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RAL Certification: What is it and Why is it Critical for Plant Engineering Products?

What is the smartest way to select a set of industrial plant engineer products for your project? How can you know if the product is suitable? It’s difficult to tell, but RAL certification is one factor that might help you.  If you’re unsure what RAL certification is, this article has the required details. Find out what RAL certification is and why it’s critical for plant engineering products by reading until the end. 

What is a RAL certification? 

A RAL certification refers to a certification of quality issued by the RAL certification body ReichsAusschuss für Lieferbedingungen (or the National Board for Delivery Conditions in Germany). The certificate was created in 1925 when the ReichsAusschuss für Lieferbedingungen body decided to set standards for the delivery of products.  Nowadays, you can get RAL-certified plant engineering products if you consult the right vendors, but why is RAL certification important?  RAL Certification: What is it and Why is it Critical for Plant Engineering Products

What does the RAL certification indicate for products? 

RAL certification indicates that the industrial plant engineering product you purchase or use in your industrial plant complies with the most up-to-date technical standards. They suggest that your product has reached an exceptional quality level and is a seal of approval from the RAL certification body for product reliability and environmental compatibility.  All the products that the industrial plant engineering product manufacturers we represent offer you are RAL certified, whether that’s pipe support or a component for a modular system. 

How can you tell if a product has received a RAL certification? 

You can tell if a product has received a RAL certification or whether you’re receiving RAL certified plant engineering product if it has a RAL Gütezeichen mark – (that’s a quality mark).   In other words, when you purchase plant engineering products that are RAL certified, you’ll notice that they have a particular quality mark on them, which the RAL Gütezeichen body has issued.  You can also check the manufacturer’s website. Visit the website to find some of the top-quality products they offer. For instance, the incredible modular system components that our partner MEFA manufactures are all RAL certified. 

How can you identify the RAL Gütezeichen mark? 

To identify the RAL Gütezeichen mark, check for the RAL logo and the corporate designs found on the quality mark. 

Is a particular RAL quality mark applicable to industrial plant engineering products? 

A particular RAL quality mark applies to industrial plant engineering products. The RAL Gütezeichen quality mark issued for industrial plant engineering products is specific to the construction industry. In fact, the majority of the RAL quality marks given by the body are for the construction and industrial sector. 

Is RAL Certification only limited to Germany? 

RAL Certification is not only limited to Germany. This certification applies to countries outside of Germany, meaning products in Europe and across the globe use the quality marks that RAL issues. 

What is the number of companies that use RAL quality marks? 

More than 9,000 companies inside and outside of Germany use the quality marks issued by ReichsAusschuss für Lieferbedingungen. Our industrial plant product manufacturer is just one of the 9,000 companies that have received the RAL quality mark.  RAL Certification: What is it and Why is it Critical for Plant Engineering Products

Why is RAL certification important? 

Knowing that you have plant engineering products that are RAL certified has plenty of advantages. Having RAL-certified products is important because the quality mark is highly reliable and objective and indicates your product’s quality is verified. Here are four other reasons why RAL certification is important

1.  RAL-certified products are much more likely to have longer service lives

If an industrial plant engineering product is RAL certified, you can be certain that their service lives will be longer than non-RAL certified products. Moreover, RAL-certified industrial plant engineering products also function reliably and are of excellent quality.

2.  A product that is RAL certified is a product that has been tested and approved

Companies that sell industrial plant engineering products that are RAL certified have to adhere to test specifications. They must also ensure they track their compliance with the RAL quality marks the independent body issues. In other words, the only way a company can receive a RAL certification is if it fully complies with the test specifications and complies with the changes to the standards set by RAL in its industry.

3.  Any RAL-certified plant engineering product’s quality is constantly updated

Your RAL-certified plant engineering product’s quality isn’t just checked once. When there are technical or market expectation changes, the product must meet the updated quality assurance test specifications to meet the requirements. This thoroughness means the product quality is constantly updated.

4.  Guarantee your RAL-certified components are reliable even before you’ve used it

It’s also important that your RAL-certified components are of excellent quality before you use them or commit to an industrial plant product vendor. That’s exactly why RAL certifications are important. They ensure your components are of excellent quality, so think of the RAL certification as a guarantee of excellence. 

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