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11 Benefits of Using Centum for Your Projects

Engineering projects. They can be challenging to complete without the right equipment and tools, such as modular frames. However, knowing which frames offer the best quality can be challenging, and choosing one isn’t easy. How can you tell which modular systems are the best quality? It can help to know the benefits of modular systems, such as the CENTUM range. Discover the benefits of using CENTUM in this article.

The CENTUM modular system: What is it, and what can it do?

The CENTUM modular system is the world-best solution for engineers planning on completing pipeline and industrial plant engineering projects. This modular system intercepts and supports pipelines with large diameters using a huge selection of accessories. CENTUM uses a modular structure, and, as an engineer, you can construct the system as required. 11 Benefits of Using Centum for Your Projects

What are the 11 benefits of using Centum for your projects?

There are several advantages to using CENTUM for your projects. If you’re considering CENTUM, check out the 11 modular system benefits related to CENTUM listed below.

1.  Constructing CENTUM takes a short timeframe

One of the critical factors that make CENTUM easy to build is its alignment holes. You can use the holes for exceptional millimetric adjustments and effortless alignment, meaning you can commence your project without losing time or efficiency. CENTUM profile rails are easy to position and align as you won’t have to spend too much time adjusting and readjusting the parts.

2.  Assembling CENTUM is a quick process

Since CENTUM requires absolutely no welding, you’ll notice that this modular system mitigates a third of the work you would have to complete with a welded design. You’ll save significant time you can dedicate to other project tasks.

3.  CENTUM offers every component you can think of

This complete modular system offers several components – not just profile rails. You’ll have no problems ordering a broad range of parts, including sliding supports, pipe holders, wall connectors, hinged spring bolts, consoles, and many other components that our manufacturers created for the CENTUM modular system for plant engineers. The custom components are a modular system benefit that means you can select the exact component you need for your specific project.

4.  Every CENTUM accessory is hot-dip galvanized and robust

When you select CENTUM accessories, you’ll receive hot-dip galvanized components. Therefore, all of MEFA’s components are resistant to corrosion and can last longer than ungalvanized modular systems. The components you receive have special top surface protection, a solution made of molten zinc, which offers incredible protection to your parts and prevents corrosion creep. Other surface coatings available from MEFA defend all components against category five (C5-level) corrosion. This modular system benefit is ideal for your project if you work offshore in marine conditions.

5.  Every CENTUM profile rail is RAL certified and has quality marks

Selecting CENTUM profile rails is an excellent choice for your project since they are RAL-certified. RAL certification guarantees exceptional quality as the quality marks body will frequently test the profile rails to determine whether they match the RAL-GZ-655 quality tests. They have also monitored systematically so your components are of the best quality for your project.

6.  You can install CENTUM on several challenging surfaces

Various pipeline support projects may take place on a rooftop, but how can you be certain that you can install your modular system for engineers there? This predicament is easy to answer with CENTUM. The CENTUM modular system is ideal even if you’re completing a project on a roof with insulating sheaths. You can install this modular system with minimal difficulty on several surfaces, including industrial plant engineering factory floors. 11 Benefits of Using Centum for Your Projects

7.  The CENTUM modular system is flexible and easy-to-use

Its flexibility gives you plenty of advantages. First, you can make a modular structure with minimal effort, as the manufacturers specifically designed the components for this purpose. You can also use and reuse the parts to create different structures without any challenges. So, even if you’re switching to a different project, you can use the components for the new project.

8.  CENTUM’s serrated hammer locking head and FixBOB are superior tools

You can select the FixBOB tool to make it easier to complete projects and the serrated hammer locking head to make robust joins between components and profile rails. While the FixBOB makes temporary joins easy, the serrated hammer locking head is a final join that you can remove but holds the CENTUM modular system together.

9.  Receive CENTUM with seamless logistics

Sometimes, just receiving a modular system can cause a problem or delay for your project. These delays won’t happen with CENTUM. We’ll arrange logistics to ensure you receive every component with seamless transportation. What makes logistics effortless are the flat-pack and helicopter transportation options. Your project doesn’t have to start later than planned – get your modular system for engineers shipped even if you’re offshore.

10.  Expert manufacturers have certified CENTUM’s scheduled load values 

You can effortlessly accommodate your pipeline dimensions into the modular system with certified load values. Even if you’re trying to incorporate a large-diameter pipe, you can simply check the references for the load values to effortlessly support the piping system with this modular system for engineers.

11.  CENTUM costs less to manufacture compared with welded systems

Cost savings are easy to make when you choose CENTUM for your project. Since you can reuse parts, you won’t have to create an entire modular system from scratch when you switch to another project.

Go with the CENTUM modular system for your project and complete it without complications

The CENTUM modular system has many advantages that make it superior and cheaper than welded systems, logistically effortless to transport and excellent quality. Do you need extra facts on CENTUM? Visit Pro Support Solutions, where our experts look forward to assisting you with all things CENTUM. 

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