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Top 10 Advantages of MEFA’s CENTUM Modular Piping Support System

Superior product designs that provide exceptional solutions for piping support and plant engineering construction processes can be a challenge to find. There are so many variables that your chosen pipe support products must solve. Despite this, plant and building engineers must still find top solutions. So, which piping support structure manufacturer should you turn to for industry-best modular screwing systems? Find out here how the CENTUM solution is the ideal, world-class solution for your piping support project. Here are the many advantages of MEFA’s CENTUM products.

In which sizes is the CENTUM modular assembly system available?

Putting CENTUM ahead of its competitors is the variety of sizes this modular assembly system is available. Make your choice from the following dimensions when you choose CENTUM for your piping support requirements:
Size Measurements Thickness
XL80 80mm x 80mm 2.5mm
XL100 100mm x 100mm 3mm
XL120 120mm x 100mm 4mm
XL120s 120mm x 100mm 5mm
XL200 200mm x 100mm 5mm

Top 10 Advantages of MEFA’s CENTUM Modular Piping Support System

Top 10 advantages of CENTUM: How CENTUM offers unsurpassed quality

Supreme quality is delivered with CENTUM. Here are the top 10 advantages you will receive when you choose CENTUM for your project.

Fast and effortless accessory placement

Connecting CENTUM accessories is an effortless task. Each component slides into place to make product assembly fast and easy. Down to the very last millimeter, the elements align with precision since the holes make positioning the entire structure simpler.

Robust, durable screw system to connect and join components

In addition to their robustness and durability, CENTUM screw systems can bear a load capacity that reaches 10kN for each connection. These connections meet the requirements of the RAL safety quality body and take into account that the connection system must also bear the maximum load capacity and not only the individual profile.

Avoid time-consuming welding

When you choose MEFA’s CENTUM pipe support construction products, you are guaranteed to cut the assembly time down significantly. CENTUM’s pipe support construction products take a third of the time to assemble structures when using a metal carpentry approach. They eliminate any welding requirements and consistently deliver on quality.

A high level of resistance offered between connections

CENTUM offers connections that feature a closed profile geometry. These connections ensure that the torsional stiffness is of the highest level and that the resistance level between connections is of the best quality.

Choose from a vast selection of accessories

A comprehensive modular system that offers a vast selection of accessories, CENTUM piping support materials will suit your requirements. Select from accessories including roller supports, sliding supports, and collars to create a specific structure for your piping requirements.

Incorporate carpentry elements smoothly into the construction process

With the clamps and extensive array of elements available with CENTUM, connect and incorporate other carpentry elements into your design and link together CENTUM profiles with these elements with ease.

Hot-dip galvanization ensures exceptional quality

Since there is a potential for piping support structures to sustain severe damage within harsh environments, unique manufacturing requirements that protect these structures are necessary. Not only do chlorides pose a threat to piping support structures, but humid climates can also cause corrosive damage. This is where CENTUM actually shines. CENTUM accessories are immersed into molten zinc or nickel-zinc Top Surface Protection—a hot-dip galvanization process that strengthens and protects all parts from corrosion. The components can sustain a maximum level of corrosion (category C5), which includes corrosion caused by swimming pools and structures based in off-shore locations.

RAL certified components and profiles

The independent quality testing institute, RAL, has certified all CENTUM profiles and confirmed they meet all conditions required and described in the DIN EN 1090. The profiles have received the quality mark awarded by RAL and are regularly monitored to consistently deliver quality.

Scheduled and certified load values

One challenge that plant engineers might face is accommodating various pipeline dimensions classed as medium or large and choosing the ideal support system to sustain their weight.  Since users can refer to scheduled load values that have been certified with MEFA’s CENTUM, accommodating pipeline dimensions (medium and large) is simple. Consult scheduled load value references to facilitate the construction of your piping support structure.

Install CENTUM with ease on building surfaces that have insulated sheaths

Should you need to install a robust, quality marked piping support modular system on roofing that features insulating sheaths, choose CENTUM to achieve this without any difficulties.

Choose CENTUM as your piping support and plant engineering solution

CENTUM is, without a doubt, the only piping and plant engineering solution you should consider for your project. Reap the advantages of:
  • Significantly reduced corrosion costs
  • RAL certified, industry-best components
  • Certified and scheduled load values
  • A vast range of features and accessories
  • The option to include carpentry elements into your design
  • The highest-level torsional stiffness
  • Durable screw system
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