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5 Complex Surfaces On Which the CENTUM Modular System Can Work

Choosing a modular system is a substantial investment that can lead to project success when done correctly. However, have you considered which surface your modular system needs to be compatible with? It’s an important issue that you should consider before you make your purchase – except if you choose a universal modular system that works on multiple surfaces. In that case, you’ll encounter minimal difficulties regardless of the surface! One such modular system is MEFA’s CENTUM range. Choosing CENTUM is ideal for various projects, but what are the surfaces on which you can install modular CENTUM? Learn all about this vital topic in this article. 5 Complex Surfaces On Which the CENTUM Modular System Can Work

Why it’s important to consider the surface on which you install a modular system

Logistics and planning for modular system integration are important to consider. The location of your project needs to be compatible with the modular system you choose. Without considering the surface or environment, you risk having to work around more complex factors. You also risk encountering project challenges if the surface is unstable. For these reasons, it’s crucial that you think about surfaces and compatibility with modular systems. This objective doesn’t have to be difficult; it’s effortless with CENTUM as you will see, so keep reading for just a few examples of the surfaces on which you can install modular CENTUM.

5 surfaces on which you can install the CENTUM modular system

So, it’s clear why you should consider the surface on which you want to install your modular system. Let’s now run through five specific examples of the challenging surfaces on which you can install the CENTUM modular system.

✅ 1. Installing CENTUM on rooftops is simple

Is your project taking place on a rooftop? This is no problem for MEFA’s CENTUM modular system. You’ve got the option of installing CENTUM on various roofs no matter your project’s requirements. Our engineers will help you order the parts and plan the installation, even for a rooftop.

✅ 2. Integrating CENTUM on insulated roofs is effortless

Your project may be happening on a more challenging rooftop location – a roof that has been insulated. Again, don’t panic. You’ll face no difficulties when installing the CENTUM modular system. Our expert engineers are available to work with you and integrate the CENTUM system into challenging rooftops that have been insulated.

✅ 3. Structural platform integrations of the CENTUM system are straightforward

Working with the safe footing information and details, our engineers can easily install the CENTUM modular system on structural platforms. Even if the structural platform is located in a seismic zone or has particular precautionary factors to consider, our CENTUM system was made specifically with these precautions in mind.

✅ 4. Incorporating CENTUM into challenging plant corners and floors is trouble-free

Does your industrial engineering plant have a complex layout? As mentioned, the CENTUM modular system suits a broad range of surfaces and complex industrial engineering plants are no problem for the CENTUM range. Challenging plant layouts and corners are compatible with CENTUM; get the installation and planning support you need by contacting our engineers. 5 Complex Surfaces On Which the CENTUM Modular System Can Work  

✅ 5. Using CENTUM on oil rig surfaces is simple

Whether your project is happening on an oil rig with a surface that’s floating or fixed, the CENTUM modular system is easy to integrate. Expert manufacturers created CENTUM to resist corrosive environments with our top surface protection. It doesn’t matter if CENTUM is in contact with corrosive surfaces, such as those on oil rigs and offshore locations. This is a surface on which you can install CENTUM; the system will remain robust and rust-free.

Are there any surfaces that are incompatible with the CENTUM system?

The short answer? No. There are no surfaces that are incompatible with the CENTUM modular system. MEFA has manufactured the CENTUM system, particularly so that it is compatible with all surfaces and surfaces of all difficulties. 

Incorporate the CENTUM modular system effortlessly, no matter the surface

Your project’s success hinges on the modular system you choose, and choosing the right system for the particular surface of your project doesn’t have to be unmanageable. Incorporating the CENTUM module system into your project is easy. No matter which surfaces on which you need to install modular CENTUM on; CENTUM is compatible with all of them. Learn extra facts about CENTUM and its advantages at Pro Support Solutions and MEFA.

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