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Top 4 Considerations For Automation in Designing a Modular Process Skid

Are you about to design a modular process skid? Although you might encounter many challenges during the design process, consulting an automation expert during the design stage can be the key to helping you avoid them. Automation and control systems are critical and professionals can help you install them, but if you’re unsure why you should consider reaching out to an expert, here we’ll explain the vital benefits. Top 4 Considerations For Automation in Designing a Modular Process Skid

What is automation in skid design and what does it help you do?

Automation encompasses several factors related to control systems and monitoring skids. In addition to instrumentation and PLC, also referred to as programmable logic controllers, industrial automation also involves using computers and/or robots to cope with the demands of several processes in an engineering plant. Some of the many things that automation and control systems experts can help you do when they install industrial automation tools include:
  • Achieving precise control and the ability to monitor a vast range of processes 
  • Executing your process engineering projects with ease
  • Avoiding incorporating industrial automation towards the final stages of the project

3 challenges of integrating automation and control systems in modular skids

You’ll encounter three main difficulties linked to integrating automation and control systems into your modular skids. 

1.  Misinterpretation of the planning

The first is that there can be a risk of failing to accurately interpret the planning process or that the plans can be misinterpreted by a system integrator. This challenge, needless to say, can compromise the entire project and lead to inefficiencies in execution.

2.  Thousands of components: Multiple suppliers

The second is that there is an intricacy and complexity to the integration process. Since automation projects normally consist of thousands of components, it can sometimes be the case that plant engineers seek each component from various different suppliers.

3.  Significant changes in technology

There’s a third challenge to be aware of when implementing automation and controls into a modular process skid design: the software or technology used in automation and control design is constantly altering. This means the suppliers that you consult or reach out to have a significant role—they must be aware of how the technology is changing. Top 4 Considerations For Automation in Designing a Modular Process Skid

4 critical advantages of choosing an automation expert for modular process skids

We’ve covered the critical challenges. So now, let’s think about the four critical reasons why you should select an expert to incorporate your control system and automation into your modular skid, which include innovation, efficiency and speed, the option to gain instant, contact with one vendor, and knowledge of the process industry’s regulations. 

1.  Innovative, smart foresight in design

When you select an expert such as Pro Support Solutions and our partners to integrate your control and automation system, you choose innovation. You choose smart, foresight in design, which incorporates the processes and the controls into the design simultaneously. We recognize that considering automation after the design phase is a mistake waiting to happen, and that integrating programmable control logics, control valves, platforms for controls, and monitoring data should be one of the first things considered in the design process.

2.  Fast, exceptional quality and leading knowledge 

Pro Support Solutions and our partners ensure that the entire process is fast, efficient, and less costly. We offer quality automation and controls, a fully-equipped, leading control and automation workshop, and proficiency and the ability to install programmable logic controllers. Our knowledge of inputs/outputs models and CPUs is unsurpassed, and we recognize that these systems are an integral part of skid modules.

3.  Instant, direct contact with one vendor

When you solicit the automation services of Pro Support solutions and our partners, you will also receive instant, direct contact with us.  We are effortlessly able to offer our services on a global scale and have knowledge of several markets to facilitate the integration of control systems and automation into your modular process skid. Regardless of where you contact us from, you will always liaise with one vendor.

4.  Fully knowledgeable of the process industry’s regulations

We are fully aware of the process industry’s regulations, including the FDA, ATEX, and NEC stipulations and can assist you while working within these parameters.

Select an expert to integrate controls and automation into your modular skid

With the stakes being high, and the several challenges you face when executing a modular skid automation design, there’s no doubt that choosing an expert is the ideal choice. In summary, automation experts will ensure that you:
  • Receive a quality integration process
  • Benefit from extensive knowledge of PLCs and automation
  • Communicate with one, efficient vendor
  • Receive the best service that acknowledges the process industry’s regulations
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