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Heavy Cable Supports: Key Role in Modular Frame Design

Several reasons you may need support for heavy cables for a project that also features modular frames in its design. Not only can heavy cables be tripping hazards, but they can also look aesthetically displeasing when trailing on the ground. Wires and power cables need to be secure even with modular frame designs. But where can you purchase the right heavy-duty cable support that acts as a cable protector? How can you save expensive cables from damage and install heavy cable supports correctly? The answer you’re looking for is in this article. Discover where to get the tools and stock you need just below. Heavy Cable Supports Key Role in Modular Frame Design

What is heavy-duty cable support?

Heavy-duty cable supports are systems that support and protect cables from damage. The support systems must support substantial weight, and various examples of cable management systems are ideal for heavy-duty cable support. 

What are some examples of heavy-duty cable support?

Some of the best examples you may come across include dado trunking, conduit systems, and cable trays. There are also cable supports for trunking, known as cable trunking for vertical runs, and cable ladders available in various sizes.

What indicates quality in heavy-duty cable support for modular frame designs?

The best indicators of quality in heavy-duty cable support for modular frame designs are hot-dip galvanization, robustness, and compatibility with your design. Ensure that your manufacturer and supplier can tell you that your cable support is corrosion-resistant, can withstand your industrial plant conditions, and matches your design requirements. The best providers (such as MEFA and Pro Support Solutions) will provide these qualities. Ventilation is also important for heavy cables, so consider heavy cable supports that provide ventilation (where possible).

What is modular frame design, and can cable supports be integrated?

Modular frame designs are structures with standardized components to help complete plant engineering projects. Whether you need to support pipes or carry heavy-duty process systems, a modular frame design with cable supports can help you. It’s more than possible to integrate cable supports into support frames.

How can you integrate cable supports into modular frame designs?

With the support of expert manufacturers and installers, you can effortlessly integrate cable supports into modular frame designs. In certain projects, you may need to suspend cable ladders up high and integrate them correctly to fit into frames. Experts know that trapeze brackets and other components can be handy in this situation.  Usually, frame skids offer the required structural base for your electrical system. This structure is essential when integrating cable supports into modular frame designs; it will determine the locations of your cables and cable supports. For instance, consider that if your skid and frame is a low-profile skid, you may not need extra space under the skid to connect your cables and supports If you’re looking for superior-quality customer service and assistance installing cable supports into modular frames, visit Pro Support Solutions. Our business exists to assist you with modular system shipping, equipment, and accessories for cables and wiring, pipe supports, and more. Heavy Cable Supports Key Role in Modular Frame Design

Why is heavy-duty cable support important in modular design?

Since the cables you use in plant engineering projects that use a modular design are incredibly heavy, heavy-duty cable support is vital in modular design. Many layer runs are required in many cases, and particular methods can facilitate installation. As mentioned, heavy cables can be tripping hazards. Keeping your crew members protected in projects that feature heavy cables is essential, which means ensuring you get the right cable supports and equipment.

Which cables can you protect with heavy cable supports in modular designs?

From programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to machinery cables to cables for electric panes to power cables, there are various cables you can protect using heavy cable supports. Other types of cables you can protect that are part of modular frame designs include 

Are cable protectors important for modular frame design?

You must use heavy industrial cable protectors in industrial plant engineering, including projects that use modular frame designs and heavy cables to provide substantial protection for wiring. 

What qualities should cable protectors have?

There are a few qualities that heavy-duty cable protectors should have. They should be durable, ventilated, and suitable for your industrial engineering plant environment. 

What types of cable protectors are available?

Cable protectors come in different types. Here are a few examples of cable protectors you may consider for your project:

Floor cord cover

Floor cord covers are frequently used in modular frame designs in plant engineering projects. They are waterproof, made of PVC rubber, and have a central gap through which you can route the cable.

When should you use floor cord covers?

Suppose you need to protect programmable logic controller wires. In that case, the cable protector you may want to consider is a floor cord cover (but in any situation where heavy-duty cables trail on the ground in an indoor setting, a floor cord cover can be helpful). 

Heavy-duty cable protectors

Heavy-duty cable protectors are also frequently used in plant engineering projects. These types of cable protectors are usually waterproof. They are ideal for cables in outdoor settings that you will need to protect using covers.

When should you use heavy-duty cable protectors?

One great use of heavy-duty cable protectors or plant machinery that is located outdoors, but you can also use them on construction sites and inside factory floors.

Heavy-duty cable ramps

This cable protector looks like a speed bump found on the road. They have recessed grooves and flexible channels and are ideal for heavy-duty cable protection.

When should you use heavy-duty cable ramps?

Since heavy-duty cable ramps are designed for industrial environments, they are ideal for plant engineering projects. Many can withstand a weight of more than 18,000kg. Heavy Cable Supports Key Role in Modular Frame Design

Can you connect heavy cable supports to channel profiles?

Yes, it’s possible to connect heavy cable supports to channel profiles. It’s also possible to join these supports to Unistrut profiles; with MEFA, you can get heavy cable supports that offer perfect compatibility. This compatibility offers versatility and flexibility in abundance. Contact us at Pro Support Solutions and visit our website to learn more about this.

Which company offers the best logistics for transporting heavy cable supports?

Pro Support Solutions comes equipped with more than 50 years of experience in logistics and expertise in industrial plant engineering products. Combined, our partners have 100+ years of manufacturing and logistical knowledge. As well as modular frames, we can deliver heavy cable supports to your site, no matter the distance or location.

Purchase heavy cable supports for your project – choose Pro Support Solutions

The best-quality heavy cable supports for your project are available through Pro Support Solutions. We’ve got the best range of products that will match your cable support requirements. Visit Pro Support Solutions for all the information on cable support and reach out to our professional team. We’re waiting to assist you and help you finish your project.

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