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How Can Pro Support Solutions Support Your CENTUM Modular Planning?

The selection of a modular system might not be the challenging part if you know how to distinguish quality. But what can be a difficult endeavor is the modular planning process if you’re not sure which factors to take into consideration. An exceptional pipe and components engineering solutions planner and provider will make the modular planning process effortless and support you every step of the way. In addition to some exceptional quality products, such as the CENTUM mounting system, this is exactly what Pro Support Solutions and partner MEFA offer. Learn all about the services and support that we provide in this article.

What is MEFA’s support for planning ideal for?

MEFA’s support for planning is specifically ideal for the alignment of air ducts, as well as the alignment of pipelines, particularly via the design process. It facilitates the alignment process, but also looks one step ahead and factors in calculations related to fixpoints. piping MEFA’s support for planning also consists of data and technical solutions, but on-site support is also made easy by Pro Support Solutions and MEFA thanks to some vital software tools and support systems.

Key support options offered by Pro Support Solutions

Some of the critical support options that Pro Support Solutions offers its clients include exceptional technical solutions from a department of technical experts who are on hand to assist you. It’s also the case that there are plenty of software tools that we offer.

Software tools provided by Pro Support Solutions and partner MEFA

As a Pro Support Solutions client, you can reap the benefits of the following key software tools, specifically for application engineering, that Pro Support Solutions and partner, MEFA, provide. Solving unique tasks and challenges, facilitating your CENTUM modular planning and your plant engineering projects, and getting the advice you need is simple with these software tools.

The MEFA eShop

Use the search option of our comprehensive, well-structured catalogue to discover what you require. The eShop system makes this process easy.

The MEFA ProfiDesigner

Access the MEFA ProfiDesigner to implement MEFA products from a database of CAD components into applications that are 2D and 3D.

The MEFA statiCAL

Our software, known as MEFA statical, makes calculations for static loads easy to access for HVAC contractors and assists you in fastening solutions planning.

The MEFA-E3D / pdms

Our MEFA-E3D / pdms makes implementing C-profile 45 systems of the channel type as well as CENTUM components into 3D systems used for planning systems, effortless. 


Our TRICAD MS works as a useful tool that facilitates the implementation of CENTUM components for many modules specific to the TRICAD MS type.

How does the TRICAD MS work?

Placing components in CAD is one of the ways that the TRICAD MS works; so you can start by selecting the products and then putting them into CAD and make use of the CAD component to view how your components will be configured. It’s then possible to produce a part list and construct a secondary steelworks that corresponds with the profile channels manufactured by MEFA. What you might then do is use the product selection profile to see the products and their properties. You have the option to observe the 3D construction level that corresponds to CENTUM components, or you can use the illustrations that are photorealistic to also view the components and how they fit together. How Can Pro Support Solutions Support Your CENTUM Modular Planning?

How does the system 45 CENTUM MEFA-E3D / pdms work?

The selection of components for your system requires little effort with MEFA-E3D. You can make use of using a component symbol to access the E3D selection option, and it is also possible to use either the CREATE mode or the MODIFY mode to make planning adjustments. You can also access the part lists via the E3D DESIGN option and use them in EXCEL without difficulty. And using the CONNECTIONS option in the menu is also possible to permit effortless support points and support assembly connections that are logical. You have the option of using the ACCESSORIES option to set extra components that might not have been planned apart. What’s also possible is using an application known as draw/draft to make the process of automatic drawing effortless when it comes to drawing assemblies and elements designed by MEFA.  Use the selection mask, designated for CENTUM, to view component symbols, or the selection mask for the rail system 45 to do the same. 

How does the MEFA statiCAL work?

The MEFA statiCAL tool is simple to use and can ensure that you can access the right reports for your project. These reports correspond to the load calculations, which are generated by statiCAL and help you to assess the loads of CENTUM and MEFA C profiles. Use static reports that are generated by statiCAL to refer back to accurate documentation that relates to loads for your project.

What systems is the MEFA ProfiDesigner used for?

In addition to CAD-systems, the MEFA ProfiDesigner can be used for a broad range of systems. Use ProfiDesigner for Mega CAD, Solid Edge and Solid Works, Autocad 2D, Autocad 3D and Mechanical Desktop.  MEFA ProfiDesigner can even be used with DWG, SAT, STEP or STP, and DXF data that is supported by CAD systems.

Make use of MEFA’s top support and systems when carrying out CENTUM modular planning

When you choose Pro Support Solutions and MEFA for your modular planning, you can access the best support, the most superior tools, and the best planning towards your process plant engineering project. CENTUM modular planning is simple, efficient, and effective when you choose MEFA and Pro Support Solutions. Choosing exceptional support for your project can help you complete it without any mistakes or errors, which is why we suggest that you take a look at MEFA’s services, explore the support they offer, and learn more about MEFA to get your project finished smoothly. You’ll discover all the critical facts on MEFA and their services at Pro Support Solutions. Visit our website for the crucial information on our partner, MEFA.

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