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The MEFA Centum Product: A History of Excellence

Excellent modular systems are hard to find, especially ones proven to function efficiently for heavy-duty applications. Where should you look if you’re trying to find a top modular system that has worked for projects going back many years? Where can you find a modular system that has a history of quality and efficiency? MEFA’s CENTUM modular system has simply stood the test of time regarding its reliability and quality. Here are all the important reasons you should consider the CENTUM product for your project and how CENTUM’s history of excellence makes it the best option. The MEFA Centum Product A History of Excellence  

How does the no-weld CENTUM system guarantee excellence?

Looking for a precision positioning option that’s green and safer than metal carpentry? The CENTUM model guarantees all of these options and excellence for three key reasons:

1.  The CENTUM product is the best option that offers historical excellence for challenging projects

Over time, MEFA’s CENTUM has been used in incredible and challenging projects. It boasts an incredible product portfolio, and some of the complex projects the modular system has been used to complete include: 👉 The construction of refrigerating plants in the Porta Nuova Garibaldi building, Milan 👉 The installation of DN400 lines in the Rimini Fair District in Rimini 👉 The installation of piping support in the Ferrari Headquarters in Maranello 👉 The water treatment support installation in the Nelson Mandela Airport in Cape Verde 👉 The piping support and machinery support for a Milan province pharmaceutical firm 👉 Ceiling support structures for the Bosch automotive industry giant in Nurnberg

2.  Industrial plant engineers have used the CENTUM model in multiple industries since MEFA launched this modular system

The heavy-duty CENTUM system has historically been used in various industries. It’s the superior option you can choose, regardless of the industry your project belongs to. Whether your project belongs to the automotive or pharmaceutical industry or the transport or food industry, the CENTUM product has a history of excellence in many projects.

3.  Exceptional flexibility makes CENTUM easy to construct, facilitating excellent structural support 

Your search for excellence and flexibility in a modular system ends here. With the ability to flexibly intercept heavy loads for complex projects and an easy option to make modular structures easily, the CENTUM model is the best choice for flexible modular systems.

Why you can trust MEFA: The superior choice over 70 years for modular systems

The reliability of MEFA’s modular products has been sustained over 70 years of exceptionally hard work. From its development of pipe support fixings that are sound insulated to its heavy-duty modular system, CENTUM, the scope, and reliability of MEFA are industry best.  The MEFA Centum Product A History of Excellence

👍 How does CENTUM’s bolting system guarantee set CENTUM apart from traditional carpentry structures?

Curious to know what makes the CENTUM model different from the metal carpentry structures used so frequently in the past? One critical element is its bolting system. This modular system’s bolting system is RAL certified, meaning it has a reliable history of passing test inspections for quality and product excellence.  Moreover, the bolting system ensures your project is the safest, with an incredible connection load capacity of 10kN.  Simply put, the CENTUM model continues to be a critical modular system with an excellent product reputation and history, thanks to its bolting system and RAL certifications.

How can you save time when using CENTUM?

The CENTUM product has saved industrial plant engineers plenty of time for two main reasons: No welding and effortless alignment.

CENTUM is best for saving time compared with metal carpentry structures

You’ll save substantial time, approximately a third of the time required to construct a metal carpentry modular system when you choose the CENTUM product. Saving time is possible with CENTUM because hot works and welding are not necessary. It’s the ideal way to prioritize other crucial project tasks and complete your project in a faster time.

A slipping movement makes positioning simpler and CENTUM the best choice

Positioning accessories takes little time as every profile rail features holes for alignment and adjustment. Suppose you need to position and fit different profile rails together. In that case, metal carpentry will always take the silver medal, and CENTUM takes the gold, offering a more precise, simple millimetric adjustment option. The MEFA Centum Product A History of Excellence

Make CENTUM a part of your project: A reliable and flexible modular system with a history of excellence

The CENTUM model is a modular system manufactured by MEFA, an industrial plant engineering product manufacturer that is a leader in quality. The CENTUM product is one you can trust. When you choose to make CENTUM a part of your project, you’re guaranteed a reliable and flexible modular system with a history of excellence.  Looking for more information about CENTUM? The place you’ll find it is at Pro Support Solutions. Visit us at Pro Support Solutions for extra facts on CENTUM, how it outperforms metal carpentry options, and how its history of excellence makes it a reliable, robust product for plant engineering projects

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