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Centum VS. Competitors: The Difference in Welding

Have you been searching for a no-weld modular system solution to complete your engineering tasks and projects at a fraction of the costs? Your search doesn’t have to be endless; the CENTUM no-weld range is a modular system that offers the no-weld advantages you may be trying to find. Why is CENTUM’s no-weld structure the superior, industry-best choice for your project? You can discover the answer in this article by Pro Support Solutions. Centum VS. Competitors The Difference in Welding

What is a non-welded modular system?

Non-welded modular systems are pipe and construction support systems manufacturers make without welding components. Although many welded systems are available, non-welded systems such as the CENTUM no-weld range provide the best options for industrial plant engineering projects. 

12 reasons the non-welded CENTUM modular system is better than competitors

If you’re curious why non-welded systems such as CENTUM are the optimum choice for your project, continue reading for the 12 advantages you can gain.

1.  Avoid issues with weight bearing

When you choose the CENTUM no-weld range, you can be sure that no weight-bearing capacity reductions affect the modular system’s ability to support substantial loads. This advantage is thanks to the no-weld option, putting them far ahead of competitors.

2.  Get a greener, non-welded system

The bolted joints you can use with the CENTUM no-weld range mean that hot works and welding are not required, making it a greener solution than welded systems. Transportation costs are also reduced, which reduces CO2 emissions.

3.  Skip solicitations for hot works permits

Many heavy-duty modular systems that require welding services also require hot works solicitation. Getting permits for hot works can take extra time that stands in the way of project completion. Choose the CENTUM no-weld range to avoid hot works permit solicitation and get going straight away with your project.

4.  Never again solicit crane lift services for your modular system

Modular crane lifts are often required to lift units that are heavy and non-divisible. When you choose a no-weld option like CENTUM, you won’t have to solicit crane lift services for your modular system or have crane lifts on your site.

5.  Avoid last-minute adjustments required for pre-made frames

Prefabricated frames that are welded often require last-minute adjustments that can take time and labor. By avoiding other modular structures that require welding and choosing the CENTUM no-weld range, you can prevent these adjustments and install your system so it suits your requirements.

6.  Complete projects at less cost

Welding takes time. But it also brings extra effort. With extra effort and labor comes additional costs, which you’ll need to consider with welded modular systems. With CENTUM, you can avoid skilled labor requirements and forget the extra costs required to install the system. Save a quarter of your expenses with CENTUM.

7.  Reap the advantages of fewer logistics

Transporting a welded modular system can be complex, but you have an alternative. CENTUM offers plant engineers the perk of fewer logistics and planning requirements since you won’t need to transport such steel frames that have been factory-welded.

8.  Effortless component attachment and adjustment

CENTUM is an incredible option for projects because it’s versatile and flexible. You can make changes to the design, meaning it’s the superior option compared with welded systems. Choose the CENTUM weldless range for added flexibility and to reap enhanced productivity.

9.  Avoid errors that can occur during welding

It’s possible that welding errors can occur during the construction of modular systems, but this simply doesn’t happen with CENTUM. You can ensure your modular system is error-free and change it however you wish.

10.  CENTUM is ideal for various site conditions

Since you can easily adjust components, the CENTUM weldless range is ideal for various site conditions. Build your modular system to match your site conditions with adjustable components.

11. Transport lighter systems around your site

Non-welded systems are lighter and easier to move. Reap the benefits of a more lightweight system with more than a third less weight than welded steel modular systems.

12.  No-weld systems are safer to manufacture

With hot works and welded systems, hot works can be a risk to manufacturers. Choose CENTUM to manufacture and install systems easily and accurately and mitigate the need for fire watches. 

Use non-welded options like CENTUM for your project

Non-welded modular systems are superior to welded options. Whether you need to avoid logistic complications, save on costs, search for a greener option, or get the benefits of lighter modular systems, all of this is possible with the CENTUM weldless range. Go to Pro Support Solutions or MEFA for additional information on why CENTUM is the top choice for plant engineers.

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