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Modular System for Heavy-Duty and Industrial Application

Pro support solutions


CENTUM® is the ideal solution for pipeline and plant engineering. Heavy loads will be intercepted safely and reliably (e.g. for large pipe diameters).

With a few components and a clear and simple bolting system, CENTUM® offers decisive advantages against conventional, welded steel structures.

Pro support solutions

Pipe Supports​

The wide ranging functions of pipe supports make them critical support mechanism elements. They are designed to affix and support a pipe’s load to a supporting structure, anchoring, guiding, and absorbing shock of the designated load. Pipe supports or hangers can conveniently be used in high or low temperatures and can feature materials for insulation.
Combined with efficiency and aesthetic appeal, we recognize that regulations, quality, and safety are essential for your project. Each of these elements are our top priority.
Our team and expert specialist partners in pipe support manufacturing, MEFA, offer you our proficiency and superior grade pipe supports. Whether you require pipe shoes, specialized saddles, U-bolts, or various clamps and hangers, we offer exceptional quality in its industrial grade pipe support products.

Advantages of CENTUM® at a glance

Fast positioning

Fast positioning of the assembly accessories taking place thanks to a slipping movement. The profiles, provided with holes, ensure a millimetric adjustment of the structure.

Closed profile geometry

The closed profile geometry ensures the highest torsional stiffness.

Highest flexibility

Thanks to specially designed components, it is possible to realize very easily modular structures.

RAL Certification

All the CENTUM profiles are certified RAL* and they meet the specifications included in the DIN EN 1090 standard which is at the basis of the CE certification. The RAL is an independent test institute and the RAL quality mark is awarded only to products that fully meet the strict RAL quality requirements and standards. These requirements are defined in the quality standards and the “RAL-GZ-655” tests. In order to guarantee a steady quality of the products, the products are regularly and systematically monitored.