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Top 5 Significant Projects That Use Modular Frames

Modular frames are all the rage in current construction projects that require support for buildings, pipes, and equipment. The modular construction industry is rising, as is the demand for modular frames. Are you looking for inspiration for your project? Or perhaps you’re keen to learn which impressive projects use modular frames? You’ll find four significant projects that use them in this article. There’s no question that your project can reap the benefits of modular structures just as these four important projects have integrated them successfully.

What are modular frames, and why do engineers use them?

Modular frames are a resource used in construction and industrial plant engineering environments for process equipment. They are a modern replacement for traditional industrial plants and work with modular skids to facilitate transportation. Specifically, you’ll find modular frames on building sites and environments requiring equipment support.

How do modular frames integrate into skids? 

Engineers integrate modular skids within steel frames. In one frame, engineers can layer equipment following the layout of the skid and include piping, process systems, vessels, and any critical process equipment that engineers need to transport. Top 5 Significant Projects That Use Modular Frames

How are modular frames and buildings constructed?

Modular frames make up the structural frame of a building. Each modular frame for the buildings is made in offsite facilities. Engineers construct modular buildings and frames within factory environments, giving better quality. Following construction, engineers will arrange logistics and transportation to move the modular building to be completely assembled.

Which industries frequently use modular framing systems?

Several industries use modular frames. As well as housing and construction, you’ll find modular frames in sectors such as the automotive field and the plant engineering industry. Wondering what the most frequent uses of modular frames are in these industries? Here’s more information on their uses.

Modular frames in housing and construction

In modular building and construction, engineers build modular buildings using modular frames with parts made of solid steel ingot. From office spaces to warehouses to homes, engineers can construct and create various structures with the help of modular frames, typically in offsite locations.

Modular frames in the automotive field

In the automotive field, in factories, you’ll find a commonly used modular system frame that engineers use to position car body parts, accessories, and different materials and spot weld them. This modular frame, also known as a modular car platform, can feature in different vehicles; in other words, engineers can use the modular platform several times to save money and time.

Modular frames in the plant engineering industry

But if you’re an industrial plant engineer, you’ll know that modular frames also feature in this industry. You’ll know modular system frames in the plant engineering industry are perfect for supporting piping, machinery, and containment parts. These modular frames also help engineers to hold and support process systems before the production phase.

Our best project picks: 5 significant modular frame projects

Various significant projects use modular frames. Here, we outline five impressive projects, including a 320-home subdivision, multi-story modular buildings, several projects that use unique modular frame systems by MEFA, modular accommodation unit projects, and the Frankfurt Opera Tower project. Let’s take an even closer look at each of these projects.

Fleetwood’s 320-home subdivision

Fleetwood’s area of expertise is in modular housing and construction. They have taken on significant projects in Australia. One of the standout projects that Fleetwood led was the 320-home subdivision, in which they created modules with frame walls. Part of the construction involved making concrete floors. The modular style Fleetwood used in this project was ideal for creating the steel frame walls and manufacturing modules to be transported to the location required. From construction to transportation, this project lasted 12 months.

Stack Modular’s various multi-story modular buildings

Stack Modular’s regular business and work on multi-story modular buildings in China use steel frame modules created from scratch. The company focuses on shipping steel frame modules overseas, which are used in projects that reap their benefit. One particular example is the Specialty Arctic Hotel created in 2021. The build featured a steel frame and internal fixtures made in the Stack Modular manufacturing facilities. The Specialty Arctic Hotel’s modules were loaded onto a vessel and transported to Northern Canada’s Baffin Island.

Modular pediatric hospital by Axis Construction Corp. and Modlogiq

The 8,600-square-foot Good Samaritan hospital is another example of a significant project that uses a modular design and frame. Axis Construction Corp. and Modlogiq constructed this extension using structural steel posts and beams. The engineers assembled the facility at the plant, ensuring that all systems and features perfectly fit. An integral part of the modular construction was light framing, and, upon completion, the logistics team transported the facility from the plant to the site. The modular pediatric hospital – Good Samaritan project – received commendations in the Modular Building Institute’s highlights thanks to the steel frames used in the project. Weldless Support Frames It's the Way of the Future

MEFA’s various projects – from Aquaducts to Pharmaceutical firms

Our partner’s exceptional range of projects uses modular frames that are robust, supportive, and durable. These modular frames have been used in two projects including the Coschütz aqueduct and a pharmaceutical firm in Milan. What made the Coschütz aqueduct project effortless was the CENTUM modular framing system. This incredible flat-pack system effortlessly handled the large-diameter pipe supports of the aqueduct, supporting the weight of the water power station loads. The Milan-based pharmaceutical firm project required modular framing systems for a different purpose. Again, engineers used CENTUM to complete the project and supported piping with this system. Machinery was also crucial in this project, and engineers integrated the CENTUM framing system to support the machinery.

MEFA’s 42-story Frankfurt Opera Tower project

A modular frame design system, CENTUM, played an integral part in the 42-story Frankfurt Opera Tower project. Since large-diameter pipe installations were fundamental, the CENTUM frame was crucial for providing the proper support. Various other components, including fastening systems and pipe supports, played a vital role, leading to a successful set of aesthetically-pleasing installations.

Complete a project as perfectly as our top 5 picks: Use the CENTUM modular frame system

If there’s one thing all these projects have in common, they all use incredible modular frames that offer quality and excellence. Engineers were able to complete challenging projects thanks to the modular frames they chose. You can do the same.  Does your project need a modular frame to help you complete it perfectly? The choice may seem complicated, but don’t fret. A perfect modular frame can assist you with your project, and that’s CENTUM. If you’re still trying to find information about the ideal modular frame, visit Pro Support Solutions. Here, our experts look forward to guiding you.

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