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Pro Support Solutions & DG SKID: A Partnership In Piping and Automation

Pro Support Solutions is excited to announce that we have partnered with DG SKID, a leading automation and piping company that specializes in exceptional solutions for the process industries.

Their 30 years of knowledge, expertise, and thorough understanding of automation and piping systems make DG SKID global leaders in the engineering, manufacturing, and contracting of these products for the process industries.

DG SKID: a global presence in automation and piping

DG SKID has a strong presence in France, Canada, and the Middle East, and offers its engineering and construction, maintenance and commissioning, and technical knowledge of the automation and piping systems to these global locations.


Leading in various industry areas

Their expertise extends to a vast range of industry areas, including fluid, gas, liquid, powders, and turnkey projects that feature automation and piping stakes. They also take the lead in the steel industry and the cement industry and will bring their knowledge of quarry, cement, and steel to the partnership.

Specialist knowledge in specialized niches

Equipped with a specialist knowledge that not only includes gas, hydrogen, LNG (liquefied natural gas), and CNG (compressed natural gas) but extends to pharmaceutical fluids, chemical compounds and powders, oil, gas bunkering, and regasification, the strength of DG SKID’s proficiency is unsurpassed.

They will bring their comprehensive understanding of recovery systems, odorizing, metering, sampling, and analyzing to the partnership, and will also be assets in the contracting, EPC (engineering procurement and construction) field, and the EPCM (engineering, procurement, and construction management) areas.

DG SKID also has incredible expertise in the sizing and supply of large process equipment that focuses on fluid process applications. In this respect, they are industry best in terms of their high-risk pressure, their knowledge of explosive and hazardous areas, and their understanding of protocols and regulations. They are also proficient in fluid storage and transfer and heat exchange.

DG SKID, Pro Support Solutions, and MEFA: an exceptional partnership

Not only will our partnership with DG SKID fully complement Pro Support Solutions’ product side of the business, which includes piping and pipe supports, cable supports, and industrial mounting systems, but it will also be an ideal match for our existing partner, MEFA, a German manufacturer that specializes in pipe support products and fasteners for the heaviest industries.

Looking ahead: shared ambitions for oil and gas, chemical and energy

In our partnership with DG SKID, we look ahead to fulfilling our shared ambition. With the goal of bringing our vision of fully servicing the oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical, energy, and pharmaceutical industries to life, our partnership will propel us forward.

With our combined and superior expertise, we expect to offer exceptional products, services, knowledge, and understanding to these industries. We recognize that the process industry requires exceptional solutions and, together, we are poised to bring innovative solutions to our customers.

Hear about our new and innovative products within the renewable energy, pipe and cable support industries.

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