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Modular Frames: Do You Build On or Off Site?

If you’re an industrial plant engineer, you may have heard this popular fact: It’s highly beneficial to construct modular frames offsite. There are many advantages of offsite modular construction, so why question this? In some cases, you may find it easy to build a modular frame onsite. Although this defies common adages, you may find it easy to assemble onsite. This Pro Support Solutions article will look at the advantages and disadvantages of building modular frames onsite versus building them offsite. Which method is better for your project? Let’s find out.

What are modular frames?

Modular frames are an assembly of profile rails, different fittings, and columns, usually made of steel. Traditionally, the popular modular frames were welded together using hot works, but this is now no longer the best option. Now modular frames are ideal to ensure that a manufactured home, a plant engineering project, or constructed building doesn’t require welding work. Modular Frames: Do You Build On or Off Site

In which other situations should you use a modular frame?

Modular frames are best used when you need to work on a construction project and evenly distribute the building’s weight while offering the perfect support. Whether you’re constructing a warehouse or an office, modular homes (including an on-frame modular home, a mobile home, or manufactured homes), schools or a hospital, or working on an industrial plant engineering project that’s taking place in a manufacturing facility, modular frames are the ideal solution for larger structures.

Building on or offsite: Which situations call for these construction methods?

Whether you build a modular frame on or offsite will depend on your unique situation and the modular system you choose. If you’re choosing a traditional, welded option, this will require a different location to a modern modular system.

Can you build welded systems onsite?

The short answer is that you can build welded systems onsite, but it can be more laborious and take up space on your work site. It will also be a more dangerous task due to hot work and sparks that occur during welding. Your skilled welder must be present on the premises to weld every inch of the perimeter, which can take time and cost you more expenses.

Can you build non-welded systems onsite?

Some excellent news is that you can build non-welded systems onsite with minimal challenges. It requires less labor because the sophisticated bolt system and effortless alignment make it simple to build modern systems onsite.

How does non-welding enable plant engineers to build onsite?

Nowadays, the best modular frames also have mechanical fixings that are ideal for relieving the need for welding work. The main reason non-welding facilitates building modular frames onsite is that you can get incredible quality without spending a fortune on skilled welders. You can get to work on constructing the modular frames yourself without intricate and costly work, and you can do this onsite.

How else do non-welded modular frames enable plant engineers to weld onsite?

Suppose you don’t want to build offsite. In that case, there are significant advantages of non-welded modular frames that are flat-packed: You have the opportunity to receive flat-packed options onsite because manufacturers can pack all parts and send them to you. This flat-pack option is a viable option for building the frames onsite. Modular Frames: Do You Build On or Off Site

Can you build welded and non-welded modular frames offsite?

It’s possible to build welded and non-welded modular frames offsite. There are several reasons why you may want to make your frame offsite, especially if logistics are easy to arrange with your vendor. 

In which situations would you want to build a modular frame offsite?

There are a few situations where you might want to build a modular frame offsite. Let’s have a look at the three main reasons you may choose this option:
  • Build modular frames offsite to avoid plant shutdowns

Sometimes, you may have to shut down your plant if installing your modular frame causes disruptions. This can lead to higher expenses, so you may consider building the modular frame offsite and shipping it to your site.
  • Build modular frames offsite to prevent crew members from working in OSHA conditions

In other situations, your crew members may find that they have to work in OSHA conditions if you are building modular frames onsite. Even though accidents can still happen offsite, modular construction is safer when you complete it offsite; for this reason, you may consider building offsite.
  • Build modular frames offsite to complete projects faster

It’s also the case that building modular frames onsite can lead to project delays if you need to shut down your plant or interrupt production. In view of completing projects faster, you may consider building your modular frame offsite.

In which situation should you avoid building modular frames offsite?

The main situation in which you should avoid building modular frames offsite is when you want to avoid complex logistics, transport arrangements, and transport costs.

What transportation is required when building modular frames offsite?

Consider that arranging logistics is fundamental to completing your project when building modular frames offsite. This can either go smoothly or become frustrating depending on the vendor you choose. Either way, you’ll need a way to transport the frames to your site, and you have different options.  For example, if you need to move several mobile homes or on-frame modular homes, trucks are one solution for modular frame transportation depending on the distance between your building site and the manufacturer. 

Why choose Pro Support Solutions expert logistics for delivering your modular frame?

As world-class vendors, we arrange all the logistics for you and will get your modular frame transported no matter the location. We even offer helicopter transportation, which is ideal if your project is based offshore. It doesn’t matter if you select a heavy modular frame; our transportation can bear the weight, so reach out to our professionals to learn more. Modular Frames: Do You Build On or Off Site

Which is the best modular frame for onsite and offsite construction?

If you’re looking for quality, the best modular frame for onsite and offsite construction is the CENTUM brand manufactured by MEFA – an industrial plant engineering product manufacturer with over 70 years of experience in the industry. CENTUM is a robust, durable, and corrosion-resistant modular frame that supports industrial-grade piping and uses an efficient bolting system to help you avoid difficult transportation and get the advantage of onsite construction with minimal effort.

Make your choice: Choose MEFA and select the best modular frame

As you can see, there are several factors to consider when choosing whether to build offsite or onsite. But two things remain the same: Quality modular frames can make a big difference to your project, and getting the right logistic support can help. The best place to get a quality modular frame is from Pro Support Solutions and our partner, MEFA. We offer the superior quality CENTUM brand ideal for supporting large-diameter pipes. Select Pro Support Solutions and MEFA. Select the best modular frame.

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