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Our Market Segments

We are proud of our expertise and industrial market knowledge. The exceptional quality of our products and services target four critical North American market segments. Our team is an industrial product innovator and commissioner for the following markets.

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Gas & Energy

Expert gas and energy equipment solutions from Pro Support Solutions: guaranteeing your technical gas piping solutions are to code.

We provide effortless industrial piping automation solutions and equipment installations for global clients and gas energy markets of the future. Our expertise spans a range of specialist industries and technology.

Pro support solutions

Petroleum & Chemicals

Groundbreaking and vital equipment solutions for the petroleum and chemical industries: our solutions are critical and indispensable.

Our team and partners are proficient, not only in the expert maintenance and installation of petroleum and chemical equipment, but also in midstream and downstream operating units.

Pro support solutions

Pharma & Food

Pioneering services and industrial equipment for pharma and food: Pro Support Solutions provides proficient maintenance, services & solutions for this market.

Our understanding of the pharma and food industry is world-class. We provide services and maintenance for pipelines and equipment that follows the specific regulations of the FDA.

Pro support solutions

Steel Industry & Materials

Pro Support Solutions’ services and industrial products are cutting edge solutions for the steel industry.

We offer first-rate technical knowledge of the steel industry and its materials. Our partnerships enable us to offer our expertise in materials and equipment maintenance for this market.