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Centum VS Metal Carpentry: The Facts and Figures

When choosing a modular system specifically for industrial applications, you will need to make a significant choice. Although a broad range of modular systems, styles, components, and brands are at your disposal, only the best-quality, supreme systems will effortlessly help you complete your project. MEFA’s CENTUM offers a broad range of unique characteristics that gives this brand a significant superiority over metal carpentry alternatives and alternative brands.  These are the facts and figures that you need on CENTUM, how it shapes up to other brands, and how it compares with metal carpentry options.

How does CENTUM compare with metal carpentry? A quick comparison

The table below provides a quick, initial comparison between CENTUM and brands that specialize in metal carpentry modular pipe support systems.
Product Price Assembly style Ease of structural modification Time savings
Metal carpentry €268.96 Welded metal Cannot be used repeatedly None
CENTUM structure €271.91 Bolted connection Versatile  Mounting takes a third of the time

Save costs and time with MEFA’s CENTUM modular piping support system

A top priority for your project is to save on construction costs. The CENTUM systems offered by MEFA provide absolute excellence in construction quality at a fraction of the price of metal carpentry. The fact that the connections don’t need to be welded also saves time during their construction, and mounting the modular system can be done a third of the time.

Effortless assembly due to bolted connections

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4=""][/video]   Assembling CENTUM structures with their bolted connections enables users to build systems with ease. Plant engineers looking for a solution that makes affixing joint connections easy in comparison to metal carpentry will get this with CENTUM. Not only will you receive quality when you select CENTUM, but you can also skip the need to consult qualified personnel to carry out the welding procedure, which other brands that offer metal carpentry options will require. CENTUM requires less effort to construct and is both flexible and versatile.

Easy modification of modular system structures vs. metal carpentry

A significant drawback of metal carpentry options is that they tend to lack versatility since they are welded and cannot be reused. For this reason, selecting an alternative bolted connection option such as CENTUM is a recommended choice since the parts can be used for other purposes once they have been dismantled.

Why is MEFA’s CENTUM the superior choice?

There are a vast number of qualities that put MEFA’s CENTUM ahead of other brands. Here are some of those qualities.

Available in a wider variety of sizes and dimensions

MEFA’s CENTUM modular piping support system is available in five different sizes. The sizes begin at XL 80mm x 80mm x 2.5mm, and increase to XL 200mm x 100mm x 5mm. While alternative brands provide size variety, they do not provide the number of options offered by CENTUM.

Innovative customization options are available

Many brands that offer modular piping support systems either do not provide customization in their profile rails or fail to specify if they provide this service. With MEFA’s CENTUM, customization is an option for plant engineers who require their profile rails to be cut.

Surface treatments to augment the quality

MEFA’s CENTUM modular piping support components can also be covered in a unique surface treatment. Its complete corrosion protection and top surface protection safeguards and shields the entire surface of its components, or users can select a particular painting option.  Alternative brands simply do not offer surface treatment or provide the quality or adequate corrosion protection that MEFA provides.

Effortless and precise alignment

Compared with alternative brands, CENTUM components and rails can be aligned with millimetric precision and minimal effort thanks to the holes featured on four sides. The alignment of alternative brands must adhere to the specified distance between each hole or do not offer millimetric precision on every rail side.

Quality assured and regular quality inspections

MEFA’s CENTUM is RAL certified. The modular piping support components are quality checked regularly and meet the DIN EN 1090 specifications to guarantee complete safety and quality to its users. Alternative brands are not checked as regularly for quality and do not make this information readily available. 

Select MEFA’s CENTUM: The ideal choice for your modular piping support system

Although many alternative brands are available, CENTUM is the obvious choice for your piping support requirements for many reasons. Gain the following benefits when you choose CENTUM:
  • Quality corrosion protection
  • Readily available certificates of quality 
  • Effortless customization of components
  • Save on costs and construction time
  • Reuse components with ease
Find out more about MEFA’s CENTUM at and choose quality with our plant engineering solutions.

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