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Modular Process Skid: What Are the Cost Savings

The easy transportation of complete process systems can be achieved with one top solution that might initially seem expensive. But even though they might seem costly,  modular process skids offer you the option to go through less hassle, saving time and can actually help you with project completion at REDUCED cost. The reduced costs are crucial for your project, allowing you to make use of process applications without breaking the bank. Engineering and design costs do not have to be overwhelming when you select from the many process skids available. If you’re looking to find out which savings you can make with a modular process skid package, all the information is just below.

How do we define modular process skids and skid systems?

When we define modular process skids and modular process skid packages, they are known as a self contained process system contained in a module.  They are the better choice when compared with traditional process systems, assisting with the existing operations of process plants, such as batch mixing, small scale distillation, delayed differentiation and solvent recovery. Plant engineers can make use of the easy transportation of entire process systems to different locations thanks to skid systems.

Skid systems and cost savings: How you can benefit from cost savings with skid systems

There are multiple ways you can receive the benefits of cost savings when having a skid system fabricated by process skid providers. The following sections of the article will outline the many savings you can make.

Shorter project timelines and cost savings thanks to off site fabrication

As opposed to on site fabrication, a modular process skid that undergoes off site fabrication in a controlled shop environment will lead to higher quality fabrication and shorter project timelines. Off site fabrication ensures that you will not go through any delays or system shutdowns when it comes to the existing operations of your plant. Delays are also avoided due to the mitigation of weather related risks since the manufacturing process of a process system simply doesn’t experience any adverse conditions. What’s more, since off site fabrication facilitates on site facility upgrades and prevents interruptions to project schedules, it’s possible for manufacturers to make a product available on the market earlier and begin reaping cost benefits this way. Shorter project timelines therefore mean that your startup time for process systems is reduced. Now, since your project timelines are shorter because of off site fabrication, you can also make cost savings and gain the benefits of a lower capital cost. Modular Process Skids: What Are The Cost Savings You Can Make?

Rollout savings: production of multiple skids and multiple replicas

You can make the maximum savings when getting a modular process skid designed initially and getting multiple replicas of the same design. From the first skid, producing multiple skids is possible, allowing manufacturers to leverage engineering designs to consistently fabricate multiple replicas of exceptional quality. What’s also possible in terms of rollout savings of modular designs is that transportation costs can be reduced. When you get multiple skids and multiple replicas produced by skid manufacturers, you can even choose to have them fabricated closer to the site. This helps you save on costs.

Cost savings from skid systems vs stick build design

Since stick build designs for stick systems require the work of welders, this is one factor that can cause the capital costs to increase. Although some skid systems require the work of orbital welders, the best modular skid providers and modular skids do not require welding because the fabrication process takes place in a specific controlled environment or fabrication environment.  It’s also the industry-best option that brings you cost savings in comparison to traditional process systems because the design and building process takes significantly less time. Less costs related to labor are accrued, and less costs are accumulated in terms of materials.

Which material saving is the most significant with skid systems?

Since modular designs and skid systems require less quantities of steel, and steel is one of the materials that can cause costs to increase, you can make greater savings when you choose modular systems, compared with stick build designs.

What other cost savings can be made with skid systems?

There are many other cost savings that you can make when you choose a modular skid system for your process plant engineering project. Some of the most important cost savings that you can gain are related to the following factors:
  • Since materials are used more efficiently, there is less of a chance to build up material costs
  • Because smaller crews are required, cost savings can be made in terms of labor costs
  • As experts and professionals who are experienced in the fabrication process are responsible for fabricating modular process skids, such as fabrication technicians, quality work is consistently achieved, minimizing errors, and helping you to save on costs
  • Given that the experts and professionals may be working on multiple skids or multiple replicas and reproducing a modular process skid design, the quality is doubly enhanced, and errors are doubly reduced, which can help you avoid extra costs
Modular Process Skids What Are The Cost Savings You Can Make

Get industry-best modular process skids without high costs by choosing DG-SKID

It’s clear that there are many ways you can save on costs when you opt for a modular process skid. Remember that modular process skids are always the better option and superior choice to stick build designs. Also remember that you can save on costs in the following areas:
  • Design replication helps you make rollout savings
  • Shorter project timelines help you get your product released earlier
  • Experts and professionals produce excellent quality skids without errors, helping you to make cost savings
If you are searching for an industry-best modular process skid that will also help you to make cost and rollout savings, choose DG-SKID and learn about their products and services at Pro Support Solutions.

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