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Centum Modular Steel Frames: How They Can Make a Difference To Your Projects

Modular steel frames are an essential part of many engineering projects. They serve many purposes and are used in projects such as containment runs or large diameter piping support. Are you searching for the right frames for your project? Pro Support Solutions has the solution you need – the answer is Centum. There are several advantages of using weldless steel frames such as Centum for your industrial plant engineering project. When you choose Centum, the goals you wanted to achieve that you may have thought were impossible are made possible. Read our article to discover why your project requires Centum and how it can make the impossible possible. 

What are the main problems with some modular steel frames?

There are three critical problems you may encounter with some modular steel frames. In addition to severe corrosion, they require hot work and regular maintenance. Here’s a bit more information on these critical problems.

Modular steel frames can corrode without the proper protection

Since a modular steel frame is made of steel, they can corrode easily if they are open to weather elements outdoors. Corrosion refers to the electrochemical oxidation of the steel, which reacts to oxygen. In layman’s terms, this is referred to as rust. There is a solution to the corrosion of modular system steel frames – the frames must have the proper defense and use an additional material to prevent corrosion. Several materials are available, such as paint, but some superior options are more substantial, which is what Centum offers. Continue reading to find out which superior options MEFA’s Centum offers. Centum Modular Steel Frames: How They Can Make a Difference To Your Projects

A modular steel frame may require hot works if welded

The modular steel frame vendors that use welding to join the frames together may also end up implementing hot works. Hot work is hazardous during manufacturing and can cause free flames and ignition.

A conventional modular frame made of steel requires more maintenance 

As a conventional modular steel system frame may lack the suitable materials to shield the steel from corrosion, you may paint the frames periodically. This requirement is a high-maintenance fix to a problem that has a more straightforward solution.

Centum modular steel frames: 5 things they can do for your industrial plant project

If you’re left wondering which modular steel frames you should select for your industrial plant project, wonder no more. Centum is what you need, and there are several reasons it’s perfect for your industrial plant project.

1. Assemble your frames in significantly less time

Centum is manufactured without welding, which means assembly is much faster. Without welding, you can spend a third of the time assembling your frame with minimal effort. 

2. Avoid corrosion and weakening materials

By opting for Centum, you choose an incredible product and system with galvanized components. What does this galvanization mean for your project? It means you can avoid corrosion and the weakening of the steel material. Centum is protected with a strong nickel-zinc coating that reinforces its resistance to the weather and prevents the oxidation of the steel.

3. Forget about hot works and welding 

Hot works and welding can be dangerous during manufacturing. MEFA’s Centum helps manufacturers avoid safety risks since these steel frames don’t require welding or hot works. Centum is also a green option for industrial plant engineers since the manufacturing process doesn’t require welding.

4. Worry no longer about ongoing frame maintenance

Painting, repainting, and painting again is a process that some types of modular frames require, especially if they have not been galvanized. However, since all Centum components are galvanized, you will never again have to paint your steel frames to protect them from weather damage. Hot-dip galvanization and top surface protection makes the maintenance process much easier, so you no longer have to think about frequent painting and rely on a top-quality, robust, galvanized modular steel frame by Centum.

5. Get a modular steel frame that is certified by RAL

Some of the dangers of using some modular steel frames are that they may not be RAL certified. This problem means they may not have the quality required to complete your project efficiently. With the Centum modular steel frames, you’ll not have to be concerned about quality. MEFA’s products are all RAL certified. They will all provide you with the certified quality your project needs.  Centum Modular Steel Frames: How They Can Make a Difference To Your Projects

What is the difference between traditional steel frames and Centum’s bolting system?

There is a significant difference between traditional steel frames and Centum’s bolting system – whereas standard steel frames require welding to join each part, Centum doesn’t. The bolting system makes it easy to join and disassemble the elements when required. The bolting system is an efficient, green, and reusable option for the Centum system. It sets Centum apart from traditional systems as each connection can bear the weight of 10kN.

What are the logistical advantages of Centum and MEFA?

Centum offers multiple logistical advantages compared with conventional modular steel frames. For instance, flat-packing for delivery is an option for transporting the frames. You can also receive the Centum modular steel frames at offshore sites, such as gas and oil rigs. Pro Support Solutions and our partner, MEFA, will take the logistical complications away from modular steel frame transportation and even give you the option to have the modular steel frames delivered by helicopter. If you need to streamline your planning for the transportation of your modular steel frames, the best option you have is Centum.

Centum: The only modular steel frame choice for your project

Completing industrial plant projects and supporting large diameter piping isn’t always straightforward, and knowing which solution to opt for is challenging. Pro Support Solutions recommends that you avoid choosing a conventional modular steel frame. If you still haven’t decided whether Centum is for you, here is a summary of what Centum can do for your projects:
  • Centum helps you mitigate endless repainting jobs
  • Centum mitigates welding requirements and hot works 
  • Centum is a green modular steel frame with an easy-to-use bolting system
The best choice for your project is Centum. Find out more about this modular steel frame by visiting Pro Support Solutions, looking at MEFA, and making a decision.

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