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Stex Rail Systems: Everything You Need to Know

Trying to find a unique set of mounting rails that offer exceptional performance for building and construction projects? Encountering difficulties with mounting rails that lack quality? There’s an answer that may be the news you’ve been searching for: MEFA’s Stex 45 rapid assembly rails are the ideal answer for completing challenging projects. These rails offer plenty of advantages for your project. If you’re curious to know why these profile rails are superior in terms of quality, read on to find out their top benefits.

Which features should you consider when choosing profile rails?

Some of the most essential features you should consider when choosing profile rails include the following:
  • Profile rails should be fire-resistant
  • They should have the optimum modern design
  • The rails should effortlessly combine with pipe supports
  • They should have a range of unique components
  • The rails should be quality tested frequently
profile-rails Each feature is critical for profile rails, so making sure your profiles have these features is vital.

What makes MEFA’s Stex rapid assembly rails unique?

The critical aspect that makes MEFA’s Stex rapid assembly rails unique is the innovative design. Manufacturers have built each rail to ensure the design leads to perfect performances, and thanks to the optimized weight-to-efficiency ratio, and the fact that its performance weight is 3.18cm4 (kg/m), rapid assembly is easy.

What are the top 4 features of MEFA’s Stex rapid assembly rails?

MEFA’s Stex rapid assembly rails have several top features. Here are the four elements to look forward to when you purchase these profile rails:

1. MEFA’s Stex rapid assembly rails are tested for fire-resistance

Safety is critical for industrial plant engineering projects, and choosing profile rails that are fire-resistant – like MEFA’s Stex rails is essential. These rails meet the DIN EN 1993-1-2 (ec3) specifications for fire resistance, meaning you can complete projects while adhering to safety requirements and keeping your team of engineers safe.

2. MEFA’s profile rails are quality assessed frequently

It’s also essential to ensure that the profile rails you choose for your project undergo a frequent quality assessment to ensure exceptional and consistent quality, which is precisely what MEFA’s profile rails offer. The RAL quality marks body reviews all of MEFA’s profile rails regularly, meaning you won’t need to be concerned about their quality.

3. The profile rails have a modern design

Getting the right aesthetics for your project is important, so selecting the profile rails that have the best design is ideal. When you choose MEFA’s Stex rails, you receive profiles with an incredible modern design.

4. MEFA’s profile rails have several components

Wondering which components are available with MEFA’s profile rails? There are several different types. From C-profile rails that are perforated to c-profile rails that are toothed, the selection of profiles is vast. Some of the other components you can get with MEFA’s profile rails include the following:
  • Mounting plates
  • Mounting bolts
  • Tooth plates
  • Threaded square plates
  • 2-hole tooth plates

What are the advantages of the Stex 45 threaded plate?

Stex 45 threaded plate The Stex 45 threaded plate is a component for the Stex 45 quick-fixing system that offers the following advantages:
  • Use the threaded plate to replace a tooth and counter plate
  • A form-locking connection is possible, which is more secure
  • The threaded plate locks in the profile rail automatically
  • You can adjust and position the threaded plate easily

What are the advantages of the Stex 45 mounting bolt?

The Stex 45 mounting bolt offers industrial plant engineers the following advantages:
  • You won’t need to insert tooth plates or bolts with this component
  • The Stex 45 mounting bolt makes it easier to mount connection parts
  • The profile rail retains the elements by itself, and you won’t require a holder

What are the advantages of the Stex 45 mounting plate?

There are several advantages of the Stex 45 mounting plate, including the following features:
  • You won’t require a holder to place the Stex mounting plate onto the profile rail
  • The Stex 45 mounting plate facilitates fastening sliding elements and other parts
  • You won’t require tooth plates and bolts when attaching the Stex 45 mounting plate

Which other components can you get with the Stex mounting rails?

A few of the other components you can get with the Stex mounting rails include:
  • The tooth plate S – is ideal for connecting parts or fixing pipe clamps
  • The hammerhead screw – for pipe clamp fixing
  • Universal knot – for applying to a corner joint of the C-profile rail channel
  • Angle connector – ideal for connecting profile rails and frames
  • Connector 45/45 – for connecting profile rails with moment-free joins
  • The threaded square plate – is ideal for connecting parts and mounting on the bottom of profiles

MEFA’s Stex 45 rapid assembly rails: A summary of their top qualities

Completing projects using mounting rails can be complex, but now you can forget about project complications – you can choose MEFA’s Stex 45 rapid assembly rails. Don’t forget that with MEFA’s Stex rails, you can reap the following advantages:
  • Receive aesthetic perfection from a modern design
  • Get the optimum weight-to-efficiency ratio for your system
  • Install a completely fire-resistant system that matches the DIN EN 1993-1-2 specifications
No matter your project's complexity or the difficulty in getting the ideal weight-to-efficiency ratio, you’ll get it right with MEFA’s Stex rails. Go to our website at Pro Support Solutions for more information about the Stex rails and choose MEFA’s exceptional design for a highly successful project.

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