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Key Reasons EPCs Are Using Modular Skid Manufacturers for Plant Design Projects

If you’re an EPC, you will know that plant design processes can always be streamlined slightly more. You might be planning towards the expansion of a chemical plant or designing a pharmaceutical plant, and two factors are essential when doing this. You will need to consider that the project is time sensitive and that there is a budget to stick to. Have you considered which modular skid manufacturer will help with this? This Pro Support Solutions article will outline why modular plant design is beneficial and will explain why skid manufacturers are important for your plant design project, and why working alongside manufacturers such as DG-SKID can save you money and time. Key Reasons EPCs Are Using Modular Skid Manufacturers for Plant Design Projects

Modular process skids: An explanation

Before we explain why modular skid manufacturers should be used, here’s an explanation of what they are. If we want to define modular process skids and modular process equipment, we can compare them to a structural frame that process engineers use for industrial equipment like a process system to move them around. They can be custom built and feature self contained units installed on a manufacturing site, but they don’t affect the existing operations of the client’s entire process systems.  The result is a self contained process system, or modular process systems that are contained in process skid packages.

Why use modular skids for a plant project?

There are a range of reasons that you should use modular equipment for a plant project, two of which include less shutdowns of your plant and safer working conditions.

1.  Avoid plant shutdowns

You can benefit from an offsite manufacturing process and have your skids designed and manufactured while your plant continues to function, unaffected by shutdowns or stoppages when you choose modular manufacturers and modular process skids. The fact that you won’t experience any downtime when you choose modular equipment means that you can save money and capital costs.

2.  Gain safety advantages and fewer OSHA hours

There are other advantages to choosing a comprehensive service from skid manufacturers such as DG-SKID. Not only can you benefit from other savings from crew sizes that are smaller than the ones used for traditional stick built construction for traditional process systems, but higher fabrication quality at less cost and less risk is possible as well. Choosing modular equipment and a modular process skids manufacturer will significantly lessen OSHA working hours for technicians; it’s a preferred method that means they will experience less risks in terms of safety.

3.  Fabricating skids is easier based on one design

To fabricate multiple replicas of a modular system at reduced cost, all that’s required is one design. Replicas can be made from the first skid, allowing manufacturers to make multiple skids much more easily and clients can receive rollout savings and save on engineering and design costs.

4.  Modular construction takes place in a controlled shop environment

Since modular skid systems and modular construction happens in a controlled shop environment, they lead to shorter project timelines and fewer weather related risks.

Key factors to consider when choosing a modular skid manufacturer

Acknowledging that some modular process skid manufacturers and modular process skids offer more flexibility in terms of design options is one of the many factors you should consider when choosing one. It’s also important to remember that a skid manufacturer can assist your project at different points of the plant design activity and help with project management.

Which phases can a skid manufacturer assist you with?

Some of the critical phases of your project where you might want to get the support of a modular process skids manufacturer include:
  • Process engineering
  • Designing modular systems
  • Fabrication
You might also consider whether the modular process skids manufacturer you choose can assist with commissioning and maintenance, which exceptional manufacturers like DG-SKID can provide. Commissioning and maintenance ensure that your plant equipment and skid are free from glitches or errors and function efficiently. Key Reasons EPCs Are Using Modular Skid Manufacturers for Plant Design Projects

What does DG-SKID provide and why are EPCs choosing them?

DG-SKID provides incredible solutions for easy transportation of process systems. Here are some of their services.

1.  Services across different industries

You can benefit from pharmaceutical processes, chemical and oil processes, and energy and gas services when you choose DG-SKID. This selection of services means that EPCs from several process industries can get expert solutions and support for their process plant requirements, which might include the transformation of raw materials with thermal and mechanical stresses.

2.  A vast range of specific services during construction

Some of the specific services provided by DG-SKID in the construction phase include exceptional engineering services, schematics and installation, integration and programming of PLCs, valve, pressure switch, and flow meter installation, torque, temperature, and pressure regulation, and electric drive and shaft line sizing.  This vast range of services makes DG-SKID the best in its industry for skid manufacturing for plant design projects, which is why PLCs are using them.

3.  Exceptional services for piping and automation

DG-SKID and MEFA also offer piping and automation services with their skids. Part of this service includes creating piping and instrumentation (PID) diagrams, assemblies of piped boilers, and several automation services for various applications. These services include:
  • Pumping
  • Mixing
  • Cooling
  • Vacuuming

4.  Quality commissioning and maintenance 

Some of the best commissioning and maintenance services are offered by DG-SKID, such as maintenance interventions and actuator replacement, maintenance of PLCs and skid commissioning on an international scale. For this reason, EPCs are using modular skid manufacturers to support their projects.

Why should you choose DG-SKID: collaboration at its best

So, there are many services you can use when you choose DG-SKID, but what are the other reasons why you should choose this leading skid manufacturer? DG-SKID will collaborate with your team from the beginning to the end of your project – from design processes to engineering procedures to fabrication and installation. They will get your project completed quickly and efficiently, ensuring that any errors or problems are identified instantly and amended straightaway. Backed by over 30 years of expert-level, industry knowledge and professional services in process industries, our partner, DG-SKID, will work with you to create a viable design and solution for your project. They are comfortable with designing incredible modular designs for a broad range of process applications, which include in line blending, solvent recovery, delayed differentiation batch mixing, steam stripping, and small scale distillation.

Get excellent quality with the right manufacturer of modular process skids

If you’re looking for excellence in terms of modular process skids, the ability to install multiple skids in several different locations, leverage engineering quality, then take a look at Pro Support Solutions partner – DG-SKID.  What DG-SKID offers is a full range of individual components for skids and incredible quality, speed and efficiency, enabling your project schedule and project objectives to be completed with less hassle. More information is available at Pro Support Solutions. Take a look at our website and our partner, DG-SKID, for more facts on modular process skids, skid manufacturing.

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