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Pro Support Solutions To Present CENTUM at the International Pipeline Conference 2022

Alongside a range of expert pipeline engineers and international project managers specializing in industrial plant engineering, Pro Support Solutions will present CENTUM at the International Pipeline Conference (IPC) 2022. Curious to learn more? This article will give you a sneak preview of the key CENTUM information we’ll share at the IPC. Read it to learn why CENTUM is the most innovative solution for pipeline support.

The International Pipeline Conference: A convergence of innovative and current pipeline knowledge

The International Pipeline Conference gathers the world’s innovative minds and pipeline-related concepts in the context of industrial plant engineering and the construction industry.  In this convergence, in its tutorials, papers, and topic panels, the world’s best pipeline experts will hold discourses on topics including why pipelines fail, how to assess pipeline defects such as corrosion, how to review pipeline damage, and how to examine the integrity of a pipeline. Our professional industrial plant engineers will attend the IPC to reveal information about CENTUM. Our world-best modular system slots neatly into the topics presented at the Calgary International Pipeline Conference. It’s here that you’ll fully discover the industry's best properties of this modular system.

Which other experts will attend the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary?

Expert panelists at the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary will include the carbon development director at Enbridge, Kurt Baraniecki, the manager of hydrogen projects at ATCO, Patrick Bain, and the director of low carbon projects and development at Enbridge, Adam Chalkley. Pro Support Solutions To Present CENTUM at the International Pipeline Conference 2022

What can you learn about MEFA’s CENTUM at the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary?

By attending the IPC, you can learn about the components, properties, and features of MEFA’s CENTUM modular system from Pro Support Solutions. You’ll discover exactly how CENTUM’s corrosion resistance works, how the T-lock head bolt functions, why CENTUM is the ultimate option to avoid welding, how CENTUM is ideal for large-diameter pipelines, and more. If you’re looking for a modular system with easy logistics included, CENTUM is the option for you, which you’ll also learn more about at the International Pipeline Conference. What’s more, simply by attending the IPC, you’ll discover why CENTUM’s components are the best the industry provides, the projects in which industrial plant engineers have used the CENTUM modular system, how the modular system functions, the surfaces on which it can work, and how the flat-pack system is one of the superior quality options for offshore projects.

A closer look at the CENTUM modular system’s features: Why is CENTUM the superior option

Since the features of CENTUM are the best quality replacement for welded, traditional systems, it’s one of the only contemporary, unique options available to reduce the work required for constructing this type of large-diameter pipe support system. CENTUM is the no-weld, flat-pack option that functions with a non-corrosive, robust bolting system. Its piping support properties are second to none, which is one reason CENTUM is the superior option. If you’re wondering whether CENTUM is a green option – it is. CENTUM is free from flame hazards when it’s fabricated. It’s safer in this regard, and you can reuse the parts for different projects, such as supporting large-diameter pipelines. You’ll find out about these properties, and more, from the Pro Support Solution team at the International Pipeline Conference. Pro Support Solutions To Present CENTUM at the International Pipeline Conference 2022

Who should attend the IPC in Calgary?

Suppose you’re a pipeline engineer just getting started in this line of work or a seasoned, professional pipeline engineer who has maximum proficiency. In that case, the IPC is the place you can go to learn about innovative pipeline developments. If you’re an engineer looking for extra, in-depth information about pipeline support products such as CENTUM, we recommend seeing the Pro Support Solutions team at the IPC in September 2022.

Learn all you need to know about CENTUM from Pro Support Solutions at the IPC

The IPC is the hub of all things pipeline- and industrial plant engineering related. Our team will be there to distribute all the facts you need on current modular supports and frames for large-diameter piping systems. If you’d like more information in the meantime, visit Pro Support Solutions for extra facts on CENTUM and why it’s the best modular system available. And don’t forget to see Pro Support Solutions at the IPC. We’ve got the solutions you need for your next pipeline project.

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