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Top 10 Benefits of Skid Mounted Process Equipment

The many benefits of skid mounted process systems make them the logical choice for the process industry compared with the stick build approach for stick systems. However, it can still be difficult to decide if you’re unaware of the advantages of skid mounted process equipment. Not only are skid mounted process systems easy to join to the process equipment you already have, but the modular or packaged system approach also makes skid mounted process equipment more convenient for several reasons. If you’re looking for the many benefits of skid mounted process equipment, you’ve found what you’re looking for right here, in this article. Let’s open with a quick outline of what a skid mount is.

What is meant by skid mount or equipment that is skid mounted?

A skid mount is a platform that is portable. They are structures made of metal that can be thought of as supportable frames. In terms of skid mounts, they can either be rails or a metal pallet. It’s also possible to use skid mount frames for your process engineering plant project.

What do skid mounts help customers achieve?

A modular system or modular process skid mount can support machinery that has a substantial weight. Customers can also use them to distribute and store system modules, including gas and fluid systems.  The best skid packages are fully optimized. They are engineered to order packages, slotting perfectly into the particular process flow of your plant, helping process equipment to be transported safely to the desired location.

What are skid mounted process systems?

Skid mounted process systems are a type of smaller construction block that fits into a larger system. The process equipment that is mounted onto a skid mount can fit within the tight and deliberate use of smaller spaces and the compact layout used in industrial plants that are modern. Exceptional skid mounted process systems are control ready. What’s more, a skid mounted system can feature control systems and electrical wiring, as well as single point process connections, or single connection points, specifically for electrical use and mechanical needs, that minimize electrical tasks and onsite piping requirements. 

Top 10 benefits of skid mounted process equipment: Why you should use one

As you will see, there are numerous benefits of skid mounted process equipment. Here are ten of the benefits of using skid mounted modular systems and mounting equipment on your site. process

1. Managing projects by liaising with one group

Since skid mounted process equipment is managed by one point of contact, you can reap the advantages of enhanced communication, better control over liability, cost efficiency and cost savings for administration costs, and a single point of contact for the process of ordering your components.

2. Handling the scheduling process with ease

Because a skid mounted process system will offer advantages in terms of scheduling, you can also cope with the scheduling process with ease.  Not only can you look forward to faster completion in terms of finishing projects thanks to the reduction of costly plant interruptions, but you can also manage and schedule a change to your project’s schedule and effortlessly handle the construction phase.

3. Handling the construction phase off site

Scheduling issues are also mitigated due to off site fabrication of mounted process equipment, as opposed to onsite fabrication, which also has other advantages. With an off site construction process, the accessibility of otherwise restricted zones of construction is kept to a minimum on the site.

4. Getting the perfect design with the required components

Designs for mounted process equipment systems that are single-source will include the required system components. Though stick build methodology might not make this possible, it’s exactly what a skid mounted process equipment system will help you achieve. The mechanical design will ensure that all components are compatible and that the correct component sizing is carried out to guarantee that the system functions perfectly on your site.

5. Getting the benefits of design and quality control

What’s also beneficial about modular skid mounted process systems are the quality control and design advantages it offers. In addition to getting the best compatibility with the elements of the system for your site, you can even receive a fabricated packaged system that has been efficiently constructed as skid mounted processing systems undergo quality control evaluations.

6. Benefiting from comprehensive testing 

With modular skid mounted process equipment, the entire systems must be tested as a standard practice. This testing should happen prior to shipping to the client, making certain that the packaged system functions as expected when the skids arrive and mitigating the need for installation contractors to handle any leaks or issues with the system. The process of testing the equipment and skid mounted systems includes a comprehensive quality control assessment, and getting the unit tested is beneficial, making it easy for you to learn how the system operates. 

7. Receiving a fast installation process 

Modular systems that are packaged and assembled offsite make for efficient use and a fast installation process. installation-process These systems differ from stick build approaches because, whereas stick systems need the installation contractors to be present on site, the installation of packaged systems involves joining the unit that has already been assembled with the processing system you already have. 

8. Minimizing incidents related to safety

In comparison to stick build methodology, a skid mounted process system and skid mounted equipment can help to minimize incidents related to safety.  Plant modification can be achieved more safely, using a safer method, thanks to the skid mounted process system, since it helps towards minimizing exposure to conditions and environments that are unsuited to contractors in terms of their training.  What’s also possible is making facility modifications prior to the arrival of the skids.

9. Receiving a skid that has been fabricated in interior controlled environments

Since skid mounted process equipment is fabricated in interior controlled environments, the fabrication work is carried out in the perfect shop condition. All the manufacturing components and equipment is accessible to the construction group, and construction occurs efficiently, quickly, and safely.

10. Replacing sections of systems with ease

Mounting process equipment onto modular process skid packages offers the benefit of enabling you to replace sections of the system with minimal difficulties. With such easy replacements, this means you can make amendments and changes to the process components in terms of how they are mounted in the systems’ sections.

What is the main difference between the stick build approach and the modular approach?

Keep in mind that the main difference between the stick build method and the modular method is centered on the location of the manufacturing process.  Stick build methods take place on the site, and every component is installed in isolation after the system has been established. Modular methods occur off site, and every component is fabricated in a manufacturing site and then joined to the skid or frame.

Quality modular systems for skid mounted process equipment can be found at DG-SKID

So, skid mounted process equipment is beneficial in so many ways, and your project will reap the advantages when you select this option. If you have decided that skid mounted process equipment is ideal for your project, selecting a modular system is your next step. The best quality modular systems and skid packaged systems are offered by our partner DG-SKID, so explore their services and visit Pro Support Solutions for information on exceptional-quality modular systems, skids, and skid mounted process equipment.

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