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The Benefits of MEFA’s CENTUM Modular Pipe Racks: The Quality Choice for Quality Projects

If you’re a plant engineer, or are managing an engineering project that involves supporting piping, you might already be aware that heavy-duty modular pipe racks can cause significant problems when not selected correctly. There are several factors to consider when choosing one. Not only does your chosen modular pipe rack need to support the weight of your piping system, but it also needs to have the right profile dimensions and accommodate the modifications that take place on-site. You must avoid any errors in calculation when assembling your modular pipe rack, and ensure that you choose an option that facilitates construction. That is what MEFA’s CENTUM modular pipe racks will enable you to do, and here, in this article, we will explore the CENTUM modular pipe racks. Read more about the significant advantages of CENTUM in this article.

Significantly enhancing your modular pipe rack construction efficiency

CENTUM is exceptional in terms of its construction versatility. Offering such effortless fabrication, such flexibility in construction, such rapid installation, and the option to make modifications to the system with minimal effort, CENTUM exceeds the quality of the industry-best modular pipe racks. Remove components at any time. Adapt the system without any effort. Alter your structure with ease. All of this can be done effortlessly with MEFA’s CENTUM modular pipe racks, which offer the most flexibility and the best options that are RAL certified, and therefore offers quality assurance like no other alternative.

Supporting heavy loads with just a few quality, robust components

The difficulty you might encounter with alternative modular pipe racks is that unlike CENTUM, it can be a significant challenge to support the piping for your plant engineering project with just a few components. MEFA’s CENTUM enables you to achieve this without any difficulties. If you need to support a heavy load or a large pipe diameter, CENTUM is the superior option for your project. Its few components are robust, and the system far exceeds the quality of its alternatives. The Benefits of MEFA’s CENTUM Modular Pipe Racks: The Quality Choice for Quality Projects

Which exceptional components are available from MEFA’s CENTUM range?

The structurally sound CENTUM modular pipe racks from CENTUM are available with a vast range of connectors and components. From profile rails and connectors of several sizes, to toothed CENTUM T-lock head screws and direct connectors, CENTUM is the only solution you will ever require if you need to support heavy loads.

CENTUM T-lock head screws: exceptional quality 

The T-lock head screws that are available with MEFA’s CENTUM system are high-strength connections that offer exceptional quality. Their strategically unique design offers three critical advantages that you just won’t receive from alternative modular pipe rack options.  Choosing CENTUM means that you choose secure and sturdy screw connections that have an incredible load support tolerance. The form-closed screws offered by CENTUM are secure connections that for each connection can accept 10 kN. These are the main advantages of the T-lock head screw.

Connections that are specifically designed for the shape of the system

T-lock head screws possess blades that lock and can be inserted into a profile rail with minimal effort. Components can connect together with ease thanks to the shape-fitting design.

Robustness and strength of the design makes movement non-existent

The T-lock head screws prevent the components of the system from moving at all; they are incredibly robust, coated in a zinc-nickel coating and will not move when affixed to profile rails or components.

Place components with precision and position them efficiently

With CENTUM T-lock head screws, you have complete control over the positioning and placement of the screws and components—you can adjust and align the positioning of the components and screws and will be able to visualise with ease where they are being placed thanks to the design.

Superior structural integrity and no welding

Welding is not a requirement when using CENTUM, and neither is the need to manually drill or alter the CENTUM system. With CENTUM you’ll also instantly notice the incredible durability and superior structural integrity of the system.  The durability is second to none; CENTUM was specifically designed to be the superior option compared with typical steel frames. Practically every component that comes with CENTUM has an extra durable and resistant zinc nickel layer added to them or has been hit-dip galvanized. The Benefits of MEFA’s CENTUM Modular Pipe Racks: The Quality Choice for Quality Projects

Key reasons to select CENTUM instead of welded steel systems and structures

The versatile, alterable, robust CENTUM design makes it the clear choice in comparison to welded steel systems and piping support structures.  Since welded systems create three serious problems—(that you will require an onsite welder, that expensive costs can be accrued due to welding errors, and that transportation can be problematic), welded systems are becoming outdated. Choose CENTUM to make certain that you can avoid steep expenses, make alterations to the structure of your piping support system with minimal effort, have no need to solicit for a welder to carry out the welding process, and ensure that you skip the potential transportation headaches, and additional expenses, that can occur with welded systems.

Critical advantages of MEFA’s CENTUM: In summary

When choosing a modular piping rack, it’s critical that you choose quality—and this is exactly what CENTUM offers. These are the crucial advantages of MEFA’s CENTUM, in summary:
  • Flexibly designed systems that offer industry-best adaptability for altering the piping support structure
  • Full compatibility with other exceptional quality MEFA mounting structures and systems
  • Innovative load-bearing T-lock head screws that offer durability, strength, and security
  • A unique hot-dip galvanization that ensures each and every component is durable and resistant to corrosion of the highest level (category C5)
  • Rapid fabrication time that ensures your project can be completed faster and more efficiently
  • No welding services of drilling required

Select the quality choice for quality projects: Go with MEFA’s CENTUM

CENTUM is, doubtless, the superior quality option available when compared with the alternatives. Hot-dip galvanization offers exceptional quality that is second to none, and unique, patented screws mean the CENTUM systems offered by MEFA will not budge. Installation is effortless, making adjustments to the system is just as simple, transportation is affordable.

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