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Our innovative, uniquely designed, new series mounting rails provide a fully optimized, quality performance. They are a well developed model that builds on the assembly track 45/40, and combine perfectly with the Stex 45 quick assembly system. These mounting rails are a top solution for pipe supports, and have optimum efficiency in terms of their geometric to weight ratio.
The efficiency, durability, and quality of our new series mounting rails is assured. They are fire-resistance tested and meet the Eurocode 1993-1-2 (ec3) specifications for the design of steel structures. All of our industrial mounting systems have a modern, industry grade, durable design. This includes our CENTUM plant engineering rail systems, connectors and clamping claws, stainless steel rail systems, tooth plate S style designs, clamping bows, quality rail systems and installation components that serve the Stex 35 untoothed system, and the installation components for the Stex 45 untoothed system. Experience the best of durability, design innovation, and manufacturing excellence. Explore our quality commercial and industrial mounting systems for your project.

PEAK Performance

Experience the difference of our new series of mounting rails. The innovative and unique design produces higher performances, especially when combined with the Stex 45 quick assembly system, forming an ideal solution for pipe supports.