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The 10 Key Advantages To CENTUM Products

Whether you’re trying to find incredible products to support industrial piping or construction processes, determining which product to choose can be complex. The product you end up with must match and resolve the various engineering challenges of your project. What’s the best piping and construction support structure or modular system for your project? Centum offers incredible advantages for various engineering projects. Discover here, how MEFA’s CENTUM system is the superior, industry-best option for solving piping support requirements for complicated tasks. The 10 Key Advantages To CENTUM Products

10 key advantages you will notice when using CENTUM products

Ten critical advantages of using CENTUM are listed below. Here’s why you should choose CENTUM, manufactured by MEFA.

1.  Join various components together precisely

Need to join various components together to complete your project? With CENTUM, this is no challenge at all. Just slide the components together with the guidance of precise alignment holes to facilitate structural component positioning.

2.  Join components with a stable heavy-duty bolting system

If you want to ensure your system’s connectors last a long time and can support the modular system’s loads, MEFA’s CENTUM system is the best answer for this challenge. CENTUM’s bolting systems support 10kN per connection and are RAL certified, proving they support the individual profile and maximum load capacity.

3.  Never weld again: Use bolting, not metal carpentry

Choosing CENTUM means that you’ll never find yourself welding again. You’ll never require costly welding services. The structures are built using strong bolts, so you can reduce the timeline for assembling your modular system.

4.  Remarkable torsional stiffness

With closed profile geometry connections, your modular system will have the best torsional stiffness and a heavy-duty resistance level for every connection.

5.  Plenty of accessories to choose from

With MEFA’s CENTUM system, you’ll never be short of accessories. The incredible selection of accessories includes collars, sliding supports, and roller supports. All of these accessories make building your modular system effortless. 

6.  CENTUM products are all hot-dip galvanized

Are you facing problems with corrosion? All CENTUM products are hot-dip galvanized to significantly enhance the corrosion resistance of components from chlorides and humid environments. The hot-dip galvanization process includes using nickel-zinc surface protection, protecting against category C5 corrosion.

7.  Every component has been certified by RAL

You’re in safe hands with MEFA’s CENTUM system. All components you order will have been certified by RAL, including profiles. Frequent evaluations are carried out to ensure they meet the DIN EN 1090 specifications.

8.  Effortlessly install CENTUM on surfaces with insulated sheaths

Say you have a building with roofing that has insulated sheaths. This challenge is no issue for the CENTUM range. You can install CENTUM on such surfaces with no obstacles.

9.  Select one of the few modular systems fit for heavy-duty requirements

Is your project heavy-duty? Do you need to support piping that has large dimensions? CENTUM is one of the only heavy-duty modular systems fit for large pipes and construction projects.

10.  Choose a size from five available options

The 10 Key Advantages To CENTUM Products One of the top advantages of MEFA’s CENTUM range is that it offers five sizes that plant engineers can select. CENTUM products are leaving its competitors behind, offering the best variety for your projects. 

How many CENTUM modular system sizes can plant engineers select?

Here are the five sizes available from MEFA’s CENTUM range:
  • XL80 – this CENTUM modular system has dimensions of 80mm by 80mm and is 2.5mm thick.
  • XL100 – this CENTUM modular system has dimensions of 100mm by 100mm and is 3mm thick
  • XL120 – this CENTUM modular system has dimensions of 120mm by 100mm and is 4mm thick
  • XL120s – this CENTUM modular system has dimensions of 120mm by 100mm and is 5mm thick
  • XL200 – this CENTUM modular system has dimensions of 200mm by 100mm and is 5mm thick

Select CENTUM to take your project further and complete it without complications

MEFA’s CENTUM system should be the only option you consider if you’re looking for a heavy-duty modular system for large diameter pipes. The best advantages of CENTUM include:
  • Frequent quality checks and reviews to guarantee exceptional quality
  • Components that have RAL certification
  • Superior torsional stiffness for parts and joints
  • Unique and robust bolts and screw systems
  • Outstanding corrosion protection with galvanization
CENTUM is the clear choice if you’re looking for product excellence. To complete your project with minimal effort, go to MEFA or Pro Support Solutions to get extra facts on this heavy-duty modular system.

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