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Modular Process Skids and Their Features: A Simple Guide

One thing to consider when completing a manufacturing process for your industry is that logistics have the potential to slow the process down. And one option that can make a big difference to the manufacturing process and keep things moving along is to use a modular process skid instead of skid systems for traditional process systems.  Modular skids are cost-effective and faster options when it comes to being able to offer your product to clients. If you’re unsure what a modular process skid is, this article will ensure that you’re fully informed about them. In this article, find out what skids are and why they are highly beneficial.

Modular process skids: What are they?

To define modular process skids and what they are, they can be described as process systems constructed within modules or frames that facilitate easy transportation and incorporation of the process system. The whole process system can be built into and transported by a modular process skid if you so choose, or you might decide to build a process application into the frame, such as blending or batch mixing, solvent recovery, or delayed differentiation. A modular process skid package is referred to as a self contained process system since the process system is incorporated into the process system. Modular Process Skids and Their Features: A Simple Guide

How do modular process skids make manufacturing easier?

There is a vast range of advantages to using modular process skids in various industries. Not only can you expect shorter project timelines for a project schedule with skid systems, which helps with saving time, but the fabrication process is of exceptional quality, and manufacturers can expect reduced cost. Skid systems help the manufacturing process thanks to the way that complete process systems can be contained in them. They are the best choice over traditional process systems and incorporate entire process systems to assist with the existing operations of process applications, which aren’t affected during skid fabrication.

How are modular skids designed?

Since they must contain an entire system, modular skids have specific characteristics or features. Some of the features that a process skid will typically have include:
  • Designs that are portable, meaning transportation is less hassle
  • A smaller footprint into which process equipment can fit
  • Layouts that are easily accessible
Since skid manufacturers can carry out the manufacturing in a controlled shop environment, off site, as opposed to on site fabrication. It’s a preferred method that allows manufacturers to achieve higher quality fabrication. Fabricating skids this way helps skid manufacturers avoid any weather related risks and ensures the ongoing, continual functioning of any on site facility upgrades. 

How can you make rollout savings and cost savings with modular skid fabrication?

Manufacturers of modular process skids offer the potential to produce multiple skids and install them while bringing you rollout savings thanks to the option to fabricate multiple replicas and leverage engineering of the first skid. From getting one unit fabricated and choosing a reliable modular process skid manufacturer, instead of trying to gather individual components and equipment, most materials will be assembled for you. You will save on engineering and design costs as well.

What other savings can you gain by choosing a modular process skid?

Other cost savings you can make when you choose a modular process skid include:
  • The reduction of labor costs
  • Less costs for materials and equipment
  • Less transportation expenses
  • Your operations won’t have to take a break thanks to off site manufacturing

3 critical advantages of modular process skids

What’s also beneficial about a modular process skid is that you can complete projects without being interrupted by the manufacturing process. You’ll also be able to avoid welding and will ensure that safety problems are mitigated.

Complete projects without interruption

With the off site manufacturing process underway, you will complete projects faster. The timeline will be significantly shorter for your project, enabling you to offer your product and provide it to customers because your on site facility upgrades won’t stop functioning.

Avoid welding

Welding operations do not need to be an issue when you choose a modular process skid for your project. If you opt for a provider that uses orbital welders this might allow manufacturers to provide the service with precision and accuracy, and top providers help keep welding to a minimum.

Ensure problems with safety are mitigated

Safety is crucial when carrying out the manufacturing process, which is what DG-SKID will help you to maintain. With a lower OSHA exposure, and the option to prevent safety issues associated with OSHA exposure, DG-SKID makes it simpler to uphold safety issues and protect the health of your team while completing projects. Modular Process Skids and Their Features: A Simple Guide

Are modular process skid systems ideal for your project?

If you need to transport your process system or incorporate it with minimal effort, modular process skid packages are ideal for your project. If your goal is to save time on gathering equipment manually and contain or transport process applications such as batch mixing and solvent recovery effortlessly, a process skid will assist you.

Process systems and process skids: Choose DG-SKID for your project

There’s no doubt that a process skid can assist you in your project and help you get your products to your clients and customers in a fraction of the time when compared with stick-built systems. The only question you might wonder is: which plant engineering process skid provider should you choose? The best option is Pro Support Solutions and partners DG-SKID, who are experts in the oil and gas, chemical and plant engineering industries and will ensure that your process system is the superior quality required for your project, it’s manufactured without negatively impacting on your project, and you won’t need to search for equipment manually. For all the facts on process skids and process systems, explore and our partners DG-SKID, and get a quality skid system for your plant project.

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