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Pro Support Solutions to Attend the Calgary Global Energy Trade Show

Nowhere else can you experience such a significant combination of different energy forms, ideas, and technology under one roof. The Calgary Trade Show will be the center of innovative energy solutions in June 2022. The Pro Support Solutions team will attend to offer an incredible insight into industrial plant engineering solutions and products. As trailblazing leaders in oil and gas components, pharma and medical plant engineering solutions, and renewable energy product solutions, we will bring our knowledge to the Calgary Trade Show hub, joining the focal point of energy solutions this June.

What is the Calgary Trade Show?

The Calgary Trade Show is North America’s gathering of innovative and visionary leaders in energy. It sits on the world’s stage as a meeting of unique minds working towards solutions to global energy challenges with inspired ideas. Which energy sources can sustain the growing global demand and simultaneously meet the globe’s goals to address climate change? What are the future energy sources, and which technologies can contribute to the increasing requirement for fuel, industrial plant engineering, and energy?  These are some ideas that the show will tackle and some of the concepts that Pro Support Solutions will also answer with its product offering in June. Disseminating unique ideas related to the importance of oil and gas, innovative concepts on hydrogen as a potential energy source, renewable energy, and cleantech investments, the event will be a meeting point to investigate energy, decarbonization, and the energy industry as a whole. Pro Support Solutions to Attend the Calgary Global Energy Trade Show

Exhibitions and energy component displays

At the Calgary Trade Show, energy innovation meets components and technology, demonstrating which unique solutions can assist the world in meeting its energy demand.  Exhibitors, CEOs, energy professionals, and stakeholders join forces to exhibit the incredible methods and components that can power your tech, systems, plant engineering elements, and energy requirements. Our team will demonstrate its vision and goal to offer exceptional components and plant engineering solutions to you. We will showcase our modular system solutions, components for effortless project completion, and our current BIM technology, and engage with businesses like yours, to discover new ways to tweak and tailor our product offering to industrial plant engineering organizations like yours.  Our ambition is to better serve your plant engineering business requirements. Join us at the trade show to learn about new products and get the latest facts on industrial plant engineering developments.

The Calgary Trade Show: A glimpse at the numbers

More than 53,000 attendees will join the Calgary Trade Show, and over 300 speakers with expertise in the energy field will contribute to this convergence of minds and ideas.  Technology will take center stage at the Calgary Trade Show, with tech spanning 460,000 square feet of the venue. Hundreds of exhibitors will showcase their technology, and some of the most innovative industrial plant engineering technology will be presented by Pro Support Solutions during the exhibition.  Our offering will include a wealth of unique information on our technology, components, and elements. Discover how we can greatly simplify your business’ industrial plant projects, and construction and engineering jobs as the Pro Support Solutions team attend the trade show.

Strategic and technical conferences at the Calgary Trade Show

A significant part of the Calgary Trade Show is the strategic conference. It’s here that new pathways for sustainable, renewable energy and discourse on why oil and gas are essential will take center focus. The technical conference is also an essential part of the show, during which professionals in the technical energy field will present the most current tech and innovations paving the way to zero emissions. More than 100 speakers with an international presence will contribute to the conference. Pro Support Solutions to Attend the Calgary Global Energy Trade Show

Pro Support Solutions and North America’s energy exhibition: Bringing innovation to you

If innovative plant engineering components, solutions, and elements are what you need, take a look at Pro Support Solutions and partners (MEFA and DG-SKID) and get all the facts on the Calgary Trade Show.  Our expert team will be there this June with all the product information you need. Join us and learn all you need to know about energy, including oil and gas, renewable, LNG, and innovative solutions for engineers around the globe. Find out about unique components and technology and discover more at Pro Support Solutions.

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