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7 Advantages of Using Heavy-duty Modular Steel Frames Compared With Traditional Methods

Heavy-duty modular steel frames may be the answer if you’ve been using traditional construction methods and are looking for a better alternative. They’re better than conventional construction methods and have several advantages. Looking for additional information on modular steel frames? Take a look at our article.

What is a modular steel building?

A modular steel building is a structure made of steel that is pre-engineered to ensure all building components’ construction conditions match the traditional construction styles of traditional buildings. Engineers create modular steel buildings by using modular structures. 7 Advantages of Using Heavy-duty Modular Steel Frames Compared With Traditional Methods

What is a modular structure for modular steel buildings?

A modular structure for modular steel buildings is a structure that engineers make with various parts offsite. The parts are easy to assemble or are made in a completed form. After being shipped, engineers place the modular structure on a permanent foundation.

What are modular units?

A modular unit is a set of parts combined in sections that combine to make a structure, such as a house, office, bathroom pods, a set of plant rooms in an industrial environment, or a temporary building. If the project is huge, several modular units will feature in the modular construction and manufacturing process.

In which situation should you integrate a modular steel frame?

There are several projects in which you can integrate a modular steel frame and modular construction. Whether you’re constructing a home, a warehouse, a set of low-rise buildings, or an office, a modular steel frame is ideal. It’s also possible to use modular steel frames in industrial plant engineering projects for transporting process equipment on the skids.

Are there any disadvantages to constructing houses with modular steel frames?

7 Advantages of Using Heavy-duty Modular Steel Frames Compared With Traditional Methods There are a couple of disadvantages to constructing houses with modular steel frames. In some situations, steel can rust, and it can be costly. There are also some localization issues to consider.

In which situations can modular steel frames corrode?

If there is severe weather, or you have constructed the modular steel frame in locations with high wind, there is a risk that the modular steel frame can corrode. However, don’t let this dissuade you from using modular steel frames. You can prevent corrosion using the correct methods.

Is a steel frame more economical than a timber frame?

Since steel frames’ raw materials are costly to manufacture, modular steel frames are not more economical than timber frames. Steel is more expensive and requires more labor. However, remember that there are several advantages of using substantial heavy-duty modular steel, and strong frames compared with wooden ones.

Why is localization a challenge for construction processes with modular steel frames?

Localization can be challenging for construction processes with modular steel frames because manufacturers must focus on a design that acknowledges site constraints. For every project, regardless of uniformity with modular units, you must select a heavy-duty modular steel frame that suits such site constraints.

Is a steel frame easier to construct than a timber frame?

Another factor to consider is that a steel frame is more straightforward to construct than a timber frame. Steel frames are easier to build because they have bolts that manufacturers can precisely place on the frame. With a timber frame, you must consider that engineers must complete a lot of work to be sure that one module has a strong structural connection with the other modules.  7 Advantages of Using Heavy-duty Modular Steel Frames Compared With Traditional Methods

7 unique advantages of modular steel buildings: Why they’re better than traditional methods

There are a few reasons using heavy-duty modular steel frames in modular buildings is better than traditional methods. Here’s how heavy-duty modular steel frames compare with traditional methods.

1.  Transporting heavy-duty modular steel frames is more straightforward than traditional methods

Two reasons transporting heavy-duty modular steel is more manageable than traditional methods include flat packing options and fewer journeys. The number of required trips is fewer than in traditional approaches. You can pack all frames flat and transport the structural elements in just a few journeys.

2.  Manufacturers create top-quality heavy-duty modular steel frames

The quality of heavy-duty modular steel frames is better than traditional methods in many cases due to the controlled environment in which engineers construct them. Since manufacturers make them off-site, engineers can complete a complex module design and even carry out quality control procedures.

3.  Heavy-duty modular steel frames are sturdy (sturdier than timber)

A heavy-duty modular steel frame is incredibly sturdy. The frames won’t warp or flex and are ideal for constructing modular homes, unlike timber frames. Heavy-duty modular steel frames are also resistant to the weather and pests. A steel modular frame will also have no trouble resisting extreme weather due to its stronger foundation.

4.  Top surface protection is available with modular steel frames

When you choose a heavy-duty modular frame, you’ll have the option of selecting top surface protection when you choose particular vendors. Top surface protection is one of the best methods to prevent corrosion and ensure your modular steel frames last much longer. The top surface protection provided by MEFA is a strong, robust combination of nickel and zinc, into which manufacturers submerge the surface of the modular steel frame. With this protection, you’ll never have to worry about weathering or corrosion.

5.  Steel frames are light because they are hollow

Even with heavy-duty modular frames, you’ll be able to transport them when they’re on your site with hardly any effort because they are light. Steel frames can even be more lightweight than timber and take up significantly less space.  

6.  Receive incredibly flexible modular steel frames 

Receiving modular frames that are heavy-duty and flexible is no longer a distant dream. Get unique, custom components, create frames that suit any situation, and install them in any scenario.

7.  Heavy-duty frames are suited for various challenging environments

Some of the primary challenging environments in which you can use heavy-duty steel frames include:
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) conditions
  • Environments for which you need pipework support 
  • Industrial engineering plant rooms
  • Electrical and mechanical environments

Use heavy-duty modular steel frames for your next project

Whether you’re creating a home or using modular steel frames in a plant room or for pipe support, heavy-duty modular steel frames have plenty of advantages you shouldn’t overlook. If you need extra information on modular steel frames and their benefits, go to Pro Support Solutions for additional information.

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