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Centum VS Competitors: The Difference in Assembly Time

How long does it take to construct a modular system? Has modular system construction slowed you down in previous projects? It can be frustrating if you simply want to get on with your project but have found it impossible to construct your modular system unit structure quickly enough. The CENTUM modular system is a system with a difference. If you want to know what makes CENTUM’s assembly time better than the alternative modular systems you’re choosing, or learn how to save construction time with modular systems, check out the contents of this article.

Which factor affects the assembly time difference between CENTUM and alternative systems?

Consider this: A vital factor that affects the assembly time difference between CENTUM and alternative systems is how manufacturers construct and design them. Differences in the construction process can significantly affect the speed at which you complete your project, so making a wise choice is critical. Likewise, the system's design can affect how quickly you assemble your modular system. We’ll outline the differences in this article, so continue reading.

Which modular system construction methods should you be aware of?

You should be aware of two main construction methods: Welding and bolt connections. These two methods can affect your opportunity to save construction time with modular systems. Let’s look at the difference between the construction methods used for alternative modular unit options and CENTUM. Centum VS Competitors

How are other modular systems constructed?

You may already be aware that the structure is composed of metal carpentry elements with alternative modular systems. Each piece is connected to the other parts with a welding process, and hot works are also a critical method. 

How does the construction of other modular systems affect assembly time?

Now, because welding must be done with precision and expertise, which can be costly, many modular systems composed of carpentry elements take a lot of time to assemble. Such modular systems that use carpentry elements are not the best option to save construction time. You’ll need to hire an expert in hot works and welding, which can take time, and then get the work completed, which can disrupt your project's workflow.

How is CENTUM constructed and assembled?

On the other hand, engineers can construct the CENTUM modular system using a bolt system. Its components can be quickly fastened securely and removed because you’ll have no need to seek an expert welder or worry about precision. 

The T-Lock head bolt: How does it help you save construction time with modular systems?

Centum VS Competitors You can use the T-Lock Head bolt to quickly add components and speedily assemble your modular system. The bolt has a line of alignment that you can use to ensure the components are aligned quickly and correctly. Purchasing CENTUM comes at the same price as modular systems made of carpentry elements, and the construction process is faster.

How does the construction of CENTUM affect assembly time?

Since the bolting system offers all the precision you need, you simply won’t need to be concerned with spending hours of your time aligning and welding with precision. The precision of the bolting system means that CENTUM doesn’t take long to assemble.

What is the difference in assembly time between CENTUM and ordinary modular systems?

When you compare CENTUM with other modular systems, you'll notice that you can save construction time with modular systems – approximately two-thirds of your time simply by choosing CENTUM instead of an alternative modular system. You can then dedicate extra time to vital project tasks and save money due to faster completion times.

Why is CENTUM faster to assemble than alternative options? 

As you can see, there’s a significant difference between CENTUM and other modular systems. The difference between welding and bolting makes CENTUM faster than alternative options. Using MEFA’s bolted connections instead of a welding technique with other competitors means you can choose to save time when assembling the CENTUM modular system. But saving construction time is also possible due to the design of the components, which we’ve explained in the next section.

How does the CENTUM design help with saving modular system assembly time?

Its alignment holes make CENTUM the best option for rapid construction and saving construction time with modular process units. The holes are a strategic part of the design, incorporated to make alignment easier, meaning you’ll encounter no problems when trying to save time. Simply align the holes and connect components with a smooth slipping movement to complete assembly in a third of the time required for carpentry elements. Centum VS Competitors

Save time with your modular system: Choose CENTUM for faster project completion

So, is it your goal to save construction time with modular systems? You can achieve it easily. You simply need to consider CENTUM for your project. Not only can CENTUM save time, but it can also help you save money. The construction process for CENTUM is still incredibly reliable and robust, but you’ll certainly save time with CENTUM. If you want more information about the CENTUM modular system, all you need to do is visit Pro Support Solutions and MEFA. Our professional industrial plant engineers have every possible fact you need about CENTUM. Just reach out to us; we’re here to help you complete your project – fast!

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