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MEFA Energy Systems
At Pro Support Solutions, we do not only focus on the present, but we also look into the future. While we realize the future is green, we must not forget how we got where we are today: through the use of oil and gas. With industries still heavily reliant on fossil fuels, which no doubt will still be here in years to come, we must still plan and support a sustainable future with 4 key elements.
With our partner and manufacturer of the future, MEFA, taking the lead, we can develop greener products for home, commercial and industrial applications.
Heating with geothermal absorbents


The sun sends radiation to the earth that could be used as energy for free. With MEFA ground collector systems, energy stored in the ground can be used for heat pumps year-round.
Heating with environmental heat


MEFA solar absorbers enable highly efficient energy systems. The MEFA solar absorber provides heat pumps with high source energy temperatures and at the same time, replenishes the energy collector system or ice storage in the ground.
Heating and Cooling with the Ice Storage


The MEFA ice storage stores excess solar energy, waste heat or process heat to operate the heat pump throughout the year. The MEFA ice storage can be installed with minimal space, such as in garage entrances and in water protection areas. In addition, the MEFA ice storage is a highly efficient passive source of cooling for buildings, machines or server rooms.
Water use for residential and non-residential buildings


The MEFA water heat exchanger uses flowing water, even at low temperatures, and provides the heat pump with ideal energy temperatures. MEFA heat exchangers are also used as a direct, passive heat and cooling source, such as for loading concrete cores.