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Pro Support Solutions To Be At The International Pipeline Conference 2022

A combination of the world-best pipeline experts. A synergy that focuses on energy and pipelines. The International Pipeline Conference in Calgary, September 2022, will focus on these factors, bringing pipeline experts together to share their ideas. Our team at Pro Support Solutions will attend this conference, joining various organizations to educate a wide audience. Learn more about it in this article.

What is the International Pipeline Conference 2022?

The International Pipeline Conference, which has taken place since 2006 in Canada, is a conference that focuses on research in line with the developments in the pipeline industry. It focuses on critical pipeline issues and will feature presentations on various related challenges and developments. Pro Support Solutions To Be At The International Pipeline Conference 2022

What are the main issues that the International Pipeline Conference will focus on?

Some of the main issues that the International Pipeline Conference will focus on include how pipeline engineers can adapt to the modern world, best practices for optimizing pipeline performance with human and organizational factors, and challenges related to landslide mitigation and subsurface drainage protection. Fitting and testing methods for pipeline projects is another topic on the agenda. There will also be presentations focusing on enhancing pipeline defense against fractures, information on welded pipelines and crack orientation, sulfide stress and heat-affected zones, how engineers can complete estimations on pipeline failure with machine learning algorithms, and many more pipeline-related issues. The Pro Support Solutions team will disseminate information about our innovative CENTUM modular system. Among its non-welding advantages, we will talk about how it’s an industry-best pipeline support system making significant changes to global projects.

Who organizes the International Pipeline Conference, and who founded it?

The main organizers of the International Pipeline Conference include the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Pipeline engineers and project managers founded the International Pipeline Conference in 1996, to share knowledge about the energy pipeline industry. Two conference chairs include Chris Johnson – the director of integrity engineering at ATCO (in the natural gas transmission division), and Joe Paviglianiti – the technical leader in engineering for Canada Energy Regulator.

International Pipeline Conference: A quick look at the numbers

We will join more than 1,300 delegates who will present approximately 300 peer-reviewed papers. There will be participants from over 44 countries who will share information related to the pipeline industry. A couple more significant numbers to remember include the following: 230 companies will be present at the International Pipeline Conference. They will exhibit their knowledge and solutions in an arena that spans 47,000 square feet. There will be more than 15 tutorials that industry experts will lead and present some of the industry’s most challenging issues, such as handling test variability difficulties when verifying in-situ materials.

Who is the International Pipeline Conference for?

The International Pipeline Conference is for young and budding pipeline engineers, students studying the pipeline industry, expert engineers who have reached the top of their field and are looking towards future developments in the industry, and industrial plant engineering managers. Pro Support Solutions To Be At The International Pipeline Conference 2022

What can you expect at the International Pipeline Conference 2022?

When you attend the conference, seasoned engineering experts, including the Pro Support Solutions team, will discuss contemporary industrial plant engineering topics (such as the best modular systems for complex projects). There will also be topical panels and panelists engaging in discourses such as the transition to hydrogen and its relation to piping, welds, and steel, dialogues on the evolving requirement for sustainable energy and its relation to pipeline integrity, and carbon capture and storage.

Who are some of the critical panelists attending the IPC in Calgary?

Some of the critical panelists who will be in attendance at the IPC in Calgary include Patrick Bain (ATCO’s hydrogen projects manager), Kurt Baraniecki (Enbridge Gas Transmission’s director of pipeline integrity), Adam Chalkley (Enbridge’s low carbon development director), and many more industrial engineering professionals who are leading the way in pipeline innovation and industry best practices.

See Pro Support Solutions at the IPC 2022

If you’re searching for more information on the pipeline developments that are happening right now in the industrial plant engineering industry, the IPC is just what you’ve been looking for.  Discover all you need about pipelines, modular systems (and no-weld solutions to pipe support), and large-diameter piping. Our expert team will attend and have all the facts you need related to pipeline support, particularly for large-diameter pipelines. Check out Pro Support Solutions at the IPC, September 2022.

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