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What is the Maximum Load for the Best Modular Systems?

How can you be sure that your modular system will support the maximum load of your process unit or piping? It’s not a simple task, and you may encounter difficulties. To help you, you may want to determine the maximum load for modular systems. So, the question is, what is the maximum load for the best modular systems? In this article, we’ll outline the maximum load for the CENTUM modular system, which is produced by MEFA and is one of the best in the world.

Is MEFA’s CENTUM suitable for large diameter pipes with heavy loads?

The short answer is: Yes, MEFA’s CENTUM is perfectly suitable for large diameter pipes. It is one of the few modular systems ideals for heavy-duty projects, such as those with large diameter pipes, and CENTUM is also reusable and easy to align. Choose CENTUM if you need to support pipes with sizable diameters and carry substantial loads. What is the Maximum Load for the Best Modular Systems

For which kinds of large-load projects is CENTUM a good match?

CENTUM is a good match for large-load projects including pipe, plant, and machinery support for business centers, ceiling pipe supports for the automotive industry and heating pipes for power stations in the medical industry. You can even use CENTUM for large-load projects such as piping supports in the pharmaceutical industry and supporting piping that contains cold air in shopping centers. In short, if you’re working on any project that has large diameter piping, CENTUM can help you. No matter the industry you’re working in, CENTUM is the best option for heavy loads.

Which components help CENTUM to support suspended and standing pipe loads?

Are you wondering how CENTUM can support standing and suspended pipe loads with large diameters? Here’s the secret. Some of the best accessories in the world, produced by MEFA, mean that the CENTUM range can easily support heavy loads. One of the components that facilitates this is the console. Another is the sliding sledge. And many other components enable plant engineers to support heavy loads, such as the pipe clamps MEFA provides.

How do the consoles help CENTUM support heavy loads for your project?

If you need to produce a cantilever structure, particularly to support suspended pipe loads, consoles were designed for this exact purpose and will simplify supporting heavy loads. This CENTUM component, including the XL 120 L=1440mm size, comes in different sizes and is hot-dip galvanized. What is the Maximum Load for the Best Modular Systems You’ll notice that the XL 120 L=1440mm size has a load F1 support tolerance of 12.51kN and a load F2 support tolerance of 6.26kN.

How do the sliding sledges help CENTUM support heavy loads for your project?

Some of the sliding sledges MEFA produces are substantial in size, meaning the CENTUM range can effortlessly support large diameter pipes and heavy loads. As the outside pipe diameters range between 219mm and 813mm, you can select from various sliding sledges that support large pipe diameters and heavy loads. Also, remember that the Fy load of the sliding sledge A 70 x 10mm 813mm component is an incredible 40kN.

How do the pipe clamps help CENTUM support heavy loads for your project?

The pipe clamps MEFA manufactures are available in substantial sizes, so supporting heavy loads is simple with MEFA. One of the largest pipe clamps is the component for 1220 mm sized pipe diameters (which refers to the outside pipe diameter).  You’ll notice that for this pipe clamp, the load Fz is 16kN.

How do the sliding T supports help support heavy loads for your project?

You can choose from various sliding T support sizes, which help to support hefty loads easily. One of the maximum sizes you can choose is the T support, which is apt for 219mm outside pipe diameters. This component can support an Fy weight of 5kN and an Fz standing weight of 16.67kN What is the Maximum Load for the Best Modular Systems

What is the maximum load that CENTUM can support for each bolting?

CENTUM has a unique, robust, high-strength bolting system with a substantial maximum load. The maximum load that CENTUM can support for each bolting is 10kN. This maximum load applies to each connection and enhances the safety of your structure. What’s also exceptional about the bolting system and the load it supports is that it is RAL certified.

What makes CENTUM’s bolting system superior to competitors?

The bolting system that MEFA produces was designed with the load capacity of the profiles and the connection system in mind. It’s a unique system capable of supporting a significant load and ensures that you won’t need to seek welding or engineering expertise in hot works to ensure your structure can cope with the load.

Get effortless support for heavy loads with the best modular system

So, what’s the best way to get effortless support for heavy loads when trying to support modular setups? Your best option is the CENTUM modular system and its robust components. With CENTUM you’ll effortlessly support significant loads. Make sure you look at the Pro Support Solutions website and MEFA for extra information about the CENTUM system.

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