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How the CENTUM System Supports Large Pipe Diameters in Modular Systems

Finding the right modular system to support large pipe diameters can be difficult. Heavy-duty systems that are top quality are hard to find. But what if there was a modular system you could use to support large pipe diameters effortlessly, transport with ease, rely on in terms of its robustness, and use without any concerns related to quality? The CENTUM system supports large pipe diameters without difficulty. How does this system achieve this? In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about how the CENTUM system supports large pipe diameters in modular systems. 

Why is it difficult to support large diameter piping?

Part of supporting large diameter piping is ensuring that the components align precisely. This can be a significant challenge, as angular and lateral misalignment can cause flange connection strain and high maintenance costs. But there’s an option that you can use to facilitate large diameter piping. How the CENTUM system system Supports Large Pipe Diameters in Modular Systems

The CENTUM system is a unique modular system that offers the best support for large pipes

What the CENTUM system offers is a no-weld option that uses connective bolts and can be flexibly altered in terms of its design, specifically for large pipe diameters. Several factors make it the optimum option for broad pipe diameter support, and it supports them in several ways. Here are six factors and ways manufacturers designed this system for large diameter pipe support.

1.  The CENTUM system offers millimetric alignment holes to prevent misalignment

Since the chief issue with supporting large pipe diameters is alignment, you may be looking for a modular system that’s easy to align. The CENTUM system offers this. This system makes it easier to align the profiles and unique bolts to ensure all components are installed precisely. This factor makes supporting large pipe diameters easier.

2.  Reliable screw connections offer a 10kN load capacity to support large pipes

To support large pipe diameters, the connections of the components of your modular system need to be robust. This property is exactly what the CENTUM system offers. Its links effortlessly bear a maximum load capacity of 10kN. This load-bearing capacity makes it a safe, robust, and reliable method to support large pipe diameters and profiles.

3.  Exceptional torsional stiffness means robust support for large diameter pipes

With the exceptional torsional stiffness of the CENTUM system’s profiles and components, you can be confident that vibration and resonance will not affect your loads. If the torsional stiffness of components is low, this can impact the load due to vibration and resonance. This feature is another reason the CENTUM system is best for large pipe diameters.

4.  Install components to support large diameter pipes on various surfaces

Whether you need to support large diameter pipes on a roof or a building, you can install the CENTUM system’s components on various surfaces. This option offers you more variety in terms of location if you’re looking to install a modular system to support large pipes. How the CENTUM system system Supports Large Pipe Diameters in Modular Systems

5.  Hot-dip galvanization means components are protected and last longer to support pipes

When you choose a modular support system, you’ll need to ensure that it can resist harsh weather conditions and support large diameter pipes for long periods. With MEFA’s CENTUM system modular system, you can rest assured that every single component is hot-dip galvanized, giving your support system the most robust finish available. The hot-dip galvanization will ensure that no matter which condition your modular system is installed in, it will support large diameter pipes and prevent corrosion damage.

6.  Top components make large pipe diameter support easier

Solid and secure components can make all the difference when supporting large pipe diameters. That’s precisely how the CENTUM system can carry large pipes. Its sliding sledges, sliding T supports, guiding systems, pipe clamps, and sliding T HV supports were all expertly designed for piping support purposes. Choose the pipe clamps you require to support substantial loads.

7.  RAL endorses the CENTUM system’s robustness for large pipe diameter support

The additional RAL certification endorsements also emphasize that MEFA’s CENTUM system modular system is ideal for large pipe diameter support. The checks are carried out regularly.

See what the CENTUM system can achieve for your large pipe diameter project

Large pipe diameters can be challenging to accommodate in any project, but with the CENTUM system, this goal is effortless. If you need a modular system that can easily accommodate large pipe diameters, check out the CENTUM system through Pro Support Solutions, manufactured by MEFA, and complete your projects by reaping the benefits of this robust modular system that’s industry-best for large pipes.

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