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Top 10 Benefits of Modular Skid-Mounted Process Plants

Are you considering using a modular skid-mounted process plant setup? Suppose you’re in two minds about using a modular approach or unsure whether a modular design is functional. In that case, there are so many reasons to consider a modular skid-mounted process plant. In this article, you will find out the many benefits of modular skid-mounted process plants. From cost savings to the advantages of higher quality fabrication and mitigating pre-existing operations shutdowns, you’ll find everything you need about modular plant systems in this article.

What are skid-mounted plants made from?

Many types of skid-mounted process equipment form part of modular skid-mounted process plants, such as heat exchangers and instrumentation, piping and valves, pressure vessels, and wiring. A skid-mounted plant features several components that one or multiple skids contain. Plant engineers connect the skids onsite, creating large treating plants.  Top 10 Benefits of Modular Skid-Mounted Process Plants

What does a skid-mounted process system mean?

Skid-mounted process system refers to a process system that a frame contains, making transportation effortless for plant engineers. They are called skid-mounted process systems because individual skids hold entire systems and help organize and manage a manufacturing process into units.  As a plant engineer, you may know many different types of modular process skids, from utility skids to raw materials skids to processing units. You may also be aware that there are two groups of process skids: systems that use stick-built traditional construction methods and process skids. It’s important to know that modular skid-mounted process plants that use a process skid design are often more advantageous than stick-built constructions, also known as traditional process systems. Continue reading to discover the top XX benefits of skid-mounted modular process plants.

What is a modular process skid in manufacturing?

Modular process skids in manufacturing enable engineers to place palletized goods on a top deck. When plant engineers talk about modular skids in manufacturing, they refer to a single deck pallet. A skid in manufacturing is also referred to as platforms on runners. The runners sit below the deck and support the platform.

What is a skid in biotechnology?

In biotechnology, process piping skids are self-contained environments featuring elements such as valves and flanges, gauges and pressure regulators, piping, and many other critical components. Such components make the manufacturing process easier in biotechnology, enabling organizations to produce biotechnology products.

Top 10 benefits of modular skid-mounted plants

If you are considering a traditional construction stick-build design, pause for a moment. There are many reasons why this option may not be suitable for your project. Instead, before you make a decision, consider some of the crucial benefits of modular skid-mounted plants. From cost savings to rapid, quality construction, you’ll find the top 10 advantages of these systems just below.

1.  Manufacturers produce skid-mounted plants off-site

Since a skid-mounted plant is assembled offsite, usually in a fabrication facility or manufacturing site, you can benefit from parallel construction. This benefit facilitates simultaneous upgrades at the plant site.

2.  Effortless and flexible installation 

With skid-mounted plants, installation is effortless. Even if you need to install a skid-mounted plant in a remote area that doesn’t offer simple traditional construction access, you can install a skid-mounted plant easily. It’s possible to load a skid-mounted plant into types of sea-going containers if you need to ship it to overseas locations.

3.  Less construction infrastructure is required on the plant site

You’ve got the benefit of requiring less construction infrastructure since all the crafts happen in one location. This option's advantage is that you’ll notice minimal plant activity disruption when installing the new process plant.

4.  Weather delays mitigation when manufacturers install skid-mounted plants 

During installation, your skid-mounted plants can help you mitigate weather delays. You’ll gain this advantage since manufacturers construct skid-mounted plants in indoor locations. 

5.  Significant reduction of safety incidents 

Should you need to modify your plant, you can do so without compromising the safety of your crew with a skid-mounted plant. Skid-mounted plants reduce safety incidents because contractors won’t have to work in conditions beyond their training or skillset.

6.  Making alterations to scheduling is easy

You’ll have expert engineers carrying out the design of your mounted plant, who will also supervise the fabrication phase. During design, they will create detailed drawings and establish specifications. With expert designers working on completing the project, scheduling changes is easy, particularly with direct engineer supervision and feedback. Top 10 Benefits of Modular Skid-Mounted Process Plants

7.  Thoroughly tested systems that are pre-assembled

Your mounted plant will be thoroughly tested before installation, and they are pre-assembled. The rigorous testing ensures exceptional quality and installation efficiency.

8.  Faster construction and installation times 

It’s even possible to reap the advantages of faster construction and installation times without sacrificing the quality of construction compared with traditional onsite construction.

9.  Lower costs due to less labor time and uninterrupted operations

Your skid-mounted plant will be faster to construct than traditional onsite construction, which will lead to lower labor costs. You’ll also find that since your plant operations will not be interrupted, you will still gain generated profits during installation.

10.  Exceptional, quality designs suit your requirements

Skid-mounted plants designed by experts will suit your requirements and offer suitable element compatibility for your components. Quality assessors will check the quality before installation.

Get all the advantages and efficient use of modular skid-mounted plants

Completing the manufacturing process in your plant isn’t easy, and there are many variables to consider. What’s the best way to facilitate product manufacturing processes? Your project’s success depends on modular skid-mounted process systems.  If you’re wondering where to get exceptional skid systems to build a modular skid-mounted plant effortlessly, you’ll find the best services at DG-SKID. Fabricated to perfection, the skid systems produced by our partners DG-SKID are ideal for your project. DG-SKID also offers other services. If you need exceptional skids and services such as quality control, commissioning, and components, your best option is to check out DG-SKID. Check out Pro Support Solutions. We have all the extra information you need, so visit our blog to find out more.

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