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MEFA Planning Tools: A Selection of Software with Competitive Advantages

Are you about to begin the planning process to complete your industrial plant engineering project? Do you need the right software to efficiently plan your fastening situations? Finding the most sophisticated tools is challenging, but guess what? MEFA’s planning tools are available to assist you with this complex process. Read this article on MEFA planning tools to see the competitive advantage they can offer your project.

What are MEFA’s critical planning tools?

MEFA offers three critical planning aid tools to industrial plant engineers. The first is MEFA StatiCAL, a software you can use to plan fastening situations in your building. The second is the MEFA CAD library, which is ideal for CAD component planning and design. The third is the building information modelling tool, perfect for planning commercial or residential buildings. Here’s more information on each of these tools by MEFA. MEFA Planning Tools: A Competitive Advantage

What does StatiCAL do?

StatiCAL features the selection of MEFA’s profile rails, helping you plan for the permissible displacement and stress for each profile rail you select in the software. The tool will let you work out the maximum bending moment, providing you with a calculation report that reflects these details.

What does CAD-library do?

If you need any CAD components or want to complete two- and three-dimensional CAD planning with MEFA’s support, the MEFA-operated CAD library works in the background – the team at MEFA will use it to provide you with the required files. Whether you need a STEP/STP, DWG, DXF, or SAT file format to support your CAD planning, MEFA will provide it.

What does MEFA’s BIM do?

MEFA’s building information modelling enables planners to review geometric data related to components in BIM in an on-demand way. The tools offer metadata related to technical and commercial information and data to establish plans for fixing technology near the beginning stages of your project. 

How does StatiCAL work?

Statical works effortlessly with an internet browser. You simply need to launch the software in the browser, and you can use the software in eight languages, including Danish, English, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, German, and Latvian.  You can use StatiCAL to plan for different loads, select different materials, choose from various profile rails, determine which nodes will cause system instability, check the geometry, and make changes to your plans. With StatiCAL, you can add different project plans and visualize the planning all on the software. Select from the different tabs on the left panel to organize your project efficiently.

How does the CAD library work?

  The CAD library works with the backing of the MEFA team. Select the article number you want to integrate and email with the necessary file format. MEFA will send you your file, which you can integrate into your planning process.  

How does MEFA’s BIM work?

As a planner or designer, you can get all the data you need for your project with BIM. The tools incorporate Revit from Autodesk to complete closed BIM projects, but it’s also possible to use unrestricted data in open BIM projects. With BIM, you can get the support of two expert BIM managers to help you drive product changes and developments. You can also access several parameters for the BIM Revit components, which you can adjust for each project to make it easier to work with the elements. Use BIM to configure and adjust your MEFA fastenings effortlessly and graphically parametrize the data corresponding to families of profile rails that MEFA provides. If you need to change the nominal diameter of pipe clamps, you can do this with the click of your mouse and get a graphical representation of the change. BIM Revit from MEFA also gives you different models to reduce the volume of the data.

Choose MEFA’s planning tools to drive your project forward

There’s no doubt: MEFA’s planning tools will drive your project forward from the word go. With accurate planning behind you, the reports, and the graphical representations of the components for your project, you can easily complete your tasks and projects. If you need more facts about MEFA, go to the Pro Support Solutions website. We’re the North American vendors for MEFA’s incredible products. Get going with your projects; trust MEFA’s selection of exceptional planning tools.

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