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Modular Steel In Oil And Gas Projects

Answering the problem of supporting heavy loads in the process industry can be a challenge. This challenge requires expert, quality modular steel and pipe support engineering solutions that have all the right features. Conventional supports cannot compare with quality ones, and there are a few other issues that conventional supports cannot solve. In many ways, the perfect, irrefutable answer to these challenges is CENTUM. MEFA’s supporting system products deliver unquestionable quality; the CENTUM product range is the answer to complex oil and gas projects and a range of other process industries that require support systems.

Which challenges do plant engineers encounter when choosing modular steel supports?

The process industry’s challenges are extensive. As well as corrosion and pipe loads, quality assurance are all challenges that plant engineers face when choosing modular steel supports in oil and gas projects.

How corrosion can damage steel structures?

High corrosivity under severe environments demands first-class engineering solutions that can withstand extreme changes in the weather, highly corrosive air pollution (including chlorides and sulfur), and high humidity. These conditions can lead to the corrosion of steel plant support engineering products and the piping they support if the supports are not protected. All of this corrosion directly leads to structural damage and issues with the structure’s soundness and integrity.

The problem of pipeline dimensions in plant engineering

What also poses a significant challenge to plant engineers are pipeline dimensions. A vast range of medium to large pipe dimensions in particular are just one example of the heavy loads that need to be supported in plant engineering projects. The right support product solutions are needed to bear the weight of these structures with minimal effort. Part of this challenge is the need to support not only the pipe but its contents as well with modular steel products while ensuring the integrity of the system is maintained. Then, there is also the challenge of avoiding stresses in the piping, mitigating joint leakages, and eliminating the sagging of the pipe. And part of the solution for supporting these loads involves using supports that are adequately spanned; this solution ensures the pipes and structures don’t sag and that the integrity of the system is supported. Additional factors to watch out for are the pipes and structures’ overall, combined loads. When selecting modular steel and support products for a project, plant engineers must keep in mind, the upper load acceptance, which is critical; plant engineering solutions must bear these heavy loads effortlessly.

Quality assurances and plant engineering support systems

There are also quality assurances to think about to ensure projects run smoothly. Plant engineers selecting a support solution must have this at the forefront of their minds: are the support solutions quality assured?

CENTUM: top plant engineering support system innovation

Oiling the wheels of plant engineering projects, the CENTUM supporting systems are solving these issues for plant engineers. And the exceptional quality of CENTUM is noted when comparing these products with conventional structures made of welded steel. Some of the industrial plant engineering support products have been produced for over 70 years by MEFA, which distributes innovative solutions for supporting piping and systems in plant engineering projects. The simpler the product solution and the fewer components, the more advantageous the solution is, and this is what CENTUM provides.

Strong and simple components that facilitate assembly and removal

Striking the perfect balance between an elegant, comprehensive solution to pipe and structural support, and simplicity, the specific design of CENTUM uses simple, strong, and specific components. From mounting profiles to profile connections to joint components, to profile holders, joint components, suspensions, and pipe clamps, every CENTUM component can be easily assembled and removed at any time. Because easy assembly is critical, MEFA tackles this head-on with their high-strength screw connection — the zinc-nickel coated T-lock head that offers a high level of security to prevent movement of any components. Lying somewhere between being robust and simple to remove, the T-lock head makes it fast and easy to affix CENTUM’s components.

Effortlessly supporting heavy loads

CENTUM products are handily and specifically designed to support heavy pipework. Spanning and intercepting heavy loads, and using form-closed screw connections, these products provide a maximum load acceptance of 10kN for each bolting.

Industry best hot-dip galvanized structural support products

Hot-dip galvanization is an ideal answer to the potential corrosion in pipelines and plant engineering solutions, helping plant engineers save on costs. Currently, corrosion is costly in many ways. It’s an expensive problem to fix, and it’s an expensive problem to maintain. Corrosion is estimated to cost around $1.272 billion in the oil and gas production industry, and this is expected to rise. This is exactly what the range of CENTUM products produced by MEFA help to prevent. They are galvanized and resistant to corrosion and meet one of the highest industrial level corrosivity requirements. CENTUM is strengthened with a unique zinc-nickel coating, protecting every component. Modular Steel In Oil And Gas Projects

How CENTUM can assist plant engineers

Specific areas where CENTUM can assist plant engineers are that they: ● Eliminate the need to carry out welding ● Assist plant engineers with projects that require additional pipe integration, and ● Assist plant engineers with permanent structures What’s more, plant engineers looking to integrate structures that are classed as sub-support structures with steel piping infrastructures can achieve this effortlessly. There is also the option for plant engineers to select from a vast range of supports for piping, which include pipe hangers and pipe shoes.

Find out more about CENTUM products to support your project

The answer to your complex structural and pipe support issue is MEFA’s CENTUM range. The products are assisting plant engineers in oil and gas to: ● Support heavy loads ● Save on corrosion costs, and ● Complete projects that need additional pipe integrations Find out more about CENTUM and solutions for your plant engineering challenges at

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