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How to Protect Your Modular System from Corrosion Using CENTUM

Corrosion is costly. It’s a serious issue that can cost you extra to fix for plant engineering projects and modular systems. You may know that corrosion is a frustrating problem. But the question is, what can you do to prevent your modular system from corroding? That’s where the CENTUM top surface protection from MEFA is a handy perk. In this article by Pro Support Solutions, we will outline how you can protect your modular system from corrosion using CENTUM.

Which environmental conditions can cause modular systems to corrode?

Some environmental conditions that can cause modular systems to corrode humid include environments in which sulfur and chloride are present, extremes of temperatures, and environments where salt loading can occur. Your modular system must be able to cope in settings such as these to protect modular system from corrosion. How to Protect Your Modular System from Corrosion Using CENTUM

Protecting your modular system from corrosion with CENTUM: 3 key methods

You can use three main methods to protect your modular system from corrosion with CENTUM. You can use top surface protection, hot-dip galvanized components, and select the right level of top surface protection for your modular system.

1.  Selecting modular systems such as CENTUM that have top surface protection

When shopping for a modular system, it’s vital to consider whether it has protective coatings for the surfaces. By choosing CENTUM for your project, you can complete the project safely knowing that it has top surface protection already implemented. The benefits of top surface protection are clear: it coats all profiles and can withstand a thorough salt spray test that lasts over 5,900 hours. This test ensures the quality of the materials are sufficient enough to protect the modular system from corrosion entirely. 

2.  Selecting components such as MEFA’s CENTUM mitigate corrosion

It’s not only the profiles that may rust. When choosing a modular system, you must also protect the individual components from corrosion. This advantage is what CENTUM offers. All of MEFA’s CENTUM components are hot-dip galvanized.  Therefore, using CENTUM’s components is the best way to get quality components that will not succumb to corrosion, providing the best way to protect the modular system from corrosion.

3.  Choose from Top Surface Protection -3 to -5

With MEFA’s CENTUM, you can protect your modular system from corrosion with two options. MEFA offers top surface protection in a few main strengths, including -3 and -5 corrosion protection.  There are three options in total. MEFA offers Top Surface Protection in categories -3, suited for washing machine corrosion, -4 for high-level rust, and -5 for very high rust that occurs at an industrial or marine level. By choosing the -5-category corrosion protection, MEFA ensures your CENTUM modular system is sufficiently protected even in road tunnels or swimming pools. It’s a superior option to save the modular system from corrosion. How to Protect Your Modular System from Corrosion Using CENTUM

2 advantages to Top Surface Protection by MEFA

There are two critical advantages of choosing Top Surface Protection by MEFA. This coating works against chemicals and acidic conditions and prevents the costs of corrosion creep.

1.  Mitigates chemical and acidic damage

Whether you place your modular system in a chemical manufacturing plant or an environment with high pollution, use Top Surface Protection to mitigate chemical and acidic damage.

2.  Save yourself extra costs and effort caused by corrosion creep

When you use the Top Surface Protection, you can save yourself costs that can accrue due to corrosion creep. Mitigate the spread of corrosion and protect your materials despite minor damage.

What does the Top Surface Protection process do?

MEFA’s Top Surface Protection is a process that protects components and profiles. MEFA immerses the parts in a molten zinc solution and surface coatings according to the level of protection required. The steel materials bind to the molten zinc, which strengthens the material. This method is how Top Surface protection helps you protect your modular system from corrosion.

Install a CENTUM modular system and get the advantages of surface protection

Since MEFA’s CENTUM has the option to hot-dip galvanize the modular system, your corrosion concerns have one solution. Choosing MEFA’s CENTUM is the easiest way to protect your modular system from corrosion. If you’re searching for more information about the CENTUM range, head to the Pro Support Solutions website. We’ve got the critical facts you need about corrosion, modular systems, and increasing their longevity.

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