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Modular Process Skid Packages: The 8 Essential Benefits

Project difficulties related to the planning and construction of process systems can cause substantial issues. The challenges you face include creating an accurate design, following this up with quality development, factory testing the process system, and transporting and integrating it to the site. 

There is, however, one way to reduce these complex challenges when planning and constructing a process system. This involves using a modular process skid package. This article details the eight benefits of modular process skid packages, and how they will reduce your difficulties.

Modularization: what is it, and what processes are involved?

Before we get to the eight benefits of modular process skid packages, here is a succinct definition of modularization. It is the process of splitting an entire process system for the process industry into parts that are scalable and can be reused. These smaller parts are known as modules and include modular process skids.

To construct a process system, a two-step fabrication process is needed. First, you will have to build your process system. Second comes the process of having it integrated into your site. The project is dependent on these two distinct, yet interlinked steps.

Before the process system is transported to your factory site you will need a specialist manufacturer of modular process skids to construct it, offsite. The process system will be:

  • Built in modules
  • Mounted to a frame, and then
  • Delivered to the site/factory

Because these processes occur separately, the plant conditions in which the manufacturers of your modular process skid build the process system will be optimal.

Modular process skid packages: what are they, and what are they used for?

Modular process skids are process systems created within a ‘module’ (also referred to as a frame) that facilitates their transportation. They are capable of featuring a wide range of process systems used for various process applications. This might include:

  • Recovery of solvents
  • Mixing batches, or
  • Distillation

Another way to describe modular skid packages is that they are traditionally designed process systems that are contained within a skid. Modules that were built after the year 2000 included pipe supports and piping.

8 benefits of modular process skid packages

The benefits of modular process skid packages include time efficiency, reductions in costs, better quality products, enhanced safety, and more. Here are the 8 benefits in more detail.

1.     Transportation facilitation


The fact that modular process skid packages are built into frames means the transportation process of your process system is easier. Even in circumstances where your project requirements evolve or alter, you will have the benefit of keeping the system unified as a single unit.

2.     Heightened safety measures

The benefits of modular process skid packages extend to their safety. They undergo process system testing well before being shipped. This means any issues found during testing will be fixed or amended before shipment.

Their construction conditions are also superior when compared with traditional process systems, reducing the potential for safety risks when using the process system.

3.     Fabrication is of excellent quality

Expert technicians are on the scene when it comes to the fabrication of your process system. This is one of the benefits of modular skid packages; they are of excellent quality due to the expertise of the technicians and are produced in exceptional environments.

4.     Reductions in costs

You will save in terms of costs of process systems in several ways. Modular construction is quicker, and this leads to savings in:

  • The costs of materials
  • The costs of labor
  • The costs of transportation
  • The retained savings that come with continued operations and no delays

5.     Get projects completed faster

Some of the essential factors you will want to keep an eye on with your projects include:

  • Time to build
  • Lead time, and
  • Potential downtime

They can prevent your project from being a success if not monitored or kept to a minimum. However, as you can complete the preparation of facilities and design your process system simultaneously, projects tend to be completed at a faster rate.

6.     Can be contained in less space

Being self-contained is another one of the benefits of modular process skid packages. There’s also the fact that the design of their components can be layered and they will only occupy small spaces.

7.     System sections can be replaced

The benefits of modular process skid packages include the ease with which system parts can be replaced. You will waste less time trying to fix or overcome any problems or limitations in the process system.

8.     Effortless communication

A major plus when using modular process skid packages is the simplicity with which you can communicate with those who are constructing them. No longer will you have to communicate to each individual within the crew, including mechanical staff, designers, or electrical professionals.

Instead, as a customer, you can have your questions answered from one crew, without any delays.

What do the benefits of modular process skid packages mean for you?

The benefits of modular process skid packages point to one thing: you should be thinking about how they are the optimum choice for your project. Your project will be completed faster. The process system will be safer when being used, and you will also make significant savings.

In summary, you will also be able to:

  • Easily replace your system parts
  • Benefit from excellent quality, and
  • Be able to communicate with one crew as opposed to several individuals

Take advantage of the benefits of modular process skid packages and explore your options to get your project completed quickly and efficiently.

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