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CENTUM: Why It’s A Superior Outside Pipeline Support System

Are you looking for a modular system that works on outside pipelines with minimal effort? Do you need a system that supports large-diameter pipes? It can be challenging to find the right modular system. There are so many reasons why CENTUM is the superior outside pipeline support system. If you need extra information about this modular system, you’ll find it in this article.

What is CENTUM?

CENTUM is MEFA’s unique, green, reusable, weld-free modular system that manufacturers designed for complex industrial plant engineering projects. In particular, the CENTUM modular system works perfectly for large-diameter pipeline support and is the ideal option for large-diameter pipelines that are located outdoors for various reasons.

Why is CENTUM the ideal option for outside pipeline support?

Need to know what makes CENTUM the best option for outside pipeline support? Here are four critical reasons to choose CENTUM for your outside pipeline support requirements.

CENTUM works on various surfaces

The CENTUM modular system functions effortlessly on various surfaces, which include outside locations. If your project is located on a roof, CENTUM will make light work of this. It’s perfect for several rooftop locations, including insulated roofs. No matter how challenging the rooftop is, you can support piping in projects such as these with our engineers’ support (if required). CENTUM: Why It’s A Superior Outside Pipeline Support System

CENTUM’s components are all hot-dip galvanized

Is your project in a location where extreme weather is common? It’s an unenviable situation, especially for modular systems that lack corrosion protection. However, CENTUM has no problem working in outside locations where there may be extreme weather. The fact is, CENTUM is hot-dip galvanized. Manufacturers expertly protect this modular system, meaning that you can support pipelines without corrosion concerns if your project is outside.

CENTUM works for large-diameter pipe projects that are offshore

In offshore projects, the main challenge you face is getting a heavy modular system transported to your location. The modular system you select for outside pipeline support projects (and offshore projects) must be robust enough to handle large-diameter pipe projects without logistical trouble. But there’s no need to be concerned: CENTUM works for offshore large-diameter pipe projects. Not only are the logistics effortless with the CENTUM modular system (you can get it shipped by helicopter in a flat-pack form), but logistics arrange to carry every component regardless of weight. These two reasons make CENTUM the ideal modular system for outside and offshore projects.

Use components such as cable support outdoors with CENTUM

For some projects, you might want to combine cable support with a modular system for outside use. This goal can be tricky to achieve if you choose the wrong modular system, and if it’s not compatible, it may be impossible to use the modular system outside. With CENTUM, you won’t encounter problems with cable support compatibility. You can even get heavy-duty protectors for cable supports, particularly for outdoor locations, that you can use with CENTUM. With this in mind, CENTUM is one of the best modular systems and a superior option for outside pipeline support projects that feature heavy-duty cables. CENTUM Why It’s A Superior Outside Pipeline Support System  

Where can you learn more about CENTUM?

There are a few places you can learn more about CENTUM. The first is on the Pro Support Solutions website. We’re the vendor for the CENTUM range and know it like the backs of our hands. Our engineers and vendors are available to speak with you about the properties of CENTUM and the components available. You can also visit MEFA to learn about the component sizes and properties. MEFA is the CENTUM modular system manufacturer and provides the hot-dip galvanization that makes CENTUM ideal for outside pipeline projects. You can visit Pro Support Solutions at the International Pipeline Conference in September 2022. There, we will discuss the benefits of CENTUM and its properties.

Consider CENTUM for your outside pipeline support project: A superior option for a superior project

CENTUM is perfect for outside pipeline support projects. It has properties, surface protection, and robustness for offshore projects, rooftop projects, and various surfaces. It’s the best outside modular system support for large-diameter pipes. Want more information about the CENTUM modular system? Need to get a quote on CENTUM? Reach out to our engineers. At Pro Support Solutions, we’ll gladly help you get the information you need to take your project to a successful finish.

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