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About Pro Support Solutions

Pro Support Solutions is the North American market leader in renewable energy and plant engineering product manufacturing. Our expert knowledge of these industries makes us industry best.

Pro support solutions


To provide world-class customer service, while attracting and attaining customers with high-quality products and services, with the dedication of implementing solutions to the engineering and construction industries.

Pro support solutions


To be the market leader in renewable energy, pipe and cable support products and services, we are committed to always finding a solution to our customers’ and vendors’ needs. We hold a vision of the future by positioning ourselves to take the lead with industry changes while maintaining our commitment to set the standard.

Core Values


Make innovative strides forwards by risking the known for the unknown. Be content to explore what might not have been explored.


Turn dreams into reality by first believing you can succeed and then taking the appropriate steps to actively pursue them, leaving no stone unturned in the process.


Unite as a team to achieve the remarkable. Think, work, advance and take action as a team.


Keep in mind respecting team members and clients goes well beyond specific actions and words. It extends to how you make others feel.


Without honesty, we cannot pursue our ambitions with team consistency. Honesty is crucial, as are truthfulness, generosity, and kindness.


Embrace change, adaptability, and flexibility.