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Top 5 Modular Skid Fabrication Solutions You Should Know About

The finished elements of your process plant will often need to be transformed. For this, they will normally undergo certain processes, such as thermal or mechanical processing, which often means that you’ll need a modular skid system to accomplish this with ease. What you will therefore need to be aware of are the many modular skid construction solutions that you can use to make these processes easier. This article will cover the top five modular skid construction and fabrication solutions that you might not already know about. But first, one important factor that plant engineers often get wrong is the difference between fabrication and integration. So let’s begin with how they are different. Top 5 Modular Skid Fabrication Solutions You Should Know About

How is fabrication different from module integration for modular skids?

Since fabrication and module integration are often both used to describe every process that module creation involves, it’s often the case that these two words are incorrectly used for distinct yet mutually enhancing procedures.  It’s important to know that whereas fabrication involves building and creating either various combined skids, known as a module, or a single skid, integration refers to a system’s design and the process of creating additional components for the skid.

5 skid constructions solutions to take note of

Five skid fabrication solutions you should note down to facilitate your process plant projects include design and engineering, the management of projects, factory acceptance testing, the supervision of installation, and services for field maintenance. Here’s a little more information on these five skid construction solutions.
  • Design and engineering

A solution and service that’s ideal for skid integration is the design and engineering process, which brings together exceptional design technology to carry out pre-tests on modular skids and models. Your goal when selecting a vendor is to ensure they provide systems that are not only custom-built, but that they also produce process skids that are optimized and enhanced for the requirements of your process plant, and top vendors will help you to achieve this with ease.
  • Management of projects

What’s also critical when fabricating a modular skid is the management of projects going forward. Vendors and integrators offer this crucial service since integration is just the beginning of a faultless process plant project. Since the systems or modules that are installed should always be enhanced and match the unique setup of your process plant, make use of this solution to ensure that the skid’s integration is optimized for your project and that your project can be executed without difficulties.
  • Factory acceptance testing

Another vital service for modular skid fabrication is factory acceptance testing. It’s a critical solution that ensures your modular skid is functioning optimally. If you want to be completely certain that your modular skid works effectively when used for your project, factory acceptance testing is important. Fabrication teams are responsible for factory acceptance and quality assurance checks, and they should also be overseen by process plant engineers and managers of the project.
  • Supervision of installation

The installation of modules and skids is critical as this will directly affect how your project is carried out. Ensuring that you seek the help of experts who fully understand how to place skid components and upgrade a system is important; these experts will understand that testing the modules and supervising this testing process is a vital step. The testing will make certain that the integration of skids can be done successfully with the plant facilities you already have and guarantee that the parts and skid elements can work efficiently and fit together well when installed.
  • Services for field maintenance

Since avoiding downtime is crucial for your plant operations, as it can be incredibly costly, services for field maintenance are equally vital. So, not only is installation essential, but you will need to ensure that your modular skid or modules are frequently maintained. Solutions for field maintenance also ensure that the lifespan of your skid’s components is extended. It ensures that you don’t experience the failure of your equipment at any point and is essential for the upkeep of your skids. For this reason, selecting an expert modular skid maintainer is critical for your project. The best services for field maintenance will ensure that you save money and complete plant engineering projects with little effort. Top 5 Modular Skid Fabrication Solutions You Should Know About

Choose an expert modular process skid solutions technician for your project

Modular skid fabrication and installation involves several critical steps. From design and engineering, to the management of projects, to the supervision process of installation, to the factory acceptance testing and, finally, the maintenance of your skid, soliciting the support of experts is important. For this reason, choosing an expert is essential. Choosing quality is important, and making sure that your modules and skids are maintained is critical. Pro Support Solutions and partners are the best place to find quality process plant and piping engineering solutions, as well as modular skid fabrication solutions for your project. If you’re looking for a modular skid and a solution that suits your project, explore the services offered at and for more information.

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