highly humid environments and extreme temperatures.

Which corrosive categories can affect surfaces and structures?

The corrosive categories that can affect surfaces range from Category 3, which is classified as a moderate corrosion level, to Category 5, which is classified as industry level corrosion. Should you need to construct a structure for indoor swimming pools or road tunnels, the surface protections provided by MEFA will guarantee have got you covered

What are the 6 advantages of protecting against corrosion?

Protecting your materials and surfaces using corrosion and surface protection has six advantages: it’s an efficient way to prevent corrosion without consuming energy, offers superior durability when compared with other techniques such as painting a film over the surface, it’s suitable for heavy duty chemicals, for C5 corrosion category, for hollow components, and it mitigates corrosion creep.

1.  Corrosion protection prevents corrosion without consuming energy

The process of coating and protecting your surfaces doesn’t consume energy, which can help enhance the efficiency of the corrosion protection process and keep costs lower.

2.  Superior to painting a film on the surface and durable

For an exceptional, lasting surface protection solution that provides exceptional durability when compared with paint methods such as painting protective films and hot-dip galvanization, corrosion protection is the best option available. The quality offered by MEFA is unbeatable and industry-best.

3.  Offers stable protection against acidic environments and chemicals

Acidic environments and heavy duty chemicals can harm your structures made of a steel material, which is where surface protections can help.  As well as protecting against acidic environments, MEFA’s corrosion protection services are perfect for preventing damage being incurred by surfaces due to oil or fuels, defending your pipe components and pipelines efficiently.

4.  Exceptional process for protecting against C5 category corrosion

C5 corrosion can be critical for your components. It can cause extensive damage to pipelines, which is why it’s critical to protect them. As rated by the DIN EN ISO 12944, the highest level of corrosion will not damage your components with the corrosion protection services offered by MEFA. This level of corrosion protection means that the components will withstand C5 level corrosion—the equivalent of 5950 hours under a salt spray evaluation.

5.  Suitable for components that are hollow 

Coating hollow components can be a challenging endeavor if using a painting method to protect components. But it’s not a problem with particular solutions. Even if your components are hollow, or have a structure that might be unconventional, the corrosion protection services that MEFA provides are exceptional and will function well. This means that structures that might require more effort to be painted with protective films can be coated and covered with MEFA’s surface protection with next to no difficulty.

6.  Corrosion creep mitigation

Corrosion creep can be mitigated by protecting surfaces. This technique can save you extensive work and high costs despite tiny damages done to the surface of your components. It prevents the corrosion from spreading.

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Protecting materials and components is crucial for the sustained functioning of your plant engineering project, and the ideal way to prevent corrosion is to choose a professional plant engineering solution business that will enhance the longevity of your components and support structures. Visit the Pro Support Solutions website at and for more information and choose an industry-best plant engineering solution for your plant project.

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