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Centum: Our Product, Our Difference

Are you an industrial plant engineer about to begin a challenging project requiring a quality modular system? Selecting the perfect modular system for an industrial plant project is difficult, but you have one exceptional option. The Centum frames are the number one choice for industrial plant projects such as heavy load system support and support for piping systems with large diameters. There are several reasons you should consider it for your project. Pro Support Solutions will explain why the Centum system is number one for substantial loads and large diameter piping system support in this article.

Why is choosing a modular system so difficult?

There are many variables to consider when choosing a modular system, which can make for a difficult decision. For example, you may want a system to assemble and disassemble effortlessly. You may need a system that can be easily transported. Your project may need excellent-quality components, such as bolted joints. These are just some of the issues you may encounter, but there are other challenges that your modular system will need to solve. Your project may require fast and efficient modular system assembly. You may need to keep labor costs and expenses low. The project may be located offshore. To accommodate these variables, you will need to choose a modular system carefully. For this reason, choosing a modular system that ticks each of these boxes can be very difficult. But don’t fret. We’ll introduce you to one of the world's best modular systems: Centum. Centum Our Product, Our Difference

What is Centum?

Centum frames are a modular system crafted and manufactured by the industry-best plant product manufacturer, MEFA. It’s a modular screwing system, to be precise, and provides the perfect option for piping support and heavy-duty process systems. 

What are the available sizes for Centum frames?

Since excellence and variety are the top priority for MEFA, their Centum product range and available product sizes will not fail to disappoint you: from XL80 to XL200; you can choose the system that best supports your project. In this sense, Centum is a modular system with a difference. Unlike other systems, Centum is a heavy-duty, industrial modular system that offers a broader range of sizes. You can order modular system parts with the following five dimensions:
  • MEFA’s Centum system XL 80 – these components measure 80 x 80mm and have a 2.5mm thickness
  • MEFA’s Centum frames XL 100 – these components measure 100 x 100mm and have a 3mm thickness
  • MEFA’s Centum system XL 120 – these components measure 120 x 100mm and have a 4mm thickness
  • MEFA’s Centum frames XL 120s – these components measure 120 x 100mm and have a 5mm thickness
  • MEFA’s Centum system XL 200 – these components measure 200 x 100mm and have a 5mm thickness
Avoid other modular system providers whose sizes are fairly limited, as this can limit the scope of your project and your choice. Choose Centum to ensure you have an incredible range of sizes to choose from and match the component sizes to your project

MEFA’s Centum: Why this modular system is a remarkable, superior product 

The Centum modular frames system, manufactured by MEFA, is a superior-quality product. Are you wondering what properties make this modular system the best choice for your project? Here are the seven best qualities of Centum.

1. Receive the systems with ease

The Centum modular frames are flat-pack products that you can receive with minimal difficulties. If your project is underway in an offshore oil rig, you can receive the systems via helicopter and assemble them onsite.

2. Get the benefits of green

Green systems matter and the Centum system is a green modular frame. Industrial expert plant engineers can make and craft these systems without any welding. You can reuse the parts safe in the knowledge that your system is a green, safe system for your project.

3. Assemble and disassemble the system without difficulties

The main benefit of the Centum frames is the simplicity with which you can assemble and disassemble the system’s components. One main reason assembly is so easy: You can place the accessories and position them with a simple slipping movement due to the holes that facilitate alignment.  Centum Our Product, Our Difference

4. Use bolted joints when you choose Centum frames

Bolted joints bring you many benefits. Not only can you forget the complex welding process, but you can save time when completing your project. You’ll even save on labor costs. When you opt for Centum, you are opting to cut your construction and project time down by two-thirds.

5. Move or remove the system at any moment

As your process plant may require you to move the modular system, selecting a system that is easy to move should be a priority. You can move or remove Centum at any moment to accommodate any changes in your process plant.

6. Build your system safely and avoid hot work

Since hot work can produce a source of ignition, it’s best to avoid systems that are made with this manufacturing process. Centum is a safer system because it’s one of the few systems that don’t require hot work. As a result, there are no ignition sources through flames or sparks, and the manufacturing process is safer.

7. Get the top advantages of a unique connection system

This system comes with a unique connection system that has several advantages. The screws support a substantial load capacity of as high as 10kN per connection. With these unique connections, your system is safer, stronger, and more secure.

Select Centum and notice the difference between MEFA’s modular system

When choosing a modular system, there are many variables to consider, but the process needn’t be impossible. As you can see, the Centum modular system offers a broad range of unique properties and components that can take your project to the next level. By selecting the Centum modular system, not only will you save on labor costs, but you can also forget about unsafe hot works and reap the advantages of a unique connection system. The system is green, can be reused, and has plenty of sizes to choose from. Find out why your project needs the Centum modular system. Check out the information on Pro Support Solutions, and reach out to let us guide you through this system’s many advantages.

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