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Modular Steel Frames: How Eco-Friendly Are They?

Green options for welded frames are so rare that you’ll have a better chance of finding a unicorn, so if you want an eco-friendly frame, what choice do you have? There is an answer to this issue. Modular steel frames are ideal eco-friendly alternatives that come with plenty of advantages. If you need to find a green, eco-friendly option, there’s no question that modular steel frames are ideal. Find out how eco-friendly these frames are in our article.

Why choose an eco-friendly modular steel frame?

Eco-friendly modular steel frames are not only better for the environment, but they are ideal for health reasons and usually last longer due to their eco-friendly qualities. For instance, since modular steel frames don’t require hot works, less pollution is emitted during construction.  Choosing an eco-friendly modular frame also means you can reuse components and save money – something that simply isn’t an option when you select traditionally, welded frames that are not eco-friendly. Modular Steel Frames: How Eco-Friendly Are They?

6 reasons modular steel frames are more eco-friendly than welded frames

Let’s now look at six reasons modular steel frames are more eco-friendly than welded frames and why you should go modular instead of traditional ones.

✅ 1. Reusing parts for other projects means less waste

One of the remarkable things about modular steel frames is that you can reuse the parts for various projects. Unlike welded systems, you can easily detach all components and use them repeatedly. What does this mean in terms of being eco-friendly? It means you’ll waste fewer resources when the project is complete, which is a clear eco-friendly, and greener option than welded frames. 

✅ 2. Steel material is recyclable for buildings and construction

Did you know that steel is an incredibly eco-friendly material for construction, modular frames, and buildings? It’s true; steel is a sustainable, recyclable material we recycle more frequently than aluminum, plastic, and glass. Because of this sustainability and recyclable quality, steel is an excellent material for modular frames. When your project is complete, you can recycle the steel material if you do not need to reuse the modular system.

✅ 3. Less energy is required to construct the systems

When you compare modular steel frames with welded frames, there’s a notable difference between the energy required to construct them. Engineers don’t need so much energy to build modular steel frames. Welding and hot works are just a couple examples of the energy manufacturers require to make a welded frame due to the heavy-duty equipment that consumes a lot of power. For example, even a small, 90-amp welding machine requires a generator of 3,000 watts – something that modular steel frames simply don’t need. When you select a modular structure, you choose a modern and ingenious method to connect each part. The bolting system makes it simpler to avoid huge energy and power consumption, meaning modular steel frames are much more eco-friendly.

✅ 4. Less onsite pollution during manufacturing

Modular systems produce much less onsite pollution when you build them. The bolting system mitigates the need to weld parts together, while welded frames are less eco-friendly for various pollution-related reasons. For instance, on top of pollution, hazardous waste is produced when manufacturers produce traditional welded systems. The waste is produced in carcinogenic fumes, which are dangerous for manufacturers. Some specific gases that welding produces include argon, carbon dioxide, and helium, which are a health risk and not eco-friendly.

✅ 5. Modular steel frames are long-lasting 

When you choose a modular steel frame, you’re choosing durable, long-lasting frames that you won’t need to replace frequently. There’s no need to solicit the production of modular structures so often because steel is a durable material that can resist changes in the weather and extreme conditions. Modular Steel Frames: How Eco-Friendly Are They?

✅ 6. The best modular steel frames don’t rust 

Modular frames of exceptional quality will not rust as easily as traditionally welded frames. While welded frames produce hydrogen gas when they corrode (which can be dangerous in indoor locations due to oxygen displacement), modular steel frames are of better quality. Your indoor environment will remain safe with a modular steel frame, such as the CENTUM frames we offer. It’s an eco-friendly alternative with top surface protection, keeping corrosion to a minimum

Choose modular steel frames for an eco-friendly project

With modular steel frames, your project couldn’t get an eco-friendlier option. If you want to go green, avoid harming the environment, and recycle your modular system components, the answer is CENTUM. Choose CENTUM to:
  • Avoid welding and pollution
  • Select long-lasting modular frames
  • Consume less energy during construction
  • Avoid corrosion and harmful gases
If you’re searching for further information related to eco-friendly modular steel frames, visit our website. Go to Pro Support Solutions and get the details you require. 

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