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Flat Pack Centum for the Oil & Gas Industry: A Perfect Mix

Is your oil and gas engineering project going to be completed offshore? Do you need a modular system to handle the challenging and complex requirements of supporting your piping? The challenge you face involves not only supporting piping and choosing a reliable system but also getting the modular system transported to your offshore location to complete the work. How can you effortlessly transport the modular system you require?  To do this, you must consider modular systems offering flat-pack delivery options. There’s one special modular system that will provide you with the best option for effortless transportation: Centum. Here’s what the flat-pack Centum system is and why it’s changing the face of the oil and gas industry.

What is meant by a flat-pack modular system?

A flat-pack modular system is a system whose components are sent to your project’s location in a flat-pack form. A modular system of this type won’t arrive in constructed form, which facilitates the transportation process and offers many additional advantages (which we have mentioned in this article). Flat Pack Centum for the Oil & Gas Industry: A Perfect Mix

Why are flat-pack modular systems ideal for the oil and gas industry?

You can choose to transport modular systems that are flat-pack in form via helicopter to your project. This solution gives you one excellent advantage: Even if your oil and gas project is located offshore, as many oil and gas projects are, transportation of modular systems such as Centum is effortless.

What are the benefits of choosing a flat-pack modular system and the vendors that offer them?

One of the critical advantages of flat-pack modular systems is the simpler transportation logistics, as mentioned. But there are two other advantages of flat-pack modular systems like Centum, including cost savings and expert transport logistics services.

Get the benefits of compact transportation due to cost savings

Fitting a flat-pack modular system into a type of transport is easier, but it also helps you reap the benefits of compact, cost-saving transportation. 

Why choose vendors that offer flat-packed modular systems?

The first benefit of choosing flat-pack modular systems provided by vendors such as Pro Support Solutions is that you won’t need to shop for logistics services. With certain providers such as Pro Support Solutions, this option is already given to you. Helicopter transportation and logistics services are possible to ensure you receive your modular system quickly, efficiently, and safely.

What is the best flat-pack modular system for engineers?

Due to its many unique and handy features, the best flat-pack modular system is the Centum range, manufactured by MEFA. Centum has many unique advantages and is perfect for the oil and gas industry. Flat Pack Centum for the Oil & Gas Industry A Perfect Mix

What is Centum?

Centum is a modular system that makes pipe support effortless, particularly for large pipes. Centum has a few crucial components that make it simple and one of the most efficient systems for heavy-duty applications. Here are some of the accessories.

Centum’s T-lock head component

The Centum system uses a simple and efficient bolting system – a T-lock head toothed component that makes it easy for you to fix accessories to the modular frame. The tightening torque of the T-lock head is 120NM. 

Centum’s pipe clamps and sliding supports

To help you support large-diameter pipes, Centum has a large range of pipe clamps and sliding supports. The large-diameter pipe clamps are steel and have a galvanized surface, as do the sliding supports. Profile rail C-profile

Centum’s C-profile connectors

You can also get C-profile connectors in two sizes from MEFA, which will help you complete your project efficiently. Choose from C-profile connectors for profile heights of 45mm and connectors for profile heights of 60mm.

What are the advantages of Centum?

When you choose a flat-pack modular system like Centum, you can also assemble the accessories for the system quickly. The components fit together with a slipping movement so you can align them to the last millimeter for accurate, precise alignment, as the holes facilitate positioning. Another reason why the Centum flat-pack modular system is also ideal for the oil and gas industry is that it’s the best solution for large diameter piping that oil and gas projects may require. Flat Pack Centum for the Oil & Gas Industry A Perfect Mix

Get the benefits of flat-pack Centum for your oil and gas project

A flat-pack modular system like Centum is the best option for offshore oil and gas projects. You no longer have to navigate complex transportation requirements; with Centum, you can get the system transported to your offshore project. Before you choose a plant engineering product vendor or a vendor of modular skids for your project, remember the following advantages of choosing a flat-pack system:
  • Get your flat-pack modular system sent to your site, even if it’s located offshore
  • Waste less time with transportation logistics – get these services from the vendor
  • Ensure the modular system doesn’t occupy too much space on your site and prevent interruptions to your project 
If you’re about to complete an oil or gas project offshore and need to get a modular system transported, choose no other provider than MEFA and Pro Support Solutions and our flat-pack systems. We provide the most effortless transport logistics, including helicopter transportation for offshore projects. Go to Pro Support Solutions for more information.

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